Undressed - Season 6 Episodes

Undressed S6E1
Episode 1

Episode 601

"Loose Lips", Written by Edmund O'Brien & Sean Carley, Directed by George Mihalka

Annette is shocked to find that she grabbed the her brother's shirt instead of her gym uniform. The shirt is so small, so when she goes to put it on, her chest really sticks out. Her two best friends, Tanya and Kate, say that people were looking differently at her during gym class because they think she is a slut. Annette likes the attention, but wants to respect her friends' opinions. As she leaves class, she meets this guy she really likes named Rick. Rick basically only noticed her today after all that has happened. He asks her on a date. She accepts, but her friends tell her it's not such a great idea. Meanwhile, Rick talks with his friend Paul that he is going to get laid tonight. Paul asks with who and Rick tells him it is Annette. Paul laughs and says she'll never do anything with him since she is a geek.


"Boy With The Hood", Written by Lee Vaillancourt, Directed by

Undressed S6E2
Episode 2

Episode 602

"Loose Lips", Written by Edmund O'Brien & Sean Carley, Directed by George Mihalka

Annette and her friends are in the lockerroom talking about Rick. Tanya notices that Annette is wearing make-up and she says make-up's only purpose is to make guys want to have sex with you. The friends leave and Annette alters her outfir so she looks more slutty. She meets Rick and tells him to come to her place tonight. Meanwhile, Tanya gets her homework from this guy named Marty; you see, she has Marty doing her homework and she tells him she will have sex with him in return. Anyway- the night comes and the three girls are talking at Annette's. Tanya reminds her not to have sex with Rick because they all made a pact they'd stay virgins together. Rick comes and the girls leave. Rick and Annette start making out, but Annette stops him saying she is still a virgin. Rick gets upset, but Annette wants him to be happy. She says, "Oh, but we can still taste the fruit because that wouldn't be like having sex."

Undressed S6E3
Episode 3

Episode 603

"Loose Lips", Written by Edmund O'Brien & Sean Carley, Directed by George Mihalka

Rick tells his friend, Paul, that Annette gave him a blow job. Marty over hears them, and tells Tania and Kate that Rick is saying she's easy (a.k.a. a slut). While delivering pizza, Rick stops by Annette's house where, he starts to get a blow job, under the covers, and that's when Tania and Kate walk in (without knocking). They asked her where is Annette. Wiping her lips, she emerges from under the blanket. Rick chuckles, and leaves, because of "his delivery" (and that he felt shame about this whole thing). Kate and Tania tells Annette, that she heard somethings said about her, and Annette doesn't care because she is tired of being the good girl. She then tells Tanya that it's the same thing of using Marty for doing her homework (earlier Marty gave Tanya a paper, that he wrote for her to turn in), how she uses the sexual force on thinking that she just might give him a once in the life time thing,

Undressed S6E4
Episode 4

Episode 604

"Loose Lips", Written by Edmund O'Brien & Sean Carley, Directed by George Mihalka

Kate, and Tania ignores Annette, after trying to make peace. She says they are still her best friends, but Tania is very stuborn about it, but Kate misses Annette. She visits Annette and her home, and Annette thinks that she will go all the way with Rick tonight. Meanwhile, Rick has been telling his friends that Annette is just shining his shoe. Rick arrives at Annette's home, and while she tries to build a relationship, he strips naked, and heads under he blankets. She is shocked when she returns, and she tells him that maybe it's time just to talk. With the ratio of sex and talking, they try to equal it, but Rick it ultimately bored. He leaves, and Rick's friend, Paul stops by. Annette is surprised when he kisses her, thinking that Annette is an easy girl. She just says she wanted to talk about Rick, and he reveals that Rick was saying that she was just shoe shining him.

"Boy With The Hood", Wr

Undressed S6E5
Episode 5

Episode 605

"Loose Lips" written by Laura Doyle, directed by George Mihalka

Annette is very upset about Rick, and Kate, and Tania decides to make Annette feel better. So they come up with a plan, to tie down Rick naked in the girls locker room, writing "Spank Me!" on this back, with an arrow leading down to his butt. The plan work, and Rick gets what he deserves. While at Annette's home, it is revealed that Tania is not a virgin, and had sex with the sleezy Paul, Rick's friend.

