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Tiny Toon Adventures - Season 1 Episodes

Tiny Toon Adventures - Season 1

Tiny Toon Adventures - Season 1

From executive producer Steven Spielberg, it's a new generation of toonsters searching for fun, adventure and mischief in the land of "anything can happen." Join Buster, Babs, Elmyra, Plucky and the rest of the gang for their "Looney Tunes" studies class at Acme Acres Looniversity -- instructed by old-school favorites and featuring a mix of original stories, film and TV parodies and modern remakes of classic Warner Bros. shorts.

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E1
Episode 1

The Looney Beginning

A cartoonist pressured to come up with a new cartoon creates a pair of twisted rabbits and gives up. His creations, abandoned in the studio, begin their own line of looney toons.

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E2
Episode 2

A Quack in the Quarks

Two so-called transfer students to Acme Looniversity are really aliens looking for Earth's greatest hero to battle the evil Duck Vader.

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E3
Episode 3

The Wheel O' Comedy

Buster and Babs are replaced by the Wheel of Comedy, Elmyra adopts Dizzy in the misperception he's a puppy, Furrball's confused when he picks up 3-D glasses and Buster interferes with a rigged game show.

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E4
Episode 4

Test Stress

Plucky tries to cheat on a math exam, Sylvester gives Furrball an assignment to catch a mouse, and a swearing Rooster asks Buster to help him get a date with Shirley.

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E5
Episode 5

The Buster Bunny Bunch

Buster suffers at the hands of a pumped-up Arnold at the gym. Dizzy receives justice at the hands of fate after squashing bugs and Babs drives away all her friends.

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E6
Episode 6

Her Wacky Highness

Babs runs away to Wackyland when no one appreciates her great imitations, and is pursued by Buster, Hamton and Plucky.

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E7
Episode 7

Hollywood Plucky

Plucky goes to Hollywood to sell his script.

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E8
Episode 8

Journey to the Center of Acme Acres

Buster and Babs set out to set out to rescue Hamton and Plucky from a crevice left by an earthquake and discover the source of the recent tremblings of the ground.

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E9
Episode 9

Stuff That Goes Bump in the Night

Buster's poltergeist comes back to haunt Montana Max after he drops a house on the rabbit. Elmyra's pet-of-the-month club delivers a vampire bat. And Hamton faces off against a mosquito.

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E10
Episode 10

It's Buster Bunny Time

The gang spoofs Howdy Doody in "Buster Bunny Bunch," the Roadrunner/Wiley Coyote competition in "Bag That Bunny," Robin Leach in "Lifestyles Of The Rich And Rotten" and classic al music in "The Anvil Chorus."

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E11
Episode 11

Looking Out for the Little Guy

Elmyra adopts Sneezer when he's left on her doorstep. Plucky tries to stop Montana and a dog tries to protect baby chickens from the prowling Furrball.

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E12
Episode 12

Starting From Scratch

A flea makes a courageous journey to find his family.

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E13
Episode 13

Citizen Max

A "Citizen Kane" parody. Hamton is a reporter who tries to uncover the meaning of Montana Max's uttered "Acme."

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E14
Episode 14

Hare Raising Night

Buster goes on a mission to stop the mutant experiments of Dr. Gene Splicer.

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E15
Episode 15

Furrball Follies

Furrball pretends to be a dog when he meets a blind couple who hates cats in "K-9 Kitty." In "Aroma Amore," a paint stripe down Furrball's back attracts Fifi. And in "Cross Country Kitty," Furrball repeatedly crosses America to thwart Mary's efforts to keep him from eating Sweetie.

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E16
Episode 16

The Acme Acres Zone

Rabbit-hating Montana wakes up as a bunny. Hamton is duped into skinny-dipping. Babs loses her sense of humor.

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E17
Episode 17

Life in the 1990's

Hamton takes Plucky and the Bunnys to a fancy restaurant. Max tries to bilk Buster, and Babs fights smokers.

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E18
Episode 18

Rock 'N Roar

Buster accidentally hatches a dinosaur.

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E19
Episode 19

Prom-ise Her Anything

The toons battle over Acme Loo's prom.

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E20
Episode 20

Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow

Elmyra captures Buster, who must bust out of her cuddly prison.

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E21
Episode 21


Buster and Babs browse the huge selection of films at their local theatre, including "Superbabs," "Duck Trek" and "Pasadena Jones."

