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The X-Files - Season 1 Episodes

The X-Files - Season 1

The X-Files - Season 1

The first season of the science fiction television series The X-Files commenced airing on the Fox network in the United States on September 10, 1993 and concluded on the same channel on May 13, 1994 after airing all 24 episodes.

The first season introduced main characters of the series, including Fox Mulder and Dana Scully who were portrayed by David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson respectively, and recurring characters Deep Throat, Walter Skinner and The Smoking Man. The season introduced the series' main concept, revolving around the investigation of paranormal or supernatural cases, known as X-Files, by the Federal Bureau of Investigation; it also began to lay the groundwork for the series' overarching mythology.

Initially influenced by Kolchak: The Night Stalker and The Twilight Zone, series creator Chris Carter pitched the idea for the series to Fox twice before it was accepted for production. The season saw the series quickly gaining popularity, with ratings rising steadily throughout its run; and garnered generally positive reviews from critics and the media. It helped to make stars of its two lead roles, and several of its taglines and catchphrases have since become cultural staples.

The X-Files S1E1
Episode 1


FBI agent Dana Scully, an instructor at the FBI Academy Quantico for two year since being recruited directly out of medical school. With her background as a medical doctor with a degree in physics, she is assigned by Section Chief Blevins in the prescence of a mysterious Cigarette Smoking Man to evaluate the validity of another agent's work. FBI agent Fox 'Spooky' Mulder is an Oxford educated psychologist, considered one of the best analysts in the Violent Crimes Section and marked for big things in the FBI following a distinguished stint at Behavioural Science. But agent Mulder has become the 'FBI's most unwanted' having developed a consuming devotion to an unassigned project outside the Bureau mainstream. The X-files, unexplained cases that it seems the FBI would rather bury than investigate. Following their introductions in the X-files basement office in Washington, the two agents travel to Bellefleur Oregon to investigate the death of a high school student Karen Swenson. Her body bears the same red marks as previous victims found across the US. They discover that a number of Karen Swenson's fellow students have also been killed. One student Billy Miles' story confirms Mulder belief that they have been abducted and experimented on by aliens, a theory that Scully with her scientific background finds hard to substantiate, even after an exhumed coffin reveals non-human remains and an unidentified metallic object found in the nasal cavity.

The X-Files S1E2
Episode 2

Deep Throat

When the wife of a US airforce test pilot Lieutenant Colonel Robert Budahas contacts the bureau about his disappearance following a psychotic episode, Mulder takes an interest in the case. Even after a mysterious man, dubbed 'Deep Throat' warns him off the case in Washington. Agents Mulder and Scully travel to Ellens Air Force Base in Idaho to meet Mrs Budahas, who tells them her husband was a test pilot at Ellens Air Force Base but that she has not seen or heard from him since the airforce took him away. Her enquiries to the airforce have gone unanswered. As Mulder and Scully investigate, they are hampered by a restricted airforce base, bent of keeping their operations secret. They theorise that Budahas was involved in Project Aurora, the code name for the Pentagon's secret testing of sub-orbital spy craft. During a stake out at the base perimiter, they witness unidentified flying objects performing complex manoeuvring at incredibly speeds. When Robert Budahas is suddenly returned to his wife, albeit with his memory a little messed up, the agents realise he has been returned to end their investigation of Ellens Air Force Base. One of the six bases it is reputed that UFO wreckage from the 1947 'Roswell Incident' was taken. Both Mulder and Scully have to ignore the rule book as they probe into the possibility that the military is testing experimental aircraft built with UFO technology.

