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The Unit

The Unit - Season 2 Episodes

The Unit - Season 2

The Unit - Season 2

THE UNIT is an action drama that follows a covert team of Special Forces operatives as they risk their lives on undercover missions around the globe, while their families maintain the home front, protecting their husbands' secrets. Jonas Blane(Dennis Haysbert) leads the Unit on missions out in the field and is responsible for taking new recruit Bob Brown (Scott Foley) under his wing.

The Unit S2E1
Episode 1

Change of Station

As Mack and Tiffy uneasily proceed with plans to leave Unit life behind, Mack's former team members are out in the field dealing with struggles of their own.

The Unit S2E2
Episode 2

Extreme Rendition

Jonas and his team carry out a complex and dangerous prison escape of a rogue former Unit operator in order to have him help track down the world's leading arms dealer.

The Unit S2E3
Episode 3

The Kill Zone

Jonas and his team are sent to Paraguay to eliminate a militia rebel leader, but the mission is put on hold when they must rescue two Charlie team members trapped by a sniper.

The Unit S2E4
Episode 4


The Unit tracks down a wanted Indonesian terrorist on US soil, but in a race against time they must prevent his moving target from exploding.

The Unit S2E5
Episode 5

Force Majeure

A mission to extract a western African dictator from a U.S. hospital during a hurricane seems to be a fairly straightforward assignment under adverse conditions.

The Unit S2E6
Episode 6

Old Home Week

While the men of the Unit are out in the field on a mission to track down smuggled diamonds linked to an impending terrorist attack.

The Unit S2E7
Episode 7

Off the Meter

Jonas involves Bob in a non-work related mission to save Ron Cheals' illegitimate daughter from a cult, but Jonas' "favor" for a friend puts the two Unit members in jeopardy of losing their jobs

The Unit S2E8
Episode 8

Natural Selection

Bob and his translator survive a helicopter crash in Siberia but now, cut off completely from civilization and without their gear, they face the challenge of enduring the harsh weather.

The Unit S2E9
Episode 9

Report By Exception

Jonas works closely with his "undercover wife" to assassinate a prominent Latin American official who threatens the U.S. oil supply.

The Unit S2E10
Episode 10


After Col. Ryan is shut down by his contacts in Washington D.C. to negotiate a prisoner exchange to free Jonas, he makes plans for the men of the Unit to rescue him.

The Unit S2E11
Episode 11

Silver Star

When Jonas' family gathers for a long overdue celebration honoring his dad, Jonas witnesses some disturbing behavior by his nephew who just returned from combat and he attempts to put a stop to it.

The Unit S2E12
Episode 12

The Broom Cupboard

When the Unit is assigned protection detail for a U.S. Senator traveling in a hostile country in Asia, Jonas is given his own top secret assignment within the mission from the President of the United States.

The Unit S2E13
Episode 13


The Unit's dangerous mission in North Korea is jeopardized after a spy overhears Kim Brown talking and she triggers a security breach.

The Unit S2E14
Episode 14

Johnny B. Good

The Unit is assigned to slip into Iran to plant radiation "sniffers," but when things go awry, Mack must decide whether to leave behind an Iranian woman who served as their loyal guide to be tortured

The Unit S2E15
Episode 15

The Water is Wide

While the Unit members protect an international figure at the United Nations, they spring into action when a deadly elevator crash occurs. More trouble seems imminent when the Unit discovers a bomb.

The Unit S2E16
Episode 16

Games of Chance

While in Germany for the annual Counter-Terrorism Games, Jonas and his team are assigned to be "terrorists" responsible for hijacking a Berlin subway.

The Unit S2E17
Episode 17

Dark Of The Moon

After arriving at an Army support base in a remote area of Afghanistan, Jonas and his team discover that the base is in a state of disarray and take control of the situation by organizing the troops.

The Unit S2E18
Episode 18

Two Coins

When Jonas and members of the Unit study advanced desert warfare in Israel, Grey becomes smitten with Michal, an Israeli soldier, but the relationship proves deadly.

The Unit S2E19
Episode 19


When a Special Forces aircraft is downed in Papua New Guinea, Brown and Williams are sent to the crash site to retrieve the black box.

The Unit S2E20
Episode 20

In Loco Parentis

The Unit must rescue students of an elite international private school in the Washington suburbs who have been taken hostage by captors. However, the captors make no demands and set no timeline for negotiation.

The Unit S2E21
Episode 21


Convinced that Tiffy is having an affair, Mack faces turmoil on the home front and ends up coming to a fateful resolution. Meanwhile, Bob is forced to make a difficult decision out in the field.

The Unit S2E22
Episode 22


While Mack, Grey and Williams protect a Thai prince and his family on American soil, they stumble across palace intrigue, temptation, and plots inside the treacherous family that involve infidelity.

The Unit S2E23
Episode 23

Paradise Lost

The Team's world collapses when they return from a successful mission to discover The Unit has been shut down and all Unit members are under governmental investigation for secret misdeeds of the past.

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