Touched by an Angel

Touched by an Angel

Touched by an Angel - Season 9 Episodes

Touched by an Angel S9E1
Episode 1

A Rock and a Hard Place

An asteroid is headed for Earth and the angels must prevent mass destruction, on the ninth-season premiere of "Touched by an Angel."

Touched by an Angel S9E2
Episode 2

The Sixteenth Minute

The angels step in when an act of heroism brings a man fleeting fame and he struggles to remain true to himself.

Touched by an Angel S9E3
Episode 3

Two Sides to Every Angel

On their day off, Monica and Gloria hit the road in Tess's Cadillac, looking to "bond". Gloria realizes that while she is a unique and distinctive angel, so is Monica, and as a result they don't always see eye to eye. So the two of them go off together to try to find some common ground. They eventually come upon a rustic cafe, where they meet Doug and Kristie, a young married couple who are about to celebrate their six month anniversary. As they sit and enjoy their coffee, they are interrupted by Sally, the cafe's owner, who says that there is a phone call for Monica. Puzzled, Monica walks down the hall to the phone. But she reappears almost immediately, handing Gloria Tess's car keys, and getting into the car. Gloria is so overjoyed to be given the responsibility, that she doesn't notice that something isn't quite right, that Monica is a little to eager to hand the car over, that maybe this isn't Monica, it's Monique, a demon disguised as an angel. But Gloria doesn't know about

Touched by an Angel S9E4
Episode 4

The Word

The angels intercede when a father-daughter relationship becomes challenged by the daughter's obssessive compulsive disorder.

Touched by an Angel S9E5
Episode 5

A Feather on the Breath of God

Lorena Watkins is dying. She has an inoperable brain tumor, and only a matter of days left to live. As though this weren't troubling enough, she also has a twelve year old daughter, Grace, and no family left to take her in. But what she does have, is a strong faith, and a sense of hope. She walks the labyrinth of a local church every day, taking that spiritual journey that will bring her and her prayers closer to God. And it has worked, because the angels are there and watching her unseen. They are going to help her find a place for Grace, just as her faith has found her a place in heaven. Lorena doesn't know that help is on the way though, she plans to contact social services and put Grace up for adoption, something that she expects will turn out okay. Lorena herself was adopted and loved her new parents dearly. But she has one card she'd like to play first, and it's a grim one. Sidney Alcott works with the dead. He runs a funeral parlor, and though he excels in his job, he

Touched by an Angel S9E6
Episode 6


The angels help a suicidal teen, who lost a friend to suicide, and an embittered radio shock jock.

Touched by an Angel S9E7
Episode 7

Bring On the Rain

Natalie Tate is trying to keep her life in very neat catagories. She wants to go to Yale, she wants to be like her friends, and she doesn't want anyone to know that she lives in a trailer with her mother, Annie, on the other hand thinks her daughter is; smart, studious, polite, and completely honest. And what Annie doesn't know will hurt her. Ever since they moved to town, Natalie has been passing herself as wealthy. She tells her friends and pretty much anyone who asks, that her mother is in Paris on business. But apart from these deceptions, she is trying hard to make something of her life. She is building a realtionship with her boyfriend, Ben, and she is taking the SAT's as often as she can in an effort to earn a scholarship. Annie, menwhile, is trying her hardest just to keep the two of them afloat. She works as a cocktail waitress at a trashy bar. She also plans to start selling cosmetics door-to-door in an effort to help her daughter along ti a brighter future. She is

Touched by an Angel S9E8
Episode 8

Remembering Me (1)

The angels help a man too consumed with his business to help his ailing mother. Tess shows early signs of Alzheimer's Disease.

Touched by an Angel S9E9
Episode 9

Remembering Me (2)

In the town of Joseph Wells, Kevin Greeley plays catch with his foster son, Nathan. He has been Nathan's guardian for seven years, and is in high spirits, because today, the adoption will be finalized.

Touched by an Angel S9E10
Episode 10

The Christmas Watch

It's Christmas Eve and all through the shop, a party is waiting for the workday to stop. The angels have come to lend joy and aid, to the little old watch shop that's starting to fade.

Touched by an Angel S9E11
Episode 11

Private Eyes

The angels help a lonely man who doesn't want to return a runaway girl to her father.

Touched by an Angel S9E12
Episode 12

The Root of All Evil

There are only a few hours left for the angels to infiltrate two sides of a heist that will go horribly wrong, Monica is not on the case, and so the angels must enlist the help of Adam, one of the angels of death. He and Andrew must insinuate themselves into the plans of two brothers on opposite sides of the law. Adam must partner himself with Mike, the edgier of the two. Filling in for one of Mike's associates, Adam must accompany him on what is essentially an arms deal in order to gain his trust. Meanwhile, Andrew is beginning his first day as an armored car guard. He set to be riding with the other brother, Pete, much to his surprise. On the other end of town, Gloria is assigned to help someone desperately in need of God's guidance, Father Madden, a priest. Gloria doesn't know what it is that he needs, or how to convince her that she's not a raving lunatic with a delusions of angelic granduer. What she does know, is that Father Madden needs to be where he is, in the lobby of