The X-Files S1E3
Episode 3


Agent Scully is approached by a classmate from the FBI academy, Agent Tom Colton to help in his investigation into a spate of motiveless murders with an unusual MO. In each case there is no clear point of entry and each victim had their liver removed. Scully requests the participation of her partner despite Tom Colton's discomfort at the inclusion of 'Spooky' Mulder. At the crime scene, a high security building where businessman George Usher was the apparent latest victim of the killer, Mulder discovers strange finger prints on an air vent. Prints that he links to a number of old X-files cases with a similar MO, however the X-file cases took place in 1903, 1933 and 1963. In each case the killer claimed 5 victims and was never caught. Mulder and Scully attempt to solve the case, Scully using traditional methods stakes out the latest crime scene, a ploy which appears to pay off as she arrests a man, Eugene Tooms in the air vent system. But Tooms is later released when he passes a polygraph test. Mulder however using very much more unorthodox methods, manipulates Tooms' finger prints using a computer and matches them to the prints from the other crime scenes. Leading Mulder to the conclusion that Tooms is a 100 year old genetic mutant who requires human livers to sustain him during decades of hibernation. A theory that leads to a confrontation with Agent Tom Colton.

The X-Files S1E4
Episode 4


Section Chief Blevins calls in Agent Scully when Mulder petitions the bureau to assign a case number to a newspaper article. In the article Darlene Morris claims her daughter Ruby was abducted by aliens during a family camping trip in Iowa. Blevins is concerned that the case is so similar to Mulder's own childhood experience of his sister's abduction that it has affected his judgement. When Scully questions Mulder on the matter, he explains that the incident took place at Lake Okobogee, a renowned UFO 'hot spot' and shows Scully an old newspaper article about a UFO sighting by a local girl scout group, one of whom was Darlene Morris. The two agents travel to Iowa to investigate, they question Darlene who sticks to her story about alien abduction, despite the local law enforcement offices claim that Ruby is probably on the back of a Harley Davidson somewhere. Only Mulder believes her story. Prompted by memories of his own sister's abduction, Mulder is drawn to Ruby's brother Kevin, who was present during the abduction but remembers nothing of the incident. Mulder believes Kevin is the key to the recovery of his sister. The NSA is also interested in Kevin, after his doodling turns out to be snippets of top secret satellite transmissions. The case opens up some old wounds in Mulder bringing back memories of his sister's abduction but also reveals his believe that she will one day be returned to him.

The X-Files S1E5
Episode 5

The Jersey Devil

When a partially eaten homeless man is discovered in the New Jersey Woods, Mulder links it to an old X-files of a similar incident back in 1947 when a motorist was attacked while changing a flat tire. Police found him dead with his arm gnawed off and later shot and killed a half man, half beast creature they tracked to a cave. Mulder believes it could be the mythical Jersey Devil and begins to investigate. With Scully maintaining that the homeless man was attacked by a wild animal and returning to Washington. Mulder looks in to the case himself, he interviews a local homeless man Jack, who tells him he has seen something scavenging for food in nearby bins. Mulder stakes out the area that evening and it rewarded when the creature appears, Mulder gives chase but looses it in the woods, based on what he saw Mulder concludes the creature is a female, forced in to the city for food. But his efforts are not appreciated by the local Atlanta city law enforcement officials who would prefer to cover things up so as not to affect the local tourist industry which the city depends on. Local Park Ranger Peter Boulle is more receptive to Mulder's ideas, having worked in the woods all his life, he has seen some strange things and freely admits he never goes in to the woods without his firearm anymore. With help from Ranger Boulle and anthropologist Roger Diamond, Mulder and Scully track the creature but Atlantic city police officers kill it before they can intervene.

The X-Files S1E6
Episode 6


Agents Mulder and Scully are contacted by another government agency for their expertise of strange events. They are shown two dead men whose bodies are still warm and show signs of electromagnetic activity. Told only that their throats were crushed from the inside but nothing else about the case, Mulder and Scully can offer no help. After they leave Mulder admits he has seen this before, in the X-files in cases involving psychokinesis. Mulder managed to secretly lift prints off the two bodies during their examination. Using these they discover that the two men were members of an Iranian terrorist group found murder in Philadelphia. At the scene where the bodies were discovered Mulder notices an ATM machine round the corner, on checking the security footage, they see the two men attack a young woman Lauren Kyte. They question Lauren Kyte, a secretary for HTG Technologies whose boss Howard Graves recently committed suicide. Lauren claims that the two men attacked her for her pay check but she broke free and ran off, the agents doubt her story but as they leave their car looses control and crashes. Scully is convinced that Lauren's accomplice sabotaged the car while they were interviewing Lauren. Especially when a photograph reveals Lauren's supposedly dead boss Howard Graves in the background. Mulder however believes Howard Graves is protecting Lauren Kyte from beyond the grave.