"Gay Oven Jane" written by Lara McKinnon, directed by Jean-Claude Lord

Jane's boyfriend, Ben has come out to Jane, saying he could be friends, but nothing more. She is devistated, and decides to wash it off. She heads to the showers, and sees her ex-boyfriend Randy. She is desperate for sex, and hits on him. That's when her other ex-boyfriend Gerald steps out. They tell her they are now a couple, and she is more devistated, Thinking whoever she goes out with is gay. Her gay friend, Stephen helps her by getting her

Undressed S6E6
Episode 6

Episode 606

"Loose Lips" written by Laura Doyle, directed by Michel Wachnluc

Rick is very uneasy about Annette, while talking about her, he feels bad, and only wants his friend's approval, Paul, because he keeps on pressuring him. Marty over hears them, again, and knows the truth! Rick really does like Annette :) Kate and Tania makes a apology card, and gives it to Annette for Rick. While at her locker, Paul, being the jerk that he is, reads, and rips Annette's card. He tells Annette that Rick doesn't like her, Rick shows up and he starts to defend himself. Shortly Kate and Tania shows, up and helps Rick, to bash (not literally) Paul.

In the end Rick goes to Annette's home, delvering a pizza, with their intials, R + A (and heart) in pepperoni.

{This segment with Rick and Annette ends, continues with Annette's friend, Sandra in episode 629.]

Gay Oven Jane written by Lara McKinnon, directed by Jean-Claude Lord

Jane tells Stephen about her horrible dream, where all guys say "fare thee well" to h

Undressed S6E7
Episode 7

Episode 607

"She Got Game" written Russ Cochrane, directed by Michel Wachnluc

Beth is jealous when Michelle competes with her (on the same team) on a basketball team. Beth's friend, Jeannie, finds out what is Michelle's energy boost, and it's sex. Jeannie, pressures her to have sex in order to be #1, and she decides to have sex with the school's mascot, Dominick.

"Gay Oven Jane" written by Laura Doyle, directed by Jean-Claude Lord

Jane is still not convinced that Matt is not gay, and her 2 ex-boyfriends, as well as Stephen, do a little intervention. She fakes it, thinking that Matt is not gay. While making out with Matt, she blurts out stuff like, "every guy I sleep turns out gay."

"Not So-Quick Fix" written by Lara McKinnon, directed by George Mihalka

Lana teaches Kelli to be sexy (very funny, when Kelli tries to hard) to impress Mario, but he is still stuck on Lana. Even though Lana doesn't want him, but he doesn't know that.

Undressed S6E8
Episode 8

Episode 608

"She Got Game" written Russ Cochrane, directed by Michel Wachnluc

Beth has sex with Dominick right before the basketball game, and loves it, twice. While on court, she sucks because she is worn out. Thinking that Dominick might be attached, she lets him go because she has to be faithful to Kurt, her boyfriend, but he doesn't care. It was just sex. Beth confronts Michelle's ritual, and asks her how can she do it with all the energy after sex. Beth figures it out... Michelle doesn't climax. With all the build up inside her, it makes her hyped. Ah... So that's the secret.

"Gay Oven Jane" written by Laura Doyle, directed by Jean-Claude Lord

Jane is still paranoid, and she still talks to Stephen and he finds this ritual from a book. He performs it, and to it "works." But Jane is skeptical about it, and still thinks that Matt is gay. She goes to the bathroom, where she sees Stephen, and he explains that the ritual was fake, and that maybe she dates gay guys because she doesn't want

Undressed S6E9
Episode 9

Episode 609

"She Got Game" written by Russ Cochrane, directed by Adam Weissman

It looks like Dominick is stuck on Beth, and before a game, they have sex, and they get to the point, where both of them don't cum. But Beth is all charged up, and hits the court, where she is compared to Michelle. In the end, Dominick sees Beth, asking if they are going to finish what they started meaning, he wants to cum.