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E22
Episode 22

You Asked for It

Plucky tries to fix the rigged "request day" machine. Includes "Debutante Devil," "Slight Of Hare," and "Duck Out Of Luck." Part 1 of 2

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E23
Episode 23

Gang Busters

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E24
Episode 24

Wake Up Call of the Wild

The Bunnys consider instinct and their relation to the wild creatures. Includes "Migrant Mallard," "It's A Jungle Out There, and "Kitty Cat-Astrophe."

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E25
Episode 25

Buster and the Wolverine

A parody of "Peter And The Wolf."

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E26
Episode 26

You Asked for It, Part II

Dizzy and Hamton are "The Weird Couple," Plucky takes on Monty's polluting factory in"The Return Of The Toxic Revenger" and Hamton clings to his diet in "Little Cake Of Horrors." Part 2 of 2

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E27
Episode 27

Europe in 30 Minutes

Plucky, Hamton and the Bunnys go abroad for a tour of Europe.

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E28
Episode 28

The Wacko World of Sports

Bjorn Bunny thwarts Max's rigged tennis tournament in "Tennis The Menace." Dizzy and Furrball try to fool Arnold in "Bleacher Bummer," and the Vanderbunnys teach Roderick and Rhubella a lesson in "Miniature Golf."

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E29
Episode 29

Rainy Daze

The bored toons act up on a rainy day. Max's rent-a-friend delivery turns out to be an old enemy in "Rent A Friend." A napping Babs dreams in "Bunny Daze," and the Bunnys tunnel toward Aruba but make a wrong turn in "Fur-Gone Conclusion."

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E30
Episode 30

Fields of Honey

Babs searches for a female WB role model.

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E31
Episode 31

Sawdust and Toonsil

The toons try to free Wackyland creatures trapped in a circus sideshow.

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E32
Episode 32

Spring in Acme Acres

Concord takes over Cupid's job in "Love Among The Toons." Elmyra goes wild while cleaning house in "Elmyra's Spring Cleaning" and Plucky and Dizzy battle for prizes on a humiliating game show in "That's Incredibly Stupid."

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E33
Episode 33

Psychic Fun-Omenon Day

Calamaty Coyote sees his life flash before his eyes in "Piece Of Mind." Hamton wimps out of dissecting a frog in class in "Class Cut-Up." A bored Plucky uses binoculars to snoop from his hospital bed in "Rear Window Pain."

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E34
Episode 34

The Wide World of Elmyra

Tyrone Turtle must cross a highway to escape Elmyra in "Turtle Hurdle." Elmyra bungles her babysitting in "Drooley Davey" and friendly dog Barky Marky loses his love of fetch after playing with Elmyra in "Go Fetch."

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E35
Episode 35

A Ditch in Time

Plucky builds a time machine to avoid failing a class.

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E36
Episode 36


Plucky shows up in Animation class after many days of being absent on the day that the class project is due! Buster shows Plucky and the rest of us how an animated cartoon is drawn and put together. Plucky decides to get to work on his project while the rest of the class has their cartoons shown at the Acme Looniversity film festival. Plucky has a terrific cartoon done, but he has to edit his for time because Shirley's cartoon is the longest. Plucky wins at the festival and his prize is retaking Animation class over again since he missed it the first time!

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E37
Episode 37

Career Oppor-Toon-ities

Buster details the virtues of having a part-time job.

"Busters Guide to Getting a Job": Buster walks Babs though a step-by-step course on how to get a job. Buster and Babs end up at Weenie Burger, waiting on an unruly Montana Max.

"Working Pig": Hamton must attend to a customer in the toy department in order to get promoted to cleaning supplies. Unfortunately, that customer is Elmyra.

"Falling to Pizzas": A penniless Calamity Coyote attempts to steal a pizza from Little Beeper, who's working as a delivery boy.

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E38
Episode 38

Strange Tales of Weird Science

It's sci-fi time when Buster and Babs present three science-fiction thrillers. Pit Bullied: Fed up with being chased by Furrball, Sweetie reprograms him to make him chase pit bulls. Sweetie might be out of the woods, but Furrball realizes what she has done and programs Arnold the put bull into chasing Sweetie!

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E39
Episode 39

Inside Plucky Duck

Buster and Babs go inside the brain of Plucky to see what makes him tick. This first 20-minute short features the evolution of Plucky as Bat Duck and his partner Decoy (Hamton in a lame disguise) as they fight crime.