The X-Files S1E7
Episode 7

Ghost in the Machine

When Benjamin Drake, the CEO of Eurisko is electrocuted in his office washroom, Mulder's old partner from the violent crimes section Jerry Lamana is given the case. On probation following an incident in Atlanta when he mislaid some evidence that resulted in a federal judge being disfigured, he knows this case is important to his future at the FBI, so he requests Agent Mulder and Scully's assistance. Their examination of the crime scene reveals that Drake answered an incoming phone call moments before he was electrocuted. Evidence of a sophisticated booby trap, but with only a few people with access to the building's Central Operating System (COS) the list of suspects is small. Top of the list is the Eurisko company founder programmer Brad Wilczek, who had fought with Drake about the COS system he has been working on. The evidence mounts when Scully uses a voice analyser on the recording of the phone call Drake received from the talking clock and matches the voice to Wilczek. Agent Lamana wants to be the one to arrest Wilzcek and follows him to the Eurisko building, only to be killed when the lift he is riding in drops 29 floors to the ground. Mulder meets with his contact Deep Throat who explains that Wilzcek was working on artificial intelligence. Mulder becomes convinced that the COS machine at the Eurisko Building is to blame, and enlists the help of Wilczek to destroy the system before the Defence Department get their hands on the technology.

The X-Files S1E8
Episode 8


When the Government funded Arctic Ice Core Project's final transmission is a crazed geophysicist saying, "We are not who we are", Mulder and Scully join the team sent to investigate. Along with geologist Dr. Denny Murphy, physician Doctor Lawrence Hodge, toxicologist Doctor Nancy Da Silva and their pilot Bear they travel to Icy Cape, Alaska. On arrival at the Arctic base they discover that the geophysicists all killed themselves or each other. The Ice Core Project's mission was to drill in to the Arctic ice and extract core samples to analyse Earth's climate all the way back to the dawn of man. Further investigation reveals that there was a pathogen in the latest ice core samples recovered. It appears that this pathogen got loose among the geophysicists and that it is capable of inducing a killing frenzy in it's host. When the discovery of an infected dog which attacks the group leads to the pilot Bear being infected, Scully orders a quarantine to prevent the pathogen spreading. But Bear refuses to stay and has to be restrained as he attempts to leave, during the scuffle something is seen under his skin, it is surgically extracts and turns out to be some sort of parasitic worm. The location that the ice core sample came from is traced to a meteor buried deep in the ice indicating the possibility that the organism is alien in origin. With the possibility that other members of the group could be infected it soon becomes apparent that the first thing to die is trust.

The X-Files S1E9
Episode 9


Mulder and Scully travel to Houston, Texas after being contacted by NASA Scientist Michelle Generoo when evidence emerges that the space shuttle program is being sabotaged. Michelle shows them an X-ray of the shuttle's Auxiliary Power Unit, that appears to have been tampered with, although how the value could have been damaged is a mystery. The X-ray itself was sent to her anonymously. Mulder fulfils his boyhood fantasy when the two agents meet with the Space Shuttle Program Director, former astronaut Lieutenant Colonel Marcus Aurelius Belt. He assures them that no one is trying to undermined the Space Shuttle Program, that no one could with the tight security and sophisticated technology NASA employs. However when the next shuttle mission encounters a technical problem while in orbit Michelle, who's husband is one of the astronauts on the shuttle, again calls on Mulder and Scully for help. The technical problem is over come thanks to some quick thinking by Lt Col Belt, but it appears that he may hold the key to the case. He is haunted by an alien image of something he saw in space 20 years earlier. Something that cohabits his body and may be responsible for the sabotage. When it is discovered that the X-ray that Michelle was sent was ordered by Lt Col Belt, Scully concludes that Belt is responsible. But as the lives of the space shuttle crew hang in the balance, Belt has to struggle with the force inside him.

