“I Feel Like I'm Watching Trigun All Over Again And This Time I Hate It.”

October 25th, 2008

The one thing I hate about anime is that the keep recycling shows over and over again. Gundam copies from the prevous series over and over again. All romance anime copy from each other. I know, I know most people who've watched enough anime already know this. I don't always have a problem with it.

For example Gundam Seed, it copies the almost exact story line from the orginal Mobile Suit Gundam ...which came out over 20 years ago. I gave it a 8, it gave me a couple of new things to keep me watching. That's what I want from a show that almost copies everything from a differnt anime. Now to a show that doesn't. For example Gundam Seed Destiny. It compies everything from Moble Suit Gundam and Gundam Seed, and does the same thing in every episode with nothing new to the story. It also goes on for another 50 episodes, I mean come on. This show was a complete waste of time. That's why I gave it a 1.

I just need to explain one of the reasons why I am giving Trinity Blood a 1. Trinity Blood is a rip off of Trigun. When Trigun came out in 1998 it was original anime. I've never seen anything like it before then. I gave it a 10, and even now it's one of the best anime I've seen, I still watch it at least once a year. Trinity Blood is just Trigun recycled eight years later. Able Nightroad is a exact copy of Vash. He acts the same and has the same past. I truly like the story of a kingdom of Vampires and humans living right beside each other. If they made a anime about that it could have been great, but instead they made it about Able aka Vash, and it turned into crap. I would recommend you skip this show and instead see what Trinity Blood copied from a classic in Trigun.

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