"Annie and Frannie" written by Swith Bell, directed by Jean-Claude Lord

Annie has it going great with her current boyfriend, Jonah, but he wants more, and Annie doesn't want to give him anymore... yet. Annie's childhood friend, Frannie returns in what Annie thinks is a vist. Also, It's revealed that Annie and Frannie used to experiment when they were younger. Annie backs off, and tells her Frannie that she doesn't do that stuff anymore (meaning she is not a lesbian). Frannie then leaves, making Annie surprise when she tells her that she transfered there.

"Bits and Pieces" written by Sean Carley,

Undressed S6E10
Episode 10

Episode 610

"She Got Game" written by Russ Cochrane, directed by Adam Weissman

Beth and Dominick is about to have sex, when her boyfriend Kurt, shows up for what seems to be the final game. Dominick hides, and Kurt goes to the gym, to find a good seat. Beth and Dominick proceeds to have sex, and she and he came, Making Dominick wonder, because she wasn't suppose to cum. He then reminds her about the game, that she completely forgets. She runs to the game, and they win. After the game, Kurt sees her, and she is feels uneasy about it. He tells her that he knows that she has been seeing someone else, and they break up. Dominick then sees her in the locker room, (presumably the next day) where they hook up, and of course, have sex in the locker room.

[This saga ends.]

"Annie and Frannie" written by Swith Bell, directed by Jean-Claude Lord

Frannie finds little ways to tease Annie in front of her friends, and Annie quickly reacts and is scared. When he boyfriend comes to see her, she quickly goe

Undressed S6E11
Episode 11

Episode 611

"Bits and Pieces" written by Sean Carley, directed by George Mihalka

Armed with a gong, Alex proceeds to hit on Justin, and they end up having sex. She then questions him about sleeping with girls, completly turning him off, and tells Alex to see straight guys, and asks Alex to leave. Alex leaves, but runs into Chris, where she hits on him, and he hits on her back. A date is set for tomorrow night.

"The Professional Break-Up Artist" written by Russ Cochrane, directed by Jean-Claude Lord

Julie's boyfriend Ryan, wants to break up with her, but while in the process, kissing ends up leading up to sex, and Nug, Ryan's friend comes over, after they are done. Julie then leaves, and Nug reminds him that he was suppose to break up with her and not have sex with her. He tells Nug that he was going to do it right after, but Nug quickly stops him because if he did it right after sex, he will be the girls enemy #1.

"Annie and Frannie" written by Swith Bell, directed by Adam Weissman

Annie deci

Undressed S6E12
Episode 12

Episode 612

"Bits and Pieces" written by Sean Carley, directed by George Mihalka

Alex skips the date with Chris, and heads for Chris' room for sex. Justin is surprised that she choose him, after having a list of guys, who he thought would be perfect for her. After sex, Alex tells Chris that it was the best intense orgasm she has, and Justin is sick of it. Before they could go for another round, Justin stops them. They figure out that just maybe, they could all go out, after Justin explains he fallen for Alex. Justin then comes up with a plan that they could share her, Justin has Alex in the day (all the talking), While Chris has Alex at night (all the sex). They retreat to the living room, thinking of that situation, but figues out it is just to weird, and they all decide that they can't do this. Justin kisses Alex goodbye, then Chris kisses Alex goodbye. Then Chris looks at Justin, and kissed him in confusion. With all of this happening, Alex decides to leave; The guys then talk about sha

Undressed S6E13
Episode 13

Episode 613

"Chloe Cam" written by Lara McKinnon, directed by Michel Wachnluc

Chloe wants to get the final A grade in her class, because the teacher only gives one A. The project this year is to make a website on somewhat, and whoever has the most hits gets the A, but Chloe is threatened when another student, Chet, makes a better site, and competes with her.