The X-Files S1E10
Episode 10

Fallen Angel

Mulder receives a tip off from his contact Deep Throat about a government quarantine in Townsend, Wisconsin due to a toxic chemical spill in the area. Deep Throat however claims it is really a UFO crash site and that Mulder has roughly 24 hours before the airforce's reclamation group removes all the evidence. Mulder rushes to the area and manages to photograph the crash site but is apprehended and put in a cell where he meets a ufologist, Max Fenig who mistakes Mulder for a fellow UFO enthusiast. Scully arrives to take Mulder back to Washington, Section Chief McGrath aware of Mulder's conduct has scheduled a hearing, he wants to fire Mulder and close down the X-files. Mulder persuade Scully to help him investigate the government cover-up in hope of finding evidence of the UFO crash to save himself and the X-files. At the hotel they find Max ransacking Mulder's room, it turns out Max recognised Mulder from his photograph in a trade magazine and has been following their work on the X-files. Max a member of the National Investigative Committee of Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) travels the country investigating UFO sightings, but there maybe another reason for his UFO fascination. Mulder witnesses Max having a seizure and while helping him notices marks on his neck that are text book abduction scarring. Mulder believes that Max is a multiple abductee and that his presence in the area at the time of the UFO crash is no coincidence.

The X-Files S1E11
Episode 11


When 8 year old Teena Simmons is witness to the exsanguination of her father in Greenwich, Connecticut. Mulder believes it is the work of extraterrestrials, stepping up their activity from cattle mutilations to humans. A theory that appears to be backed by Teena's memory of 'men from the clouds'. But when it is discovered that an identical incident occurred at the same time in Marin County, California, Mulder begins to doubt alien involvement. They meet 8 year old Cindy Reardon, who witnessed her own father's exsanguination and are surprised at her uncanny resemblance to Teena. They question Ellen, Cindy's mum about whether or not Cindy is an only child. She explains that Cindy was the product of in-vitro fertilisation at a clinic in San Francisco. When it turns out that Teena's mother underwent treatment at the same clinic, Scully goes to investigate it's involvement. Mulder is contacted by Deep Throat who tells him about a 40 year old secret government run eugenics program called the 'Litchfield Experiment'. There were eight boys and eight girls called Adams and Eves, each with extra chromosomes for heightened strength and intelligence. But an unwanted side affect of heightened psychosis ultimately doomed the experiment and lead to the deaths of all but 3 of the Eves. Scully's trip to the fertility clinic indicates that one of the Eve's has carried on the 'Litchfield Experiment' and that Cindy and Teena are the product. But there is more to the girls than meets the eye.

The X-Files S1E12
Episode 12


Inspector Phoebe Green of Scotland Yard contacts Mulder and Scully for assistance in the protection of a British diplomat, Sir Marsden in the US with his family following a foiled assassination attempt. Phoebe, a girlfriend of Mulder's while he was at Oxford explains that there has been a series of British aristocrats burned to death by an unknown assailant. Mulder tells Scully that he is afraid of fire and Phoebe knows it, that this is the sort of 'mind game' she likes to play. In order to spare Scully the ordeal Mulder decides to help Phoebe on his own. A move that causes resentment in an already jealous Scully. Following a fire in a local bar in which a witness claims that a man with a British accent caught fire, although no body is found in the ashes, Mulder formulates a theory that the man has the ability to control fire, that he has been using this ability to kill. When a fire breaks out in a hotel where the Marsdens are attending a party that traps their children upstairs, Mulder is overcome as he tries to rescue them, although the children are still saved, by the Marsden's caretaker Bob much to the their delight. However Scully working on the case herself manages to match a name Cecil L'Ively from a list of people the previous victim's employed. Records show L'Ively has recently been issued a US visa. When Scully gets a description of the man, she realises that he is the Marsden's caretaker Bob. But can Mulder overcome his fear of fire in time to foil L'Ively's plan.