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E40
Episode 40

The Acme Bowl

The Acme Looniversity football team has had it share of opponents and they all lose everytime. Now they have a game against Perfecto Prep, the cheating school, and Plucky wants to go to Perfecto to get away from the losers. When Buster and the gang burns the playbooks with all-new plays, Plucky manages to sneak one and take it over to Perfecto Prep. Perfecto Prep think that they have got this game in the bag when they execute manuevers against Buster's team. The team loses all hope for a good game, and Little Sneezer loses repsect for the team. Plucky then realizes that he is responsible for all that is happening, and he sticks up for his team and helps them go to victory. It seems that Pefecto Prep was tricked with a fake playbook!

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E41
Episode 41

Dating, Acme Acres Style

Buster and Babs give us pointers on how to get a date with that special someone. Buster's Guide to Dating: Buster gives us rules to how to get a date the right way by showing examples of how to respect others, the right clothes, and even importantly, meeting the date's parents!

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E42
Episode 42

Looniversity Days

Buster and Babs, in song, gives us a tour of a typical day at Acme Looniversity. The Learning Principal: Buster gets sent to the principal's office by Yosemite Sam, and his friends are afraid that he is going to be done for, all to get his brand new stereo system. Buster meets the principal, which is a big head and he discovers that Bugs was actually controlling the head. Bugs gives him some timely advice and he goes back to Sam's class and proves himself to be a good student.

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E43
Episode 43

Best O' Plucky Duck Day

Plucky is finally given three stories all about him in this episode. One Minute 'Til Three: Granny is teaching a lesson and asks the class hard questions. Plucky hopes and prays that the clock makes it to 3:00 so class can be over because it's Friday and so that he can have fun over the weekend. Plus, he doesn't want to be called on and give a wrong answer so Granny can give him a thousand-page term paper for not paying attention.

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E44
Episode 44

Hero Hamton

Hamton mistakenly hits Montana Max with his locker door and Max threatens to hit him. Plucky makes it even worse when he forces Hamton to have a boxing match with Max! Hamton tries to get out of the whole situation, but his friends help him out with physical and spiritual training. On the night of the fight, Hamton is sitting in Porky's prop class feeling sorry for himself, and Buster and Babs go into the ring in his place. When Hamton sees his friends get beaten up, he uses the power of his ancestors (and Porky's props) to get even with Max, who chickens out!

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E45
Episode 45

Whale's Tales

This episode is about a little whale who gets separated from his mother. His mother is captured by Gotcha Grabmore (still hasn't learned a thing from her last episode) and her octopus henchmen to make cosmetics. The baby whale is beached and who would find him but Elmyra! Buster and Babs hears the whale at Elmyra's house and takes him out of thsi animal prison and back to the wtare to rescue his mom. The rest of this episode is action packed chaos as Buster and Babs go at it with the octopuses and the seagulls and seals get into the fray as well. The episode ends happily, if not, blissful: Mother and child whale are reunited; Gotcha's being tossed around by seals and likes it; and Elmyra has a new octopus pet!

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E46
Episode 46

Ask Mr. Popular

Buster Bunny makes his first appearance as that ever-cool and sophisticated socialite Mr. Popular. Mr. Popular shows examples on how to be a cool person in the following shorts: Dapper Diz: Mr. Popular helps Plucky and Hamton make Dizzy more sophisticated and more collected. It seems that Dizzy is too wild and socially inept, so Mr. Popular guides Dizzy with pizza rolls to his personality chamber where Plucky and Hamton each give Dizzy their own qualities. Dizzy comes out looking clean and suave! But then, the new Dizzy turns out to be as worse as the old Dizzy because he is too snobbish and snotty for his own good. This results in him losing his friends and his sexy girlfriends, and he begs for Mr. Popular to make him the way he was. Plucky and Hamton start reminding him about all the things that Dizzy satnds for, and Dizzy comes Back! There is a lesson to be learned from this: You shouldn't change you life for someone else's approval, and never go out with Dizzy's girlfriends duri

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E47
Episode 47

Son On Looniversity Daze

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E48
Episode 48

Mr. Popular's Rules of Cool

This is just like Episode 46, except Mr. Popular teaches people how to be cool about themselves, crazy fads and not disrespecting people. Mr. Popular's Rules of Cool: Hamton is having a hard time fitting in because he is not cool. Mr. Popular shows Hamton how to fit in, win lots of friends, and how to get in the coolest clubs. He is put to the test when Mr. Popular and Babs take him to the coolest club in town. Arnold then shuts the door on Hamton, and he starts swaying around and unknowingly starts a conga line with the crowd. After that, Babs and Mr. Popular try to get rid of his record collection, but he starts doing some fresh DJ scratch mves that makes him even more cooler with the studio audience. The audience then leaves with Hamton, leaving Mr. Popular and Babs with an empty set and running cameras!

