The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead - Season 1 Episodes

The Walking Dead - Season 1

The Walking Dead - Season 1

After waking from a coma in an abandoned hospital, police officer Rick Grimes finds the world he knew gone - ravaged by a zombie epidemic of apocalyptic proportions. Nearby, on the outskirts of Atlanta, a small encampment struggles to survive as 'the dead' stalk them at every turn. Can Rick and the others hold onto their humanity as they fight to live in this terrifying new world? And, amidst dire conditions and personal rivalries, will they ultimately survive one another? THE WALKING DEAD is an epic, survival adventure series from the director of The Shawshank Redemption and the producer of The Terminator and Aliens.

The Walking Dead S1E0
Episode 0

Sneak Peak

The Walking Dead S1E1
Episode 1

Days Gone Bye

Rick searches for his family after emerging from a coma into a world terrorized by the walking dead. Morgan and Duane, whom he meets along the way, help teach Rick the new rules for survival.

The Walking Dead S1E2
Episode 2


Rick unknowingly causes a group of survivors to be trapped by walkers. The group dynamic devolves from accusations to violence as Rick must confront an enemy far more dangerous than the undead.

The Walking Dead S1E3
Episode 3

Tell It to the Frogs

Rick makes a decision to go back into Atlanta to retrieve the bag of guns and save a man's life. Lori and Shane must deal with the surprising return of someone they thought was dead.

The Walking Dead S1E4
Episode 4


Rick's mission to Atlanta is jeopardized when things go awry. Jim becomes unhinged in the camp.

The Walking Dead S1E5
Episode 5


Rick leads the group to the CDC after the attack. Jim must make a terrible life and death decision.

The Walking Dead S1E6
Episode 6


Rick and the group are allowed into the CDC by a strange doctor. But all is not what it seems in their newfound haven.

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