The X-Files S1E13
Episode 13

Beyond the Sea

Agent Scully wakes in the middle of the night to the image of her father in the room with her. Then the phone rings, it is her mother with bad news her father has passed away! A young couple are kidnapped near Jackson University a year to the day after another couple were kidnapped and later found tortured and dead. Mulder is a little surprise to see Scully back at work, but she assures him she is fine and needs something to keep her mind off her father's death. Mulder tells her that he has been contacted because convicted serial killer Luther Boggs, who is scheduled for execution the following week, claims to have acquired psychic ability while in prison. Boggs is prepared to use his ability to save the two missing college students in return for a reprieve from the gas chamber. Mulder whose profile helped to capture Boggs in the first place, is sceptical of his claims. Scully, coming to terms with her father's death, has difficulty deciding what is truth and what is not, especially when Boggs appears to know so much about her and her father and even claims to have a message from her father. Even when details provided by Boggs lead Scully to an abandoned building where she discovers evidence of the couple being held there, Mulder is sceptical of Boggs' ability, he believes that Boggs is in contact with the kidnapper. Scully can not decide if Boggs is for real or not, but she is prepared to go along with Boggs in order to save the kidnapped couple before it is too late.

The X-Files S1E14
Episode 14


Mulder and Scully travel to Germantown, Maryland to investigate the latest in a spate of serial sex killings of both male and female victims. All of the victims were found dead with high levels of pheromones in their bodies following a sexual encounter. When security camera footage of the latest victim shows him arriving home with a woman and sometime later a man leaving the apartment, Scully suspects they are dealing with a transvestite. Mulder believes they are looking for the ultimate sex machine, that has the ability to change sex. A substance found at the murder scene is traced to a small town in Massachusetts, where an Amish-like community called the Kindred live. Mulder and Scully go to investigate this reclusive religious group and after surrendering their weapons are invited to dine with the sect members. During the meal they question the Kindred about the murders, they claim no interest in the affairs of the outside world. When one of the older members begins choking Scully attempts to help him but is forbidden to do so. That evening Mulder and Scully carry out their own clandestine surveillance during which Mulder witnesses the man who was choking at dinner lying in an underground catacomb apparently changing sex. Meanwhile Scully is approached by Brother Andrew who tells her that another member Brother Martin was seduced by the world and left the sect, that he is responsible for the murders. But the Kindred are hiding an even bigger secret.

The X-Files S1E15
Episode 15


Scully joins fellow Agent Jack Willis, a former lover of her's at the FBI Academy, in a stake out at the Marine Bank in Maryland following an anonymous tip off about a robbery. Willis has been on the trail of two bank robbers, Warren and Lula Dupree for over a year. During the robbery attempt Willis is shot along with one of the perpetrators Warren Dupree, they are both rushed to the ER. Dupree is DOA but Willis is worked on for 13 minutes and survives. However following the mutilation of Dupree's body to remove his wedding ring and with Agent Willis acting out of character including suddenly becoming left handed Mulder begins to suspect that a 'soul transference' has taken place, that Willis has been possessed by Dupree's spirit. Scully dismisses Mulder's concerns attributing Willis' odd behaviour to Post Traumatic Stress. Willis is concerned with arresting the other bank robber Dupree's wife Lula and asks Scully to help him, but when they manage to track her down Willis instead takes Scully hostage. Willis tries desperately to convince Lula that he is really Dupree, that Willis died in the ER and Dupree entered his body. He even knows intimate details about Lula that only her husband would know. Scully tries to get Willis to remember their love affair in an attempt to snap him back to reality, she believes that Willis has been thinking like Dupree for over a year trying to catch him and that is the reason for his current behaviour.

