TV Funhouse

TV Funhouse

TV Funhouse - Season 1 Episodes

TV Funhouse S1E1
Episode 1

Western Day

Doug must wrangle up his own fun when the Anipals ditch him to head for high times south of the border to Tijuana, Chickie engages in a cock fight and gets pecked to a bloody pulp, the Anipals head to a Mexican Bordello, and Mr. Whiskers' sister has kittens, one of them is a puppy. Also Doug tries to guess what Terrance the snake ate. Cartoons: (1.) ""Wonderman"" a spoof of Superman which features a superhero trying to get his alias laid. (2.) ""The Baby, the Immigrant, and the Guy on Mushrooms: Construction Site."" Plus a Mnuemonics educational film, and a ""Day in the Life of a Police Man"" educational video.

TV Funhouse S1E2
Episode 2

Hawaiian Day

Doug has to have a luau all by his lonesome while the Anipals help Chickie rescue his son from a cult.

TV Funhouse S1E3
Episode 3

Christmas Day

Doug walks into the Funhouse and is filled with christmas joy. The anipals think they could make money out of the christmas joy, so they take some joy out of doug's spine. Late, the gang use the help of Chickie's son, to turn the liquid joy into they could smoke it. After they finish smoking, the gang hits the streets, in order to sell the joy. Cartoons feature: ""Christmas with tingles"", ""Places to look for your christmas presents"" and ""The Harlem Globetrotters First Christmas"".

TV Funhouse S1E4
Episode 4

Mexicans Day

TV Funhouse S1E5
Episode 5

Caveman Day

The Anipals compare New Year's Resolutions: Hojo wants to learn how to play the saxaphone, and Fogey must resist eating his own poop. Meanwhile Doug builds a dinosaur out of baby back ribs, and Rocky the Fish takes a group of kids to visit a cookie factory. Cartoons: (1.)""Mischievous Mitchell"" a racist version of Dennis the Mennace, and (2.) ""Lost Cartoon Flashback: The Black Sabbath Show, with Doom Doom the dog."" Plus a Mnemonics educational film.

TV Funhouse S1E6
Episode 6

Safari Day

The Anipals travel to Atlantic City to visit their friend Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. Meanwhile Doug has to celebrate Safari Day all by himself and gets a horrible rash from a tropical plant, Fogey gets jealous of Triumph for stealing all the glory.

Cartoon: (1.)""Stedman"" Which features Oprah's boyfriend pretending to be an undercover spy to avoid commitment, Also a short film called ""Porn For Everyone: Silence of the G.A.M.S."" Plus Chickie gets married to a monkey hooker! To Be Continued...

TV Funhouse S1E7
Episode 7

Astronaut Day

The Anipals continue their Atlantic City mission to see Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.

TV Funhouse S1E8
Episode 8

Chinese New Year's Day

The Anipals ditch the Funhouse to enter the lucrative, glamorous world of lab animals.

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