'Til Death

'Til Death

'Til Death - Season 4 Episodes

'Til Death S4E1
Episode 1

Doug and Ally Return

Eddie and Joy’s free-spirited daughter, Ally, returns from a trek in the Ecuadorian rainforest with her new husband, Doug. When Ally and Doug decide to set up camp in a trailer in the Starks’ backyard, they ultimately ruin Eddie’s plans for installing a Jacuzzi. Meanwhile, Eddie and Joy attempt to overcome their dislike of Doug and accept him as a member of the family.

'Til Death S4E2
Episode 2

Separate Beds

Joy and Eddie decide to get separate beds after years of putting up with each other's sleep habits. Meanwhile Eddie's new principal turns out to be a former student with an agenda.

'Til Death S4E3
Episode 3

Eddie's Book

Doug's father (Barry Bostwick) gives Doug and Ally a great deal of money. Meanwhile, Eddie decides to write a book about the Hindenburg airship disaster of 1937. Miles Tunnicliff: Richard Lewis. Clarence Clemons has a cameo as himself.

'Til Death S4E4
Episode 4

No Complaints

While Eddie (Brad Garrett) and Joy (Joely Fisher) do their Christmas shopping, Eddie has an unfortunate run-in with a disabled man that leaves him with a surprisingly positive and "no complaints" attitude. After convincing Joy to join in on the positive stance, things become even more challenging when they are tested by unfortunate incidents. Meanwhile, their daughter Ally (guest star Laura Clery ) and her hippie boyfriend (guest star Timm Sharp) kick off a family tradition with homemade gifts!

'Til Death S4E5
Episode 5

The Courtship of Eddie's Parents

When Eddie (Brad Garrett) and Joy (Joely Fisher) take a trip to visit his parents, Eddie bumps himself off the flight for a free travel voucher, forcing Joy to spend some painful alone time with her in-laws (guest stars Valerie Harper and Jerry Adler). After arriving hours later, Eddie discovers his parents are legally divorcing --- in order to receive Medicare benefits --- and quickly assumes the persona of a wounded child-of-divorce.

'Til Death S4E6
Episode 6

The Ex-Factor

Joy (Joely Fisher) makes a new friend, Ilene, and she couldn't be more ecstatic; however, her excitement comes crashing down when she finds out that Eddie (Brad Garrett) has a history with her-- and one that involves dating. When Joy learns that Eddie broke Ilene's heart and was the best relationship she ever had, her slouch of a husband soon becomes a bit more appetizing. Meanwhile, Kenny (J.B. Smoove) takes up a new venture in his life by spending time babysitting his new girlfriend's kids.

'Til Death S4E7
Episode 7

The Buffer

Eddie (Brad Garrett) and Kenny's (J.B. Smoove) bonding through the Big Brother program extends far beyond their groovy t-shirts when they attend a picnic with other members. Kenny's recent woes prompt Eddie to welcome Kenny into his home which proves great for Eddie but problematic for Joy (Joely Fisher). Meanwhile, a recent encounter between Kenny and his ex-wife Tina (Kym Whitley) makes Kenny ponder his future alone in that big scary place called life.

'Til Death S4E8
Episode 8

Joy's Out of Work

When Joy loses her job at the travel agency, she must use her best assets to find work elsewhere.

'Til Death S4E9
Episode 9

Hi Def TV

Eddie and Joy go on a shopping spree.

'Til Death S4E10
Episode 10

The Not-So-Perfect Couple

Joy tries to convince Eddie that their friend is not perfect.

'Til Death S4E11
Episode 11

Independent Action

JOY AND EDDIE TRY FLYING SOLO ON AN ALL-NEW "'TIL DEATH" SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 7, ON FOX When Eddie attends their annual baseball game without Joy, they realize that they can have separate lives, but at what cost? Meanwhile, Ally and Doug try to save a tree but end up causing a neighborhood tree-disease epidemic in the all-new "Independent Action" episode of 'TIL DEATH.

'Til Death S4E12
Episode 12

Snore Loser

After Eddie gets treatment for his sleep apnea and stops snoring, Joy realizes that she relied on his annoying habit to help her get to sleep.

'Til Death S4E13
Episode 13

The Break-up

Mayim Bialik, Susan Yeagley and Kevin Nealon Guest-Star When Joy and Eddie's friends have a fight and break up, Eddie and Joy step in to try and restore the peace, but it ends up backfiring on them. Meanwhile, Ally sends Doug to a shrink to cure his curious illness.

'Til Death S4E14
Episode 14

The Perfect Couple

Kevin Nealon ("Weeds," "Saturday Night Live") Guest-Stars When Eddie and Joy befriend Stephen (Nealon) and his wife Simona (Susan Yeagley), Eddie clicks with them right away causing Joy to feel left out. In an effort to win Joy over, Eddie coaches their new friends on her all her likes and dislikes. Meanwhile, Kenny starts a new job as a supermarket sample salesman only to realize that sample distribution can be a competitive biz.

'Til Death S4E15
Episode 15

The Check-up

Susan Yeagley and Kevin Nealon Guest Star When Joy convinces Eddie to visit Simona (Susan Yeagley) for an annual check-up, he catches a nasty head cold before his big interview with a Hindenburg blimp survivor. Meanwhile Joy can't understand why Simona won't pay her a compliment.