The X-Files S1E16
Episode 16

Young at Heart

Mulder and Scully are asked to join the investigation in to a series of violent bank robberies by Mulder's former boss Agent Reggie Purdue. Following a jewellery store robbery a note is found at the scene that reads, 'Fox can't guard the chicken coop'. A reminder of Mulder's first case just after he graduated the FBI Academy. Working for the Violent Crimes section he helped in the capture of John Barnett who carried out a series of violent bank robberies and left notes for Mulder at the crimes scenes. During Barnett's arrest Mulder following FBI protocol hesitated and another agent died as a result. Barnett who vowed to 'get' Mulder was sentenced to life but died in prison in 1989. When a handwriting expert examines the latest note, he concludes it was written by Barnett recently. Mulder interviews Barnett's cellmate Joe Crandall, who swears that he saw Barnett alive on the night he supposedly died. When the prison doctor Dr Ridley who signed Barnett's death certificate turns out to have lost his license for using his research into the child disease Progeria, premature ageing, to conduct age-reversal experiments. Mulder speculates that Barnett may have been one of Ridley's guinea pigs and could have the perfect disguise, youth. Mulder is contacted by Deep Throat who explains that the government funded Ridley's age reversal experiments and now that Barnett has stolen his work, the government is bargaining with him to get their hands on the information in return for his immunity.

The X-Files S1E17
Episode 17


When a truck driver, Ranheim reports firing at a UFO in Reagan, Tennessee, Mulder and Scully travel there to investigate. They interview Ranheim about the incident, Scully recognises that he is suffering from the symptoms of Gulf War Syndrome. Although Ranheim denies ever being in the Gulf, he also changes his story then the local sheriff ends the interview and releases him. Suspicious Mulder takes Scully to meet a three man government watch dog called 'The Lone Gunman', Scully finds them even more paranoid than Mulder! When Scully discovers that Ranheim is really Frank Druce, a former Special Operations officer in the Gulf, Mulder turns to his contact Deep Throat for some answers. Deep Throat tells Mulder that a UFO was shot down in Iraq a few days earlier and that Ranheim is transporting wreckage and a live Extraterrestrial Biological Entity recovered from the crash scene. Deep Throat gives Mulder photographic evidence that points to the E.B.E. being held at Fort Benning in Georgia. But Scully doubts the photo's authenticity prompting Mulder to get the photo analysed, it turns out to be a fake. Mulder realises that Deep Throat has deliberately lead him astray. Mulder confronts Deep Throat who admits lying to Mulder to mislead him as he was getting too close to the truth. That some truths the public is not ready for. Deep Throat tells him that one of the reasons he has aided Mulder in his work on the X-files is to atone for his part in these government secrets.

The X-Files S1E18
Episode 18

Miracle Man

Sheriff Daniels of Kenwood, Tennessee requests Mulder and Scully's assistance following the deaths of a number of people touched by a local faith healer. Reverand Calvin Hartley is a local preacher who runs the Miracle Ministry, his adopted son Samuel is a faith healer who cures the sick during the services. Sheriff Daniels believes that Samuel possesses a 'touch of death' and is responsible for the deaths. The agents interview Reverend Hartley who refutes any complicity in the recent deaths, he defends Samuel's healing abilities. Samuel is involved in a bar brawl and arrested, Sheriff Daniels charges him with suspicion of murder. Even Samuel believes he is responsible, that he has sinned and so God has polluted his 'gift'. He pleads with the judge to keep him in prison so he will not have to heal anyone else, but the judge releases him on bail. Mulder and Scully interview Samuel, who is resigned to the fact that his gift of healing has been taken from him. Following the interview Mulder is plagued by visions of his long lost sister Samantha which begins to affect his behaviour and alarms Scully. After the death of Multiple Sclerosis suffer, Margaret Hohman while being healed by Samuel during a service. All evidence points to Samuel being responsible, he is arrested and later found beaten to death in his cell. But when an autopsy on Margaret Hohman reveals she was poisoned, suspicion falls on Leonard Vance, a badly burned fire victim resurrected by Samuel ten years before.

