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Reporting from his room aboard the USS Echo, a small submarine heading for Tel Aviv, comes movie reviewer Corey Wood, who graces MovieWeb.com with a weekly update of all the new films hitting cinemas around the world (which he gets to watch via satellite in a private screening room aboard this seafaring vessel).

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Ticket or Skip It: Bel Ami and The Dictator
Corey Wood thinks Robert Pattinson is great as a lothario, while Sasha Baron Cohen is entertaining but forgettable.
TICKET or SKIP IT: Marvel's The Avengers
Corey Wood calls this latest Marvel adventure the greatest comic book movie of all time.
TICKET or SKIP IT: The Five-Year Engagement and The Raven
Corey Wood loves John Cusack as Edgar Allan Poe, but can't stand the chemistry between Jason Segel and Emily Blunt.
TICKET or SKIP IT: Battleship
Peter Berg directs Taylor Kitsch, Liam Neeson, and Rihanna in this big screen version of the Hasbro board game, which pits aliens against a Naval fleet.
TICKET or SKIP IT: Lockout
This recycled sci-fi action film about a prison in space turns out to be a surprisingly fun time worthy of a whole bucket of popcorn.
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