Three's Company

Three's Company

Three's Company - Season 2 Episodes

Three's Company S2E1
Episode 1

Ground Rules

Time for some new rules on privacy when Jack and Chrissy bust in on Janet and her date.

Three's Company S2E2
Episode 2

Jack Looks for a Job

When he can't make his portion of the rent, Jack signs up for a part-time modeling gig--a nude modeling gig!

Three's Company S2E3
Episode 3

Janet's Promotion

A co-worker gets a promotion based on looks not skills, and Janet considers some cosmetic alteration to better her chances for advancement.

Three's Company S2E4
Episode 4

Strange Bedfellows

While the girls are away, Jack throws a wild party. The next day it's Mr. Roper, not Jack, who wakes up with the 'morning-after blues.'

Three's Company S2E5
Episode 5

Chrissy's Date

Chrissy meets a new, "older" man at the supermarket. Mrs. Roper knows something about him that could ruin her happiness.

Three's Company S2E6
Episode 6

Alone Together

Jack and Chrissy spend a night alone in the apartment when Janet stays the night with Mrs. Roper, and everyone's in a tizzy. Janet's anxious, Chrissy's feeling spurned, and Jack's just trying to do the right thing.

Three's Company S2E7
Episode 7

Roper's Car

Roper sells the trio his broken-down car, but then gets a better offer and tries to get it back.

Three's Company S2E8
Episode 8

Cyrano de Tripper

Chrissy promises a dinner to her new man, a gourmet critic, but she can't even boil water. So Jack must step in and save the date.

Three's Company S2E9
Episode 9

Chrissy's Night Out

A punch is thrown, an ego is blown, and all because Chrissy was a little too friendly to an undercover detective during a girls' night out at the Funky Fox.

Three's Company S2E10
Episode 10

Stanley Casanova

Helen thinks Stanley's cheating when she sees an attractive woman cozying up to him at the Regal Beagle, but only Jack knows the real story.

Three's Company S2E11
Episode 11

Janet's High School Sweetheart

A high school heartthrob from Janet's past shows up, and you'd think she'd be thrilled, but it seems that only one of them has progressed since their high school days.

Three's Company S2E12
Episode 12

Jack's Uncle

Jack's charming (read crafty) Uncle Fremont is in town, and he decides to give the kids a hand when the rent comes due and they come up short on cash. But do they really want Roper to cash that check?

Three's Company S2E13
Episode 13

Helen's Job

Stanley tells Helen she's forbidden to work, so she takes a job at a seedy cafeteria to teach him a lesson, but she may have bitten off more than she can chew!

Three's Company S2E14
Episode 14

Three's Christmas

It's a Christmas party quandary for the roommates: do they keep their word to spend it with the Ropers, or break it to go to the hot party they got invited to at the last minute?

Three's Company S2E15
Episode 15

The Gift

What's Jack to do when Chrissy thinks the fancy jacket he's holding for Stanley (really a surprise gift for Helen), is a birthday gift for her?

Three's Company S2E16
Episode 16

The Rivals

Jack's caught in the middle when Janet thinks that Chrissy purposefully stole her blind date, a handsome businessman.

Three's Company S2E17
Episode 17

The Baby Sitters

When a date conflicts with a babysitting job, Janet enlists her roommates to fill-in for her, which leaves the inexperienced babysitters, not the child, in tears.

Three's Company S2E18
Episode 18

Home Movies

Chrissy gets a super-8 camera and catches the movie bug, but her new man doesn't appreciate it. Meanwhile, Larry plans a porno screening for himself and Jack, but then Roper shows up.

Three's Company S2E19
Episode 19

Jack in the Flower Shop

It's all work and no play when Janet hires Jack to help out at the flower shop and turns into the worst kind of demanding boss.

Three's Company S2E20
Episode 20

Jack's Navy Pal

The trio is planning to ply the Ropers with a gourmet meal to avoid a rent hike. Their plans are scuttled when a blind buddy from Jack's past shows up.

Three's Company S2E21
Episode 21

Will the Real Jack Tripper . . .

Larry uses Jack's name with a recent girlfriend, and the woman shows up at the apartment pregnant, leaving Jack confused and in the hot seat.

Three's Company S2E22
Episode 22

Days of Beer and Weeds

The roommates are wondering if the Ropers' garden has gone to pot when they volunteer to spruce it up and find an odd plant growing there.

Three's Company S2E23
Episode 23

Chrissy, Come Home

Chrissy's minister father demands she come home when he arrives unexpectedly at the apartment and discovers his daughter's unorthodox living arrangements.

Three's Company S2E24
Episode 24

Bird Song

Roper has bought a parakeet as a surprise for Helen. Jack and Chrissy promise to keep it at their place overnight.

Three's Company S2E25
Episode 25

Coffee, Tea or Jack

Janet and Chrissy are planning a surprise party for Jack. All's well until an old flame breezes into town and entices him into drinks. It's up to Chrissy to pull out the stops to get him to the party on time.

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