The X-Files S1E19
Episode 19


Browning, Montana. Following a number of attacks on their cattle, rancher Jim Parker shoots a wild animal after it attacked his son Lyle. However when he examines the animal closer he discovers the body of a Native American man, Joseph Goodensnake. Mulder and Scully discover physical evidence from the scene, tracks that change from animal to human foot prints and a scrap of shredded skin. Mulder is quick to suggest Lycanthrophy, the very phenomenon which opened the very first X-file in 1946. Scully is quick to rebut him, with the Parker's in dispute with local Native Americans over land rights there may be a more conventional explanation to the case. Mulder and Scully travel to the Trego Indian Reservation where they meet Sheriff Charlie Tskany, who shows them Goodensnakes' body. During the examination Mulder notices that Goodensnakes' front teeth are elongated like an animals. Sheriff Tskany denies Scully's request for an autopsy as it would be in violation of Native American burial rites. When Jim Parker is killed in an animal attack suspicion falls on Goodensnakes' sister, Gwen missing since the attack. However Mulder interviews an elderly Native American man Ish, who tells him about the Native American legend of the Manitou. A mythical spirit with the power to turn men into beasts. If Joseph Goodensnake was affected then his sister Gwen could also be a shape-shifter.

The X-Files S1E20
Episode 20

Darkness Falls

When thirty loggers disappear in Washington state whilst clearing trees in a remote forest. Mulder pulls some strings to get assigned to the case, which mirrors a similar X-files case back in 1934 when a group of loggers disappeared without a trace. Mulder and Scully are joined by Larry Moore from the Federal Forest Service and Steve Humphreys a representative of the lumber company. They uncover evidence that the loggers have been victimised by a group of ecoterrorists, militant environmentalists who sabotage lumber company equipment in retaliation for what they are doing to America's forests. When their jeep falls victim to traps laid by the ecoterrorists, they have to continue on foot. On arrival at the loggers base of operation they catch one of the ecoterrorists, Doug Spinney looking for gasoline. He tries to warn them that there is a swarm of insects that come out at night and attack people. Humphreys believes the story is a fabrication to explain the loggers disappearance and pleads with Moore to arrest Spinney, when Moore declines Humphreys leaves the group to hike back to the jeep but is attacked by the insects. The group discovers evidence of the insects in a core sample from a large tree felled in the forest. And conclude that the insects are hundreds of year old, trapped in the tree and released when the loggers cut down the tree. As night closes in and with the generator running low on fuel they soon discover that you should be afraid of the dark.

The X-Files S1E21
Episode 21


Agent Scully reports to Assistant Director Skinner and the mysterious Cigarette Smoking Man, who tell her that the X-files cases must be investigated using proper FBI procedures. Scully tells them that the very nature of the X-files warrants the use of unorthodox means of investigation. Meanwhile a psychiatric board convenes a parole hearing for mutant killer Eugene Tooms, Mulder testifies at the hearing to tell them how dangerous Tooms is. But the board members question Mulder's credibility when he tells them Toom's murder spree spans 100 years, and released Tooms back in to the community. Mulder is sure that Tooms will attempt to get his fifth and final liver as soon as possible and then go in to a thirty year hibernation. He carries out his own unauthorised surveillance of Tooms. Meanwhile Scully joins retired detective Frank Briggs, who investigated the previous murders in 1933 and 1963 in an attempt to find evidence to prove Tooms is responsible. Mulder's foils Tooms' attempt to kill a man in his house. But Tooms uses his ability to manipulate his body to fake wounds and goes to the police. Mulder is charged with assaulting Tooms, but Scully vouches for his innocents and Mulder is released but told to stay away from Tooms. Scully's investigation has been more successful, she managed to match Tooms' dental records to a bite mark found on a 1933 victim's ribcage. But can they arrest Tooms before he gets his final liver and goes in to hibernation.