Touched by an Angel S9E13
Episode 13

A Time for Every Purpose

The Kellerman's are the perfect American family: they're business owners, proud parents, and they have a strong marriage. but life is about to turn less than ideal for Rob and Courtney and their son Sam. While working on pieces of their furniture and skipping stones with his son, Rob begins to notice a loss of strength in his hand. He can't get a solid grip without his hand quivering. At first he thinks it's nothing, but when the symptoms persist, he and Courtney decide to consult a specialist. It seems that their fears are not unfounded; Rob has ALS, more commomly known as Lou Gehrig's disease. As Rob and Courtney struggle to adjust to the changes in their life, Monica who was hired to set up their computers , takes a more active role in their life. She helps out where she can, and tries to get them used to the fact that Rob won't be around forever. She encourages him to cherish the time he has left and to involve himself in his son's life while he still can. Rob though not t

Touched by an Angel S9E14
Episode 14

And A Nightingale Sang

Snow falls, blanketing the streets and alleyways with a thick layer of impassible white. The throughways clog up and the hills ice over, and on what's supposed to be one of the busiest nights in the restaurant business, the Ritz Restaurante is virtually empty. With an overstocked kitchen of swordfish fillets and prime rib, Marty and Tricia, co-owners of the charming bistro, are having a less than stellar Valentine's Day. They've been married for ten years, and have put off starting a family until they were financially secure. At least they've never had to worry about filling the tables on February 14th, not until this year anyway. The place is not completley empty though, Andrew is here, as are Monica and Gloria. Andrew sits at a table by himself, enjoying the atmosphere, while his angelic cohorts have been hired on to help with the "busiest" night of the year. In truth, there is little for them to do. But the angels aren't the only souls to brave the weather. Riley is here wi

Touched by an Angel S9E15
Episode 15

As It Is In Heaven

The angels help a lost angel find her way back to heaven when she gets stuck on earth.

Touched by an Angel S9E16
Episode 16

Song For My Father

Sarah Dardenne is front-woman of an up and coming band called "The Jane Factor." She is also a 17 year-old who is at odds with her father about her music, her cigarette smoking, and the prospect of college. It's bad enough that he calls her music "trash", but he is also is the music teacher at school. Either at home or in class, she must endure his lectures and his disapproval. The final straw comes when Richard forbids Sarah and her friends from practicing their songs in his garage. Luckily, the new neighbor across the street, Tess is a music lover and her house comes complete with a sound proofed. This is a small miracle, considering that the house was only on the market for an hour. But with Andrew as her real estate agent, and the fact that he works with her mother, Paula, at Wonderland Realty, all the pieces are in place for a garage band on the rise. Especially since Sarah's boyfriend, Ty, has set up a gig for them at the Retro Club, where local DJ legend, Bumper Doorman,

Touched by an Angel S9E17
Episode 17

The Good Earth

The angels attempt to fulfill a dying inventor's dream of completing an energy-saving invention.

Touched by an Angel S9E18
Episode 18

Virtual Reality

The angels lend guidance to a troubled teen obsssed with a violent video game.

Touched by an Angel S9E19
Episode 19

The Show Must Not Go On

There's a lot to be said for a theater founded solely to celebrate children, but there is more to be said about a theater that, after 50 years, leases to do so. This is the case for the Egyptian Theater, a little community playhouse, that has aged with it's owner, Ben Horner. As the neighborhood grew dirtier and more dangerous, Ben grew more jaded. He began to view the children of the community as the enemy, and now his little theater is in shambles; frequently tagged by grafitti and filled with self-important, part-time thespians. This is how things stand when the angels arrive with a camera tot document the 50th anniversary of the Egyptian. Never one to mince words, Tess almost immediately confronts Ben, revealing herself as an angel and pointing him back in the direction of his roots. She wants him to write a new song for the 50th anniversary show, something to set the tone for the next 50 years. Ben is inspired. He can already hear the song, and excitedly tells Wally, his

Touched by an Angel S9E20
Episode 20

At the End of the Aisle

Monica, Andrew and Tess are cordially invited to witness the joinging of Audrey Carmichael and Scott Morgan in holy, matrimony... or not so holt matrimony. While Audrey has been blessed with angelic visitations and knows for a fact that God exists and loves her dearly, she has no qualms about marrying a man who does not share her faith. In fact, Scott not only doubts the existence of God and angels, but he scorns the beliefs of those who do. Still, Audrey loves him and his son, and wants to be a part of their family. Scott is after all a good man, a good father. The difference between their beliefs would be a monir problem, if not for Audrey's promise to preach the word and testify to God's love. It is that promise, which has allowed her to pull herself together and get on with her life after her son Petey died. But now, she is so eager to get on with her life, that she is ignoring who she is, and what she know is true. When Monica discovers this, she begins to have doubts abou

Touched by an Angel S9E21
Episode 21

I Will Walk With You (1)

Monica is up for a career review and possible promotion as she embarks upon what will become her very last and most challenging mission.

Touched by an Angel S9E22
Episode 22

I Will Walk With You (2)

As the uproar increases, Wayne whisks Zack off to the jail to protect him from the frenzied crowd and to ask him some questions. Unfortunately Zack's answers are less than satisfactory and not entirely forthcoming. He is, quite simply, a drifter, and as such he has no way of backing up who he is or where he comes from. He does admit to being at the school on the day of the explosion, but he won't say why he was there. There is already talk of putting him on trial. Monica is dismayed, and sets to work getting Zack the best representation she can, i.e. Mike and Gloria. They are both certain that there is no case against Zack, and that even if it goes to trail, they should have no trouble getting a change of venue. They are both, however, wrong. The prosecuting attorney, Jones, is tough as nails and as twisted as a screw. He is also, according to Monica, the devil. Not onyl does he succeed in bringing the case to trial, but he also eloquently rebuffs all of the defense team's m

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