'Til Death S4E16
Episode 16

Can't Elope

Doug and Ally plan a very stark wedding.

'Til Death S4E17
Episode 17

Check Mate

Susan Yeagley and Kevin Nealon Guest Star When the Starks meet Simona and Stephen for dinner, they decide to ditch them with the bill resulting in an all out war dining war between the couples. Meanwhile Joy makes Eddie's life miserable at work .

'Til Death S4E18
Episode 18

The Concert

When Eddie befriends a new teacher at school, they find they have a lot in common.

'Til Death S4E19
Episode 19

Merit Pay

Eddie (Brad Garrett) is pressured into taking a student's bribe by Mr. White (guest star Martin Mull) in order to get a pay raise from Principal Duffy (Kathleen Rose Perkins), so he and Joy (Joely Fisher) can afford their vacation. Doug (Timm Sharp) pays another visit to Dr. Bialik (guest star Mayim Bialik), as he believes his wife has been "recast" by a new Ally (guest star Kate Micucci).

'Til Death S4E20
Episode 20

The New Neighbors

In preparation for their garage sale, Joy (Joely Fisher) and Eddie (Brad Garrett) meet their new neighbor Tommy (guest star Gilbert Gottfried) and his young wife April.

'Til Death S4E21
Episode 21

The Wedding

Ally and Doug tie the knot.

'Til Death S4E22
Episode 22

Ally Abroad

When Allison's boyfriend Doug is hospitalized, she rushes to his bedside only to be surprised with a proposal. No one is more surprised by their daughter's engagement than Eddie and Joy who plot to put the brakes on wedding planning. Meanwhile, Kenny tries to get Eddie's car repaired without success.

'Til Death S4E23
Episode 23

Joy's Mom

Joy?s self-confidence takes a nose dive.

'Til Death S4E24
Episode 24

Dog Fight

When Joy and Eddie begin to use role-playing to spice up their love life in the bedroom, they realize that pretending to be someone else isn't as sexy as being themselves. Meanwhile, to earn more income, Kenny decides to find people's lost dogs for them in order to collect the reward money.

'Til Death S4E25
Episode 25

Sell the House

Joy (Joely Fisher) and Eddie (Brad Garrett) decide to sell their house. Thrilled by the new move and recently single, Whitey (guest star Martin Mull) makes plans to move in. With the upcoming sale of the house, Doug (Timm Sharp) and Ally (guest star Kate Micucci) are forced to find another place to park their camper.

'Til Death S4E26
Episode 26

Family Vacation

When the Starks go on vacation, Joy tries to convince a young woman that her marriage to Eddie is great and that young married couples should admire them. Meanwhile, Kenny tags along everywhere with Doug and Ally until they introduce him to a nice waitress.

'Til Death S4E27
Episode 27

Ally's Pregnant

When Ally and Doug announce that they're going to be parents, Joy has a meltdown about becoming a grandmother, forcing Eddie to call in his mother-in-law for help.

'Til Death S4E28
Episode 28

Smart Phone

Eddie becomes annoyed by his students' use of cell phones in class, and soon learns that he and Joy are the only ones not infatuated with new technology. When Mr. White decides to drag Eddie into the 21st century, Eddie develops a technology addiction of his own.

'Til Death S4E29
Episode 29

Big Man, Little Man

Eddie learns that size doesn?t matter.

'Til Death S4E30
Episode 30

Brother's Keeper

With Eddie's brother, Charlie, and his new boyfriend, Terence, coming to visit, Eddie isn't exactly looking forward to a weekend of wine-tasting and antiquing. Much to Eddie's surprise, though, he hits it off with Terence as they both opt to watch football over participating in the planned weekend activities. When Charlie breaks up with Terence, Joy sides with Charlie and ends up questioning her relationship with Eddie.

'Til Death S4E31
Episode 31

Work Wife

Joy suffers from the workplace blues.

'Til Death S4E32
Episode 32

Baby Steps

Martin Mull, Mayim Bialik, Michael Stoyanov and Jenna Von Oy Guest-Star. Joy goes overboard planning for Ally's baby shower and becomes obsessed with baby gifts. Meanwhile, Mr. White (guest star Mull) has difficulty giving Ally and Doug their shower gift, and Dr. Bialik invites her "Blossom" castmates to participate in a therapy session for Doug.

'Til Death S4E33
Episode 33

Let's Go

Whitey throws a surprise party.

'Til Death S4E34
Episode 34

The Baby

Eddie's book finally gets published but on the day of his book signing, Ally goes into labor and everyone shows up to welcome the new addition to the family. Meanwhile, Eddie gives Doug fatherhood tips and Ally apologizes to Joy for being a terrible daughter.

'Til Death S4E35
Episode 35

The Joy of Learning

Joy feels inferior for not finishing college, so she decides to hit the books and earn her degree. Although she passes her classes, Eddie isn't satisfied with her grades, and he decides to take matters into his own hands, which leads to Joy getting kicked out of school.

'Til Death S4E36
Episode 36

Coupon Bob

Eddie forgets Joy?s birthday.

'Til Death S4E37
Episode 37

Cold Case

Joy tries her hand at private eye work.

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