Thief - Season 1 Episodes

Thief S1E1
Episode 1


Nick Atwater leads a crew of thieves to steal money from a San Francisco bank, quickly discovering that the money belonged to the Chinese mafia.

Thief S1E2
Episode 2

I Ain't Goin' To Jail For Anyone

Nick and the crew plan the next heist with their fence. The Chinese mafia soon sends their capo after the crew. The guys decide to continue with their heist with the counsel of Nick?s attorney.

Thief S1E3
Episode 3

Everything That Rises Must Converge

The clock ticks as the crew prepares for the heist, stealing "uncirculating money" from a plane in mid-air.

Thief S1E4
Episode 4

No Direction Home

Nick deposits his step-daughter Tammi for "safe-keeping" during the heist. The crew continues to hone their plans using information one of the crew members gets from a woman he is sleeping with.

Thief S1E5
Episode 5


The heist. The guys try the risky venture of getting through security, onto the plane, and stealing the money in the air.

Thief S1E6
Episode 6

In The Wind

Nick gets a call from Tammi's real father who tells him that he no longer wants her to come be with him. Nick must give Tammi the bad news.

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