"Bits and Pieces" written by Sean Carley, directed by George Mihalka

Chris brings home a hot girl, and sees Justin and Alex talking about the threesome relationship. He then "forces" the girl to leave, saying he wasn't feeling well, and turns back to them. He knows it's wrong, but he just feels that it is just right. They then try it for the first time, and Justin and Alex talks a lot, making Chris even hornier because he has to wait. Justin starts massaging Alex, and Alex is all ready for Chris. Chris and her proceeds to have hot, great, LOUD, sex like before, and Justin decides to do laundry. He meets up with Alex's roommate Trish, an

Undressed S6E14
Episode 14

Episode 614

"Chloe Cam" written by Lara McKinnon, directed by Michel Wachnluc

Holly gives Chloe a massage while she is on her site. Thinking that it's some kind of sex site, it scores a lot of hits. Chet breaks it up and announces that he doesn't want to see this because, what if some guy sees it. Chloe is surprised to see that Chet shows some feelings for her.

"The Professional Break-Up Artist" written by Russ Cochrane, directed by George Mihalka

Ryan wants to call off with the whole break up with Julie, but Dane shows him the contract he signs. They leave and Julie finds the contract. When Dane comes over for tutoring, She tells him about her problem and shows him the contract. Shee then turns to him as a rebound, but he tells her no.

"Bits and Pieces" written by Sean Carley, directed by Jean-Claude Lord

Justin finally brings a guy home, Buck, and Alex gets jealous, and interrupts them constantly, making him leave. They decide to end their threesome relationship. Alex and Chris are still

Undressed S6E15
Episode 15

Episode 615

"Animal Love" written by Erin Ploss, directed by Jean-Claude Lord

Dressed as a Panda, Murray, tries to hurry in the elevator to hide from neighbors. He is only to be caught by a hot new neighbor, Brianne, who seems interested in him calling him names like "Panda Boy." She invites him to come over her place, and a few minutes after, he arrives at her place. She treats Murray like a real Panda, and gives him Bamboo (or Bamboo Shoots, to be exact). He is then shocked to realized she has a animal fetish. He then is forced to leave, when he uses the word fix, and in her world with the stuff animals, they don't like the word fix.

"Chloe Cam" written by Lara McKinnon, directed by George Mihalka

Chloe gets even with Chet, when she decides to go with the sex site, and Chet stops her, saying still that he feels uncomfortable seeing that other guys could watch it. They make up, he confesses his love for her, and they start to make out on her desk, accidentally turning the webcam on. Her hi

Undressed S6E16
Episode 16

Episode 616

"Chloe Cam" written by Lara McKinnon, directed by George Mihalka

Chloe is very depressed about what happened. She tells Chet sorry, VIA webcam. She is worried when her hits doesn't have any hits, and she finds out that Holly's boyfriend, Griffin (whose name is finally mentioned) made a site merging Chloe's sexy study site, and Chet's gambling site. Chet goes to Chloe, they make up, starts to have sex, and they presumably go out.

[This segment ends]

"Horse Hung Harry" written by Edmund O'Brien, directed by Michel Wachnluc

Kevin is worried about his size, because he is very hung. His friend Harry, tries to help him, and signs both of them up for a improv act, who Dana, and Jillian is in charge of. While rehearsing, Dana, gets to close and he starts to freak out, because all the girls who he showed it too, they ran away. Harry then invites the two girls, to a pool party and his home.

"Animal Love" written by Erin Ploss, directed by Jean-Claude Lord

Murray finds out that Brianne has

Undressed S6E17
Episode 17

Episode 617

"There's Always Room For Jealousy" written by Swith Bell, directed by Michel Beriault

Becca makes Max jealous, after flirting with Clint. He then makes her feel bad, when he starts to use the internet right after they have sex.

"Horse Hung Harry" written by Edmund O'Brien, directed by Jack Hackel

Harry shows and discuss hung like a horse cock to Kevin, and Kevin comes up with the idea to wear three bathing suits in one, to cover up his manhood. Harry agrees, and Kevin tells him to pratice every stroke he knows, so it makes him comfortable, as well as if they could see the big bulge. While praticing his back stroke, the girls come, and he accidentally falls of the couch. After swimming, they decide to do a little improv, and well, Jillian tells Harry to be a drunk driver while, Dana is using her hands as Harrys' (If you seen Whose Line Is It Any Way?, then you'll know what I'm talking about.), and Jillian makes a remark how Harry can't find his keys. Harry is shocked, knowing that

Undressed S6E18
Episode 18

Episode 618

"Horse Hung Harry" written by Edmund O'Brien, directed by ??