The X-Files S1E22
Episode 22

Born Again

When New York Detective Barbala is thrown through a second story window to his death, the only person in the room is an eight year old girl, Michelle Bishop. She claims to have seen another man in the room, the description she gives matches Charlie Morris, a policeman who was murder by Triads nine years before. Judy Bishop, Michelle's mother tells them that Michelle is disturbed and under psychiatric care. Mulder and Scully question Tony Fiore, Charlie Morris' former partner, he is not very helpful and acts nervous. When Mulder and Scully leave he telephones a former policeman Len Felder and tells him about the FBI agents visit, they along with Barbala were involved in Charlie Morris' death and the cover up that followed. Later that night as Len Felder gets off a bus, the door closes trapping his scarf and he is dragged to his death. Sitting on the bus a few seats back is Michelle. Mulder and Scully find it more than a coincidence that Michelle was witness at two deaths in as many days. As they investigate they discover that Barbala, Felder, Fiore and Charlie Morris were involved in a drug deal shortly before Charlie Morris was murdered. Mulder also interviews Michelle's psychiatrist and discovers that Michelle mutilates dolls with the exact wounds that Charlie Morris had when he died. Mulder believes that Michelle is the reincarnation of Charlie Morris and holds the key to the solution not only of the current case but also a nine year old murder case.

The X-Files S1E23
Episode 23


Mulder and Scully investigate the death of Dr Ronald Surnow, a member of a jet propulsion research team at the Mahan Propulsion Lab, Washington working on an engine capable of Mach 15. Dr Surnow was trapped in the wind tunnel and sucked in to the engine. He was the second member of the research team to die following the death of Dr Athur Grable in a car crash 6 months before. At the time of Dr Surnow's accident a mentally challenged maintenance worker called Roland Fuller was the only other person in the building. Mulder and Scully question Roland about the incident. Mulder is intrigued by Roland's ability to manipulate complex numbers, he compares Roland's handwriting to the complex equation on the blackboard in the lab, but they do no match. Scully is ready to dismiss Roland as a suspect due to the advanced theoretical work found at the scene. But when another member of the research team Dr Keats is killed by being immersed in liquid nitrogen, the agents discover evidence in computer files that show someone is continuing Dr Arthur Grable's work. Their investigation of Dr Grable uncovers two interesting facts, that Grable's head was cryogenically frozen after his death and stored in the lab and that Roland Fuller is his twin brother. This leads Mulder to conclude that Dr Grable may have a psychic link to Roland and is directing his actions, to complete his work on the engine and kill off the other scientists who threaten it.

The X-Files S1E24
Episode 24

The Erlenmeyer Flask

Mulder receives a phone call from Deep Throat telling him to turn on Channel 8, there is a police chase in progress which ends when the fugitive is shot and plunges in to a lake. But photographic evidence from the scene shows that the car the fugitive was driving had been switched. Mulder and Scully trace the original car to a Dr Berube, but he is reluctant to co-operate. With nothing to go on Mulder is ready to give up, when Deep Throat contacts him again and tells him he has never been closer to the truth. Meanwhile Dr Berube is found dead in his lab, Mulder recovers a flask of liquid labeled 'Purity Control' which Scully takes to be analysed. The contents are identified as bacteria that is extraterrestrial in origin. Mulder following another lead discovers a warehouse full of bodies suspending in green liquid, however when he later returns with Scully the warehouse is empty. Deep Throat contacts Mulder and explains that Dr Berube was running a government funded project using alien DNA in gene therapy. Using terminally ill patients as guinea pigs. The fugitive on the TV, Dr Secare was one of his patients. He also tells Mulder that a government black squad is working against them. As witnesses begin to die and the evidence is systematically destroyed, Mulder and Scully have to push the official limits and risk everything, including the X-files in an attempt to expose the truth. And Mulder's contact Deep Throat pays the ultimate price.

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