The Two Coreys

The Two Coreys

The Two Coreys - Season 2 Episodes

The Two Coreys S2E1
Episode 1


Corey Haim arrives back in LA and is ready to get his career and his friendship with Corey Feldman back on track. Feldman is content with where he is in his career and with his family, and would be fine if he never saw Haim again. At the urging of his wife Susie and manager Scott Carlson, Feldman finally relents to a meeting. The Two Coreys reunite at a diner and things get heated when Haim brings some skeletons out the closet and the two begin to argue over their differences and memories of their storied pasts.

The Two Coreys S2E2
Episode 2

Couples Therapy

Corey Haim and Corey Feldman's first meeting since their fallout continues to flare at the diner and topics and personal accounts that were never made public come flying out. When they are unable to see eye-to-eye about their issues, they decide to see a therapist to try and work out their problems. In therapy more skeletons are revealed as accusations fly, but both Coreys ultimately agree that they have to accept each other in order to work together in the future.

The Two Coreys S2E3
Episode 3

Career Moves

In the 11th hour Corey Haim questions whether he is going to do Lost Boys 2 which leads to an argument with Feldman--who helped Haim get the role in the first place. Haim really wants Feldman to stop worrying about his career and personal life. Feldman hires an assistant and begins to pitch new meetings for projects that do not involve Haim. Determined to get his own career back on track, Haim hires an assistant named Nelle, later lands an audition and finally books his first gig in 15 years!

The Two Coreys S2E4
Episode 4

Making Amends

The Two Coreys S2E5
Episode 5

Lost Boy

With the Lost Boys 2 shoot looming, the Two Coreys sing each others praises and let Dr. Nicki know that they are in a really good place. But on the eve of the shoot, Corey Haim is a nervous wreck. Haim arrives on set visibly under the influence, and Corey Feldman can only watch in horror as things progress from bad to worse. Haim's first day back on a film set in fifteen years is a disaster. In therapy the next day Feldman emotionally tells his friend he is throwing it all away and Dr. Nicki calls Haim out on his drug use. Faced with these accusations and his own self-sabotage, Haim walks out.

The Two Coreys S2E6
Episode 6

All You Need is Love

With Valentine's Day looming, Corey Haim realizes how alone he is and tries to find a date. Meanwhile, Corey Feldman plans the biggest Valentine's Day surprise ever for his beautiful wife Suzie. Haim meets a girl and takes her out to eat but she ends up trying to use him for Hollywood connections. The Feldmans set Haim up with former playmate Nicole Narain, but when Haim takes her out to dinner, he becomes over-eager and scares her off. Feldman's plans go perfectly as he surprises Susie with flowers, balloons, an upsized ring and an over-the-top serenade.

The Two Coreys S2E7
Episode 7

Role Models

Susie and Corey Feldman go to the Playboy Mansion and Hugh Hefner asks Susie to do a spread for Playboy. Meanwhile Corey Haim plays golf with his visiting father who he hardly gets to see. Susie does the photo shoot for Hef and Feldman begins to freak out--but then lets go of his control issues and is ultimately proud of his beautiful wife. Haim goes to an actor's studio to speak to the child actors about his experiences. It is a great night and Haim's Dad tells his son that it was the best day of his life.

The Two Coreys S2E8
Episode 8


In therapy The Two Coreys talk about ways to rebuild their friendship. Afterwards, Feldman invites Haim to hang out. The next day Haim arrives at the Feldmans' home to find Susie, Feldman and his good friends Pauly Shore and Todd Bridges ready to stage an intervention on him. Haim denies a problem and storms out stating that he is done with Feldman 100%. The next day the Feldmans go to Haim's house to apologize, but their plan goes terribly south as their peace offering devolves into an explosive fight. Both Coreys decide this is the end of their relationship.

The Two Coreys S2E9
Episode 9

Hang Ups

Corey Feldman decides to get liposuction after seeing the latest photo of him from shoot. During this time, the Feldman's come to a decision to cut ties with Haim until he can become clean. Haim's assistant informs his mom about his self-destructive life style.

The Two Coreys S2E10
Episode 10


In the show's second season finale, Corey Haim walks out of a therapy session after Feldman confronts him about his addiction. Haim needs to meet with Feldman after he learns he got movie role.

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