Dana tells Jillian that Harry is huge, and Kevin overhears them. He tells Harry that Dana is willing to try it out, but it's not his package that is stopping him, it's is confidence. So they head back to Dana and Jillian where they are having some discussion on fruit and vegetables. Dana tells Harry that she knows how big he is, and Harry relieved. Harry tells Dana that he makes this raddish look like a pickle, and she gets really nervous and leaves.

"Animal Love" written by Erin Ploss, directed by ??

Saddie, Murray's roommate puts down Brianne after seeing her, telling that Murray is a good guy, and that she should atleast give it a try, since he did the whole furvert thing for her. Murray is surprised to see Brianne wearing latex underwear after showing up at his apartment. She then gives him a pair of latex underwear saying it's only fair. They had back to her apartment, where she puts on the squirel tail and ears.

Undressed S6E19
Episode 19

Episode 619

"Horse Hung Harry" written by Edmund O'Brien, directed by Jack Hackel

Hanging out in what is presumably Harry's basement, Kevin decides to help Harry and Dana, explaining to them to rehearse a scene featuring them being tool men. They then rehearse the scene saying that Harry has a big jack hammer, and Dana explains that she wants to use it even though she is afraid. This works, and Jillian doesn't know what the fuck they are talking or rehearsing about. Kevin pulls Jillian upstairs, and Harry shows his horse hung penis to Dana, where she is very surprised. She tells him that it is probably not possible to have it fit in her vagina, and he starts to tell her about the whole thing about being so big, and wants to probably break up with him. She stops him and decides they could do it within their outer layer, which either means, they will not be able to put inside, or they just eat/blow/finger/suck/jerk (or which ever term you want to use) each other. They then up exausted next to

Undressed S6E20
Episode 20

Episode 620

"There's Always Room For Jealousy" written by Swith Bell, directed by George Mihalka

Becca pushes on with sleeping with Kylie, but does it in way she thinks they went all the way but didn't. Becca asks Kylie to shave her pubic hair, in which she does. Max walks in seeing that he found the love letter that Kylie gave to Becca. He starts to leave, but Becca quickly asks him to join them. The three of them aren't getting any where in the shower, and Kylie leaves. The truth comes out. Kylie calls Becca a bad kisser and leaves. Max then comes out of the shower, and is upset on what Becca did, using Kylie to make him jealous. He calls her shallow (in a stupid way) and they break up.

[This segment ends]

"Possession Of The Muse" written by Lee Vaillancourt, directed by Michel Beriault

Shane and Kelli has sex, and right after, he tells that Nomi really helped him, and she takes it as they slept with each other which they didn't. He then explains that Nomi justs inspires him, and Kelli

Undressed S6E21
Episode 21

Episode 621

"Miranda Rules" written by Russ Cochrane, directed by Jimmy Kaufman

Kyle is a jocky hockey guy, and he one of the best players around. So when he returns to his dorm, he wants a break, and looks at his girlfriend for a quickie. Aurora, Kyle's girlfriend, tells him no, saying that she wants to take things slow, and have it in a romantic way, as in the school paper, by a writer named "Miranda" gives relationship tips to. He then leaves, and Editor of the school paper, Beth, pesters him about needing his sports article. Dexter, one of Kyle's friend, asks Beth, who is this Miranda girl, because it's pestering every guys life, who just want sex. Beth brushes off his warning, and she gives Kyle the keys to her office so that he could turn in the sports page later at night. Dexter than have a wicked idea, to find out who's this Miranda girl is. They break in, and they start to look around. But Beth, and he sidekick, Stacey, enters the room. Beth notices the Dexter hiding, and scolds

Undressed S6E22
Episode 22

Episode 622

"Possession Of The Muse" written Lee Vaillancourt, directed by George Mihalka

Kelli bosses Lana around, and Lana reveals that she actually did everything for him. Choose his clothes, food, cut his mean, etc... But Shane is having trouble with his music, and he hangs out with Nomi for inspiration. But it doesn't work, and he reveals that it was Kelli all along. He then goes back to her, where Lana is trying to help her by not being so controling. He tells her that it was her all along, and they go back to each other, where they end up in bed. He asks her if she wants to be on top again, but she tells him it's up to him. He then remembers the letter that the record company sent him after Nomi sent them a demo, and Kelli starts to boss him on how to open it. He decides that they could open it together.

