Three's Company

Three's Company

Three's Company - Season 5 Episodes

Three's Company S5E1
Episode 1

Upstairs Downstairs Downstairs

Jack's plate Is full. He's trying to prepare a gourmet meal for his roommates, while also filling in for Larry on a blind date by preparing a meal for the woman in a vacant apartment upstairs.

Three's Company S5E2
Episode 2

And Justice for Jack

On his first day as a grill cook at a busy diner, Jack soon finds that his boss wants to sample more than his daily special.

Three's Company S5E3
Episode 3

A Hundred Dollars a What?

Chrissy takes a part-time job at a convention from a new friend. Jack thinks she's the perfect girl to bring home to mom, but only Janet knows the woman is a high-priced call girl.

Three's Company S5E4
Episode 4

Downhill Chaser

Jack's new girlfriend, Inga, is a skiing fanatic, so he tells her he's a skiing pro to impress her.

Three's Company S5E5
Episode 5

A Crowded Romance

Janet works overtime to keep Larry and Jack from discovering that they're both dating the same woman. Her effort may be scuttled when Larry walks by the window where Jack is working as a mannequin with the woman.

Three's Company S5E6
Episode 6

Room at the Bottom

Jack applies for a position at fancy French bistro. He does land a job - as a bus boy - a fact he keeps from his roommates, Larry, and his new lady, who all think he's been hired as a chef.

Three's Company S5E7
Episode 7

Chrissy's Cousin

While Chrissy's out of town, her clumsy, yet sweet cousin, Cindy Snow takes her place to help Jack and Janet keep up the rent.

Three's Company S5E8
Episode 8

Jack to the Rescue

Cindy loses her job after Jack stands up for her when her boss is overly demanding. He then takes it upon himself to get her job back.

Three's Company S5E9
Episode 9

The Not-So-Great Imposter

To land a job at Angelino's Restaurant, Jack impersonates a famous chef, not realizing that a lot of people have it in for the guy, including an angry bookie.

Three's Company S5E10
Episode 10

Jack's Other Mother

No good deed goes unrewarded, a fact Jack learns all too well after graciously helping an elderly woman with her groceries.

Three's Company S5E11
Episode 11

Make Room for Daddy

Jack gives advice on meeting women to his girlfriend's widowed father; advice that he proceeds to try out on an unsuspecting Janet.

Three's Company S5E12
Episode 12

Janet's Secret

Janet's parents are visiting, so she and Jack pretend they are newlyweds.

Three's Company S5E13
Episode 13

Father of the Bride

A wealthy man is obsessed with making Cindy his bride and pulls out all the stops to woo her, so it falls to Jack to cool his fire.

Three's Company S5E14
Episode 14

Furley Versus Furley

The trio take Furley in when his brother Bart (the owner) fires him as the building's landlord.

Three's Company S5E15
Episode 15

In Like Larry

After the roommates have a falling out, Larry slyly suggests that he and Jack switch places (so he can make the moves on the Janet and Cindy).

Three's Company S5E16
Episode 16

Teacher's Pet

On a teaching stint at his old school, Jack finds himself in hot water when Dean Traver's curvaceous niece decides to cook up an "A" by seducing Jack.

Three's Company S5E17
Episode 17

And Baby Makes Four

Jack and Janet think accident-prone Cindy made the ultimate error when they find her buying maternity clothes.

Three's Company S5E18
Episode 18

Night of the Ropers

It's a comedy of errors when the Ropers are in town for a bowling banquet, and after yet another argument, Helen seeks solace from Jack and Janet, but winds up in Ralph's arms.

Three's Company S5E19
Episode 19

Double Trouble

To get a date with Furley's sexy niece Jack pretends to be his own twin, Austin.

Three's Company S5E20
Episode 20

Dying to Meet You

In order to avoid his current girlfriend's extremely jealous boyfriend, Larry helps Jack fake his own death.

Three's Company S5E21
Episode 21

The Case of the Missing Blonde

Cindy goes to visit her father, who is in town, but Janet and Jack mistakenly think Cindy's been kidnapped.

Three's Company S5E22
Episode 22

Honest Jack Tripper

Jack's giving up on sweet talk and little white lies, but he soon finds that sometimes honesty isn't the best policy, and that the truth can hurt.

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