Undercover Boss

Undercover Boss

Undercover Boss - Season 3 Episodes

Undercover Boss S3E1
Episode 1

Diamond Resorts International

The undercover experience is no vacation for Stephen J. Cloobeck, Chairman and CEO of Diamond Resorts International, one of the world's largest timeshare companies, as he finds himself performing a dangerous job that bursts into flames. Meanwhile, the boss also reaches his breaking point with an employee's job performance, forcing him to break his cover

Undercover Boss S3E2
Episode 2

The Dwyer Group

Dina Dwyer-Owens, Chairman and CEO of the Dwyer Group, the parent company for Mr. Rooter and other national repair brands, embarks on a grueling undercover experience where she works as a plumber, hauls water heaters, fixes ovens and works alongside a grounds crew. Meanwhile, the boss is also shocked to discover one of her franchises isn't following a company policy.

Undercover Boss S3E3
Episode 3

Kendall-Jackson Wine Estates

When the president of Kendall Jackson goes undercover, he finds out it's more difficult than it looks. And it's not all wine and roses!

Undercover Boss S3E4
Episode 4

Checkers & Rally's

Checkers and Rally's CEO Rick Silva works undercover at his burger restaurants.

Undercover Boss S3E5
Episode 5

American Seafoods

Bernt Bodal, CEO of American Seafoods, one of the largest seafood companies in the U.S., realizes that despite his past experience as a deckhand, he's not prepared to return to the back-breaking work and dangers involved in a day's work on a fishing vessel. Also, Bodal reaches his boiling point after being lowered into a piping-hot pit at a processing plant for a different undercover assignment.

Undercover Boss S3E6
Episode 6

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

Lynne Zappone, Chief Talent Officer of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, the world's second-largest fried chicken restaurant chain, is frustrated with an employee's lack of Southern charm behind the counter. Also, the Boss is brought to tears by another employee's generosity.

Undercover Boss S3E7
Episode 7

Oriental Trading Company

Sam Taylor, CEO of Oriental Trading Company, the nation's largest direct retailer of party supplies and arts and crafts, is concerned when he discovers some of his employees aren't happy. Meanwhile, the Boss causes an unintentional shutdown in his plant when he's tasked with managing the assembly line.

Undercover Boss S3E8
Episode 8

Yankee Candle

Harlan Kent, President and CEO of Yankee Candle, the leading designer, manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of premium scented candles, goes undercover where his customer service skills leave several co-workers questioning his true identity, and the Boss grows frustrated with one store's lack of curb appeal.

Undercover Boss S3E9
Episode 9

Taylormade Golf Company

Mark King, President and CEO of TaylorMade Golf Company, the largest manufacturer of golf equipment and apparel in the world, is forced to break cover when an employee grows suspicious of her new trainee and the Boss grows concerned with a disjointed structure of command at one of his factories.

Undercover Boss S3E10
Episode 10

Budget Blinds

Chad Hallock, CEO and Co-Founder of Budget Blinds, the largest window coverings franchise in North America with more than 800 franchise locations, takes it personal when two separate franchisees criticize his advertising plan, and one employee turns up the heat when she considers inviting the Boss to her hot tub after work.

Undercover Boss S3E11
Episode 11

Philly Pretzel Factory

Dan DiZio, CEO and Co-Founder of the Philly Pretzel Factory, which sells over 100 million pretzels a year throughout its 120 stores, is forced into action after one franchisee goes rogue, and the Boss is brought to tears when he realizes he let one of his franchise owners down.

Undercover Boss S3E12
Episode 12

Fastsigns International

The boss of FASTSIGNS International learns first-hand how difficult the design and manufacturing of their product can be.

Undercover Boss S3E13
Episode 13


The boss of MasTec receives an explosive surprise while heading down a manhole.

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