[This segment ends.]

"Tangled Beards" written Lisa Branch, directed by Jean-Claude Lord

Angie is really uncomfortable acting straight in school, but it goes well, when the guys, and

Undressed S6E23
Episode 23

Episode 623

"Ticket To Ride" written by Lisa Branch, directed by George Mihalka

Jasmine is inventing a new spray so your underwear doesn't go up your ass. Jasmine and Darryl starts to make out, and Darryl's girlfriend, Madeline, comes home. They are worried but, they trick her. She then reveals that she will get deported because her student visa expired. Madeline wants Darryl to marry her.

"Tangled Beards" written Lisa Branch, directed by Jean-Claude Lord

Angie is really fed up on being in the closet, and she is now attached to Brian by the wrist. The same goes with Henry and Talia. Angie is surprised that Henry is okay with kissing Talia, but Brian reveals that Henry is just fantasizing about Brian. The guys pull the girls in the equipment room, and they start to make out. They wonder why the girls aren't making out, and finds out that they are fighting. Angie and Talia argue and Angie swings her hand out, accidentally hitting Henry. They then all have a talk and the three (except Angie

Undressed S6E24
Episode 24

Episode 624

"Ticket To Ride" written Lisa Branch, directed by George Mihalka

Kyle tells Jasmine that Madeline's parents will give her and her husband $25,000. Jasmine seizes the day, and convinces her boyfriend, Seth, to marry her. With a twisted way, Kyle and Jasmine uses both of their partners for the new product they think they will make millons for.

"Tangled Beards" written Lisa Branch, directed by Jean-Claude Lord

Angie finally gives Jendy her story piece, and Talia is paranoid that Angie outted her. Jendy prints the story, and Brian tells Henry that they should come out. Both of them decides to come out also, and they leave Talia all alone. Talia doesn't want to come out because it's a straight world, and you could easily get crushed. Angie is disapointed, but Henry and Brian tells her that she doesn't need to worry because she has them.

[This segment ends.]

"Miranda Rules" written by Russ Cochrane, directed by Jimmy Kaufman

Stacey pushes this Miranda thing to far, and she becomes Mira

Undressed S6E25
Episode 25

Episode 625

"Miranda Rules" written by Russ Cochrane, directed by Jimmy Kaufman

The interviewer named Gavin is here to interview Miranda, but Stacey goes against Kyle's wishes, and doesn't follow his hand signals on what they practiced yesterday. Stacey (Miranda rather) kisses Gavin, using the control of the bottom lip. He then leaves, and Kyle confronts her that she wasn't even taking his hand singals. He then tells her that she even had the kiss wrong. She then blurts out, Why don't you show me. He does, and they start to make out on the couch of the newspaper room. They then have sex, and Kyle calls Stacey Miranda, and she leaves.

"Ticket To Ride" written by Lisa Branch, directed by George Mihalka

Jasmine and Daryl forces Seth and Madeliene to sleep together (not have sex), and they reveal a little too personal sides to each other, and they start to have a little sexual tension between them. They are both unaware what is happening outside, with each others partners, Daryl and Jasmine, in

Undressed S6E26
Episode 26

Episode 626

"Ticket To Ride" written by Lisa Branch, directed by George Mihalka

Madeliene finds out about Jasmine's invention, and thinks it's neat. Seth tells Madeliene that he can't accept the money, but she insits. He doesn't accept it, and tells Jasmine about it. Jasmine pushs Seth to take the money. In the midst of the night, Seth catches Daryl in Jasmine's bed, and tells Madeliene about it, and they decide to trick them, by telling Daryl and Jasmine about their love that they fell for while doing this. Madeliene and Seth leaves with suit cases, and Daryl tells Jasmine at least they could be together, but she reveals that he was just a fling. Seth who gives Madeliene her suit case, in which he faked by holding hers. He then decides joins her, and they both leave for London.

