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Ugly Betty

Ugly Betty - Season 3 Episodes

Ugly Betty - Season 3

Ugly Betty - Season 3

Start spreading the news! The fashion world's beloved but fashionably-challenged Betty is back! Besides the ups and downs of her romantic life, things are being shaken up in Betty's world. She's growing up and working her way up at work, but things might be changing more quickly than she thought!

Ugly Betty S3E1
Episode 1

The Manhattan Project

Now that Wilhelmina has reestablished herself at MODE, Daniel must make some changes due to her manipulations. Meanwhile, Betty makes an important decision regarding her life, and Ignacio gets a job at a fast food restaurant.

Ugly Betty S3E2
Episode 2

Filing for the Enemy

Wilhelmina, now preparing for her first issue as editor, puts Betty in a difficult situation when she offers her a job as her assistant. Meanwhile, Christina becomes suspicious of Stuart's true intentions, Daniel faces a custody battle to keep Daniel Jr. in the United States, and Hilda's romance with Coach Diaz reaches a new level of hotness.

Ugly Betty S3E3
Episode 3

Crimes of Fashion

Everyone at Mode is stunned when an accident occurs. Later on, Betty tries to figure out what really happened when a detective comes by with the same purpose. Meanwhile, Ignacio is shocked when he learns a truth about Hilda and Coach Diaz.

Ugly Betty S3E4
Episode 4

Betty Suarez Land

Daniel is shocked by recent family news. Meanwhile, Betty tries to apologize to Gio after he returns, but he refuses to have any of it.

Ugly Betty S3E5
Episode 5

Granny Pants

Kimmie asks Betty for help when she finds herself in need of a job. Meanwhile, Justin auditions for a Broadway musical, and Daniel signs up for a matchmaking service but finds a surprising result with regards to his match.

Ugly Betty S3E6
Episode 6

Ugly Berry

Betty has a competition with Kimmie. Ignacio decides to vote for the first time ever. Hilda takes advantage of the election traffic to be able to promote her shop. Meanwhile, Wilhelmina tries to hire a new financial officer whom Daniel hates

Ugly Betty S3E7
Episode 7


Wanting to grasp the attention of her neighbor Jesse, Betty decides to work overtime. Meanwhile, Amanda becomes Betty's roommate when the former finds herself in financial instability, and Cliff proposes that he and Marc move in together.

Ugly Betty S3E8
Episode 8

Tornado Girl

Hilda is crushed when her business permit for her hair salon is denied, so she decides to open an "underground, all-cash styling speakeasy."

Ugly Betty S3E9
Episode 9

When Betty Met YETI

Competition gets fierce when Betty and Marc both apply to YETI, the Young Editors Training Program that could be their ticket out of assistant-land... but there's only room for one of them. Meanwhile Justin makes an unlikely friend, Daniel finds himself attracted to Molly (guest star Sarah LaFleur) and Wilhelmina does her best to get Connor's (Grant Bowler) attention.

Ugly Betty S3E10
Episode 10

Bad Amanda

Betty tells freeloading Amanda she needs to chip in her share of the rent but, typically, she's just spent all her money on clothes. Betty is desperate to drum up some cash, but Mode has just eliminated overtime, due to budget cuts. They are, however, accepting pitches for Mode's new web site.

Ugly Betty S3E11
Episode 11

Dress for Success

Betty juggles work and family without much success as she struggles to impress her idol, Jodie Papadakis (guest star Bernadette Peters), the editor running YETI.

Ugly Betty S3E12
Episode 12

Sisters on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

Betty is torn between work and home in the wake of a family crisis that finds her at odds with Hilda. Meanwhile, "secret" couples Daniel & Molly and Connor & Wilhelmina try to hide their escalating love connections.

Ugly Betty S3E13
Episode 13

Kissed Off

Betty still looking for someone to sublet her apartment but is taking her time moving back home. She and Amanda interview a series of prospects, but Betty has a problem with all of them. Amanda urges her to go talk to Jesse before she moves out, so Betty tells Jesse she's moving and he insists they have a farewell drink.

Ugly Betty S3E14
Episode 14

The Courtship of Betty's Father

Under Elena's care, Ignacio is embracing his new health regimen, including brisk walks in 30-degree weather. "Papi is so happy," Betty marvels to Hilda. "I can't believe how quickly he's bounced back from his heart attack."

Ugly Betty S3E15
Episode 15

There's No Place Like Mode

Fashion Week hits town which causes problems for the staff at Mode. Betty has to split her time between working on her Yeti assignment and working with a new designer. Elsewhere, Wilhelmina has lost her way because of Connor and there's a new person working at Mode.

Ugly Betty S3E16
Episode 16

Things Fall Apart

Daniel is sick and checks into a luxury hotel where he can be babied. Molly brings him soup and he complains that he's dying. She has something serious to tell him about but changes her mind, saying it can wait.

Ugly Betty S3E17
Episode 17

Sugar Daddy

The Suarez family try to come up with the cash to buy their rental home after their landlord decides to sell, with Ignacio even entering a TV cook-off with celebrity chef Frankie Burrata (Steve Schirripa, The Sopranos). Meanwhile, the Mode staff deals with the shocking aftermath of recent events.

Ugly Betty S3E18
Episode 18

A Mother Of A Problem

Betty meets Matt's mother but things don't go as she expects. Meanwhile, Wilhelmina gets creative to solve a cash flow problem, Daniel deals with the latest wrinkle in his relationship with Molly, and the Suarez family conspire to set Hilda up with Archie , the promising city councilman from Queens.

Ugly Betty S3E19
Episode 19

The Sex Issue

Amanda is shocked to realize that Betty has been dating Matt for a month and hasn't slept with him yet. "What the hell are you waiting for?" she asks. Betty confides to Hilda that she hopes "tonight is the night" and Hilda suggests she just tell Matt she's ready. "I've never had to do that," Betty admits. "With Walter and Henry, it just kind of happened." "Some guys need more of a push," advises Hilda, who's having her own doubts about dating "good guy" Archie.

Ugly Betty S3E20
Episode 20

Rabbit Test

The Suarez family gets an invitation to meet Matt's famed billionaire dad, Calvin Hartley (guest star David Rasche), at his legendary Easter Egg hunt. While Betty sees this as a chance to get closer to Matt, Daniel seizes the opportunity to get Mode a bailout. Meanwhile Wilhelmina suspects that little William might not be her biological son.

Ugly Betty S3E21
Episode 21

The Born Identity

Archie is declaring his candidacy for borough president and he wants Hilda to be part of the television segment profiling him.

Ugly Betty S3E22
Episode 22

In the Stars

Betty, Matt and Marc come together in order to succeded in their final YETI project, a photo session with singer, Adele. Love is in the air for one lucky couple as proposals are made. Claire and Wilhelmina continue to argue.

Ugly Betty S3E23
Episode 23


The wedding issue of Mode is nominated for a Magazine and Media Association Award. The press is swarming over Claire when Wilhelmina arrives at Mode, so she takes the opportunity to rattle Claire by mentioning "Madison, South Dakota" and her "inner child."

Ugly Betty S3E24
Episode 24

The Fall Issue

The wedding issue of Mode is nominated for a Magazine and Media Association Award. The press is swarming over Claire when Wilhelmina arrives at Mode, so she takes the opportunity to rattle Claire by mentioning "Madison, South Dakota" and her "inner child."

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