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Corey Haim & Corey Feldman give deep, personal access to their storied friendship like never before which lends the show rare honesty and candor. Throughout the series, Feldman and Haim try a variety of tasks to resuscitate their relationship. Like a couple that has grown apart, they will need to go back to their roots to rediscover the bond that once made them closer than brothers, learn to trust one another again, and ultimately find common ground in the present. Along the way, both Coreys will deal with very real issues (including their reunion on The Lost Boys 2: The Tribe), go to therapy sessions together, reveal their demons and confront their storied pasts.

The Two Coreys News
Corey Feldman Speaks Out on the Death of Corey Haim
The two actors appeared in a number of films together as well as a popular reality series for A&E.
Corey Haim Passes Away from Prescription Drug Overdose at 38
The actor was found in his mother's apartment early Wednesday morning.
Watch Corey Haim on The Set of Lost Boys 2: The Tribe
A new clip surfaces from The Two Coreys TV show.
EXCLUSIVE: Corey Feldman Prepares for Battle with The Two Coreys!
The iconic actor catches us up on all of his latest endeavors.
CONTEST: Win Some Big Prizes from The Two Coreys Season 2!
We're giving away some awesome prize packs for the return of this new reality show.
The Two Coreys Season 2 Premieres June 22nd
The 80's icons are back for a second season!
Lost Boys 2: The Tribe Fails to Secure a Theatrical Release
Corey Feldman updates us on the final fate of his latest film.
Corey Haim Is Still Feeling Dazed
The actor will reteam with Silver Bullet co-star Gary Busey.
Additional Lost Boys 2 Scenes Currently Being Shot
This could mean a theatrical release after all...
A Special Message from Corey Haim About The Two Coreys!
The Haimster drops a line about the upcoming second season of his reality show.
The Two Coreys Get a Second Season!
Haim and Feldman are coming back for another go around.
EXCLUSIVE: Corey Feldman Is One of The Two Coreys!
The Feldog discusses his upcoming role on the funniest sitcom to ever hit the small screen.
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