The Waltons

The Waltons

The Waltons - Season 6 Episodes

The Waltons S6E1
Episode 1

The Hawk

A young minister comes and causes some uneasiness within the congregation

The Waltons S6E2
Episode 2

The Stray

Strange foorprints & a stringer of catfish lead the Waltons to find 12 year old Josh a runaway in the barn hiding.He attaches himself to John immediately

The Waltons S6E3
Episode 3

The Recluse

Jason and Fern Lockwood,a recluse who shares his love of music but she is timid and finds life threatening . Ben goes to Norfolk and looks for work and comes back home to help an overworked father

The Waltons S6E4
Episode 4

The Warrior

An old man, his grandson,and two Indians come to Walton's Mountain saying there are sacred burial grounds where the barn is built.

The Waltons S6E5
Episode 5

The Seashore

The Waltons have an encounter with a strange English girl while on a small vacation at the Baldwin sister's beach cottage. Ben stays home alone expecting to live the life of a carefree bachelor.

The Waltons S6E6
Episode 6

The Volunteer

After Erin says no to the marriage proposal of G.W. Haines, he joins the Army. Erin visits G.W. at Camp Lee Army Base despite her father's reluctance.

The Waltons S6E7
Episode 7

The Grandchild (1)

Mary Ellen Gives birth to the Waltons 1 st grandchild a boy name John Curtis Williard

The Waltons S6E8
Episode 8

The Grandchild (2)

The Waltons are happy to have John Curtis back with the family

The Waltons S6E9
Episode 9

The First Casualty

Dr. Willard has been drafted to serve for the US Med Corps. Erin's boyfriend G.W. Haines is killed in a training accident and Yancy Tucker announces that he is joining. They turn him down because of his flat feet.

The Waltons S6E10
Episode 10

The Battle of Drucilla's Pond

At Drucilla's pond, the Army practices maneuvers. Olivia paints quiet scenes wchi she enters in a local art show. They are bought by a mysterious admirer.

The Waltons S6E11
Episode 11

The Flight

This new boy that Jim-Bpb meets says he is going to join the Air Corps.Elizabeth adopts Maud Gormley as a sub grandma only until her real grandma comes back home

The Waltons S6E12
Episode 12

The Milestone

Olivia goes to Alberene her home town to see her Aunt Kate. Olivia copping with going through the change of life.Jim-Bob fakes his Mom's signature on a job application

The Waltons S6E13
Episode 13

The Children's Carol (1)

Two orphaned English children come and Olivia's faith is put to test.

The Waltons S6E14
Episode 14

The Children's Carol (2)

Two orphaned English children come and Olivia's faith is put to test.

The Waltons S6E15
Episode 15

The Celebration

John finds out that the family is almost out of debt so everybody pitches in on a big contract. During the mortgage burning party, Ike Godsey says that the bank will forclosing on the store. Olivia and John come to the rescue.

The Waltons S6E16
Episode 16

The Rumor

A new family, the Brimmer's, move to the Mountain and look for work and a place to live. Some people from the town are suspicious of their German accent and John helps them.

The Waltons S6E17
Episode 17

Spring Fever

A rose bush owed by Mamie Baldwin is dying and she views that as a sign of her own impending death. Jim-Bob dates Ben's girlfriend and Ben dates Jim-Bob's girlfriend. They come to blows because they are jealous.

The Waltons S6E18
Episode 18

The Festival

Jason gets a lesson in prejudice when he and Josh Verdie's son audition for a recital. Aimee Godsey and Elizabeth experience Spring Fever.

The Waltons S6E19
Episode 19

The Anniversary

John and Olivia have been married 25 years. Olivia buys John a phone to put in the house and John builds a gazebo for Olivia on top of the mountain. Mary Ellen and Curt have problems being apart from each other.

The Waltons S6E20
Episode 20

The Family Tree

With Jason's help, Verdie searches her roots for the history of her family. Elizabeth corresponds with a soldier who thinks she is 18 years old and looks like Erin.

The Waltons S6E21
Episode 21

The Ordeal (1)

Elizabeth falls from a log pile and she breaks her leg. Elizabeth can only walk with crutches. Jim-Bob talks her into walking.

The Waltons S6E22
Episode 22

The Ordeal (2)

Elizabeth walks again

The Waltons S6E23
Episode 23

The Return (1)

John-Boy comes back home and helps with reopening the old Guthrie Mine. John and some other men work in the mine. Without warning, the fault gives way to its weaknesses and traps the men under tons of dirt and rock.

The Waltons S6E24
Episode 24

The Return (2)

John and the other men escapes.

The Waltons S6E25
Episode 25

The Revelation

John-Boy asks Daisy to marry him so both return home and make arrangements .John talks to Daisy's mom and learns Daisy has a 3 yr old daughter.

The Waltons S6E26
Episode 26

Grandma Comes Home

The Waltons are happy to finally have Grandma back home with them This was also sad for all of the Walton clan as it was the last show that actor Will Geer (Grandpa) was on.

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