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E49
Episode 49

Fairy Tales for the 90's

Babs as a fairy tries to display the Fairy Tales of the 90's even if it kills her. This is a great homage to the openings of "Farctured Fairy Tales" on the classic Rocky and Bullwinkle series. Bunnochio: The Acme Toy Company is in a bit of a slump, and they call on Mr. Gepetto to make a new toy. Gepetto makes an old fashioned drumming bunny and is ostrasized by the executives. That night Gepetto wishes that his toy would come to life. Coincidently, Buster burrows his way into Gepetto's factory and Geppetto thinks that his wish had come true. The next day, Buster is displayed and tells everyone off. Everyone thinks that he is a great toy, and Buster keeps telling them that he is not a toy. This gives way into a chase scene, where Buster has the executives fall into a toy-making vat. Pretty soon, the Executive wind-up toy is the hottest toy to hit toy store and Gepetto and Buster are both reaping the rewards.

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E50
Episode 50

Who Bopped Bugs Bunny?

The Looney Tunes stars and the Tiny Toons all go to Paris for a big awards ceremony for Bugs Bunny. Everyone loves Bugs a lot, except one person, Stanley the Elephant. Daffy is mad because Bugs won an Shloscar and he didn't and painfully yearns for it. As Bugs is getting ready, Stanley sneaks into his room, takes the trophy and bops him on the head with it, all before he has to go on stage to recieve his honorary award. While Stanley did all this, a robot version of him was onstage entertaining the audience and sneaking Daffy with a fake trophy so it would seem that Daffy stole Bug's award. Daffy is found guilty of stealing Bug's scloscar and is thrown in jail. While Plucky and Hamton try unsuccessfully to break Daffy out by being ninjas, Buster and Babs investigate the mysterious circumstances of Bug's disappearance. They even ask Sappy Stanley, who has a clean alibi, but Buster and Babs know better. So they go around in trench coats and hats and pester Stanley everywhere he goes. The

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E51
Episode 51

Tiny Toon Music Television

The Tiny Toons do an MTV-style episode with their own laugh-filled videos. They even have Julie Brown doing a cartton version of her show as she waits for Buster, Babs and Madonna (Uh, That's Fuddonna).Istanbul, not Constantinople: (Performed by They Might Be Giants) In this video, a king's green duck statue gets stolen by thieves and he hires Plucky and Hamton to help get it back. The king's reward: his shrouded daughter. This sets Plucky off to find the thieves and the statue. When they do get it back, the king offers his daughter, who just happen to be ELMYRA! She knocks the Statue out of Plucky's hands and it breaks. Now the king has a new duck statue- Plucky!

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E52
Episode 52

The Return to the Acme Acres Zone

Another Zone show, and this time, Babs gets in the act. Real Kids Don't Eat Broccoli: Buster is a futuristic private detective who is hired to find a pretty lady's androids. This search leads him to a club where he is met by thre pretty lady and her friends. It turns out that all of the kids are eating broccoli and Buster uncovers them as the missing droids. He destroys them with a computer virus and takes the droids back to the real lady. When asked how he knew about the droids in disguise, Buster replies "Real kids don't eat broccoli".

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E53
Episode 53

The Acme Home Shopping Show

Buster and Babs host a home shopping network styled show and features a lot of shorts. Oh, For Art's Sake: Plucky needs an art project done, and so he resorts to pausing all of the action of a dog and cat fight with his VCR remote and submitting it as artwork. He become very popular and opens his own gallary featuring paused-action cat and dogs. Buster discovers the remote and brings all of the fighting animals to life right in the middle of the gallery! Then, Plucky is given his just desserts when he is put in a painting with fighting cats and dogs.

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E54
Episode 54

Weirdest Story Ever Told

Buster and Babs have fun at the Acme Looniversity Library, where they have to face the wrath of loud librarian Foghorn Leghorn. Robin Hare: This rendition of "Robin Hood" features Buster and his merry men fighting the Sheriff of Naughty Ham (Montana Max) to get the money back to the poor.

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E55
Episode 55

Viewer Mail Day

Buster and Babs answer mail from faithful viewers. Pluck of the Irish: Plukcy and Hamton spend the night in an Irish castle to get rid of a sad Banshee.

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E56
Episode 56

Son of the Wacko World of Sports

The Wacko World of Sports strikes again! Buster at the Bat: This episode is a parody of the famous "Casey at the Bat" poem with a twist ending. Buster makes a home run at the end of the game.

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E57
Episode 57

Pollution Solution

The Good Fairy Babs hosts today's show, but is faced with garbades and pollution. She tries to use her magic, but Buster tells her that magic won't solve this one, and gives her a trash bag. As they spend the episode cleaning up Acme Acres, Babs presents three shorts about the environment. No Deposit No Return of the Trash Bad Dispenser: Plucky is enjoying a nice dip in his pond when he is pelted by cans thrown by Elmyra. He then turns into the Trash Bag Dispenser and teaches her a thing of two about how to recycle, if she can only keep her hands off him long enough.

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E58
Episode 58

You Asked for It Again

Buster and Babs put together another viewer request show, and an ant keeps pestering them about showing an ant cartoon. Buster's Guide to Goofing Off: Buster gives us steps on how to goof off when there's work to be done. He learns it the hard way when he does his project at the last minute, and blows up the science fair gallery. Buster wins a prize for the first project needed to be done over and the gang is mad at him for ruining their projects with his volcano.

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E59
Episode 59

Brave Tales of Real Rabbits

Babs hosts a humorous parody of the famous "Masterpiece Theatre" when she tell about famous rabbits in history.

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E60
Episode 60

How Sweetie It Is

Buster and Babs get ready to host another show, until Sweetie comes up and tells them that she wants an episode of her own too. Egged-On Eagle: The stork brings the American Bald Eagle an egg, but the Bald Eagle is not married and has to deal with being a single parent. The egg Hatches and out pops Sweetie and they instantly clash on their methods of doing things.

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E61
Episode 61

New Character Day

Buster and Babs are casting new characters for Tiny Toon Adventures. The Roches: A band of singing roaches, The Roches, play a successful show in Hamton's house. Hamton hates bugs and tries to kill them, but Maggie stands up for herself and confronts him about the evils of bug prejudice. Hamton then changes his mind about killing bugs and wants to join the band, and they get scared away!

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E62
Episode 62

Here's Hamton

It's all about Hamton today. These introductions are inspired by the classic Tv shows That Girl, The Fugitive, and The Dick Van Dyke Show, complete with ottoman trips. Milk, It Makes a Body Spout: Buster and Plukcy try to prove who is the funniest when they try to make Hamton laugh. Hamton was busy thinking of a math problem, and makes Plucky and Buster laugh when he trips.

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E63
Episode 63

No Toon is an Island

This episode teaches a valuable lesson about jealousy, one the cast will never forget. It all begins on the beach where the gang are ostrasized because they have no money, and they come across a bottle with an old treasure map inside it. Buster, Babs, Plucky and Hamton sail off to Booty Island where the treasure is, and are met with a warning from a pirate about the "green-eyed monster". They are scared witless when they happen to see something with green-eyes lurking on the island, but it turns out to be a silly-looking X bird. They eventually find the treasure and they almost destroy themselves because they just cannot share. The X-Bird steals the treasure and puts it in its nest which is on top of a volcano. The volcano erupts and the foursome rush to get off the island with the treasure and the bird. As the foursome sail out to sea, the boat is slowly sinking and they realize that the treasure is weighing the boat down. Buster, Babs, Plucky and Hamton have no choice but to throw th

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E64
Episode 64


Buster and Babs take over this episode and provide spoofs of popular TV shows of the day. This episode even paid tribute to all of the animators that created them and even Steven Spielburg makes a cameo appearance.

Tiny Toon Adventures S1E65
Episode 65

High Toon

Buster and Babs head off to Acmeland, but a wrong turn takes them to a town that is terrorized by a posse of outlaw Coyotes. They get Plucky and Hamton to join them and, with the help of the entire town, bring the coyotes to justice. This episode ends the first season with a great send-off inspired by the old Roy Rogers series.

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