[This segment ends]

"Boys On The Side" written by Lisa Branch, directed by Jean-Claude Lord

Amy and Jodi practices their kiss scene while, Sam (who has no speaking lines) and the guys watches them. They really get t

Undressed S6E27
Episode 27

Episode 627

"Mean Freddy" written by Sean Carley, directed by Jim Donovan

Barry and his friend name Darla are new workers at Mundo Mondo, Where Kelli seems to be the Head Supervisor. It's the perfect vaction for work, sex, and no rules. Darla sees this guy in glasses, but it's doesn't tickle Barry. Barry then bumps to his high school tormentor, Fred, the all around high school jock who didn't know better. Fred and Barry are paired to set up the beds. Barry tries to hide his face with the sheets but Fred wins over the "tugging." Fred tells Barry that he looks familiar and grabs him almost by the collar. Barry feels that worse, thinking that Fred remembered the old high school days, but the unthinkable happens. Fred kisses him, and Barry is confused, was Fred messing with him, or are these actions from his repressed memories from homosexuallity from high school that he had to keep secret? Barry freaks, and tries to get away, but Fred undresses and temps Barry which he accepts. In their und

Undressed S6E28
Episode 28

Episode 628

"Spies Like Russ" written by Russ Cochrane, directed by Michel Beriault

Aaron convinces Russ to sneak into Yolanda's room to get the disc with the test answers, but he is caught. She asks him why he is in her room, and he announces that he has a crush on her. This baffels her, and she lets him leave. But just before he goes out the door. She kisses him, and he leaves. In the previous episode, it is explained that Yolanda puts school, work, and her career first. She doens't have time for love, and is shocked when someone likes her. That's why she lets him off easy. Russ tells Aaron about it, and he is shocked, that Yolanda kissed him. Russ wants to call it quits, but Aaron says that he has a good thing going on here. It makes Russ closer to get the disc.

"Boys On The Side" written by Lisa Branch, directed by Jean-Claude Lord

Their is a final rehearse before the huge play and Amy tries to bring out Jodi's lesbian side. It doesn't work, and Sam, the director who knows whats bee

Undressed S6E29
Episode 29

Episode 629

"Spies Like Russ" written by Russ Cochrane, directed by Michel Beriault

Aaron gives tips to Russ how to use his signtaute technique to get the disc, while pinning Yolanda on the bed. He does it, but Yolanda pins him back, and they proceed to have sex. Russ returns to Aaron, and Aaron reveals if he doesn't pass this test, he'll get kicked out. Russ tells him that he didn't take the disc, and that he had sex with her.

"Busted" written by Lara McKinnon, directed by Jean-Claude Lord

Annette's friend, Sandra comes back from a trip from Europe, and Annette notices that Sandra isn't really sexual active with her boyfriend, Jack. Tania notices Sandra checking Annette's boobs out, just before Sandra hits the showers. While Sandra is in the showers, Tania and Annette comes with the idea that Sandra is a lesbian. They try to confront her but Sandra reveals that she was looking at Annette because she is so perfect. She then tells them about her boobs and how one is lopsided, her left boob t

Undressed S6E30
Episode 30

Episode 630

"Busted" written by Lara McKinnon, directed by Jean-Claude Lord

While at Annette's home, Sandra is still having boob problems. Annette conjures up a face wrinkle cream, where it suppose to swell up stuff, and decides to use it for Sandra's boob. Tania comes over, and Sandra's skin starts to burn (not literally!), so she washes it off. Annette has another prop, he lucky bra, that she wore, when lost her virginity. It's a little to big, so they fold the straps in the back, and glues it down, with a super glue type product. It works, and they want to test it out, so Annette blind fold Tania, and lets her choose a boob. Tania chooses the real boob and Annette guides her hand to the lopsided boob (a.k.a. the left one). Annette then takes off her shirt, and lets Tania compares with Annette's boob, and Sandra's boob. Tania then takes off the blind fold, and tries pull back her hand, but it's stuck on Sandra's boob. Ah, she must of got some glue on her hand. That's when Rick walks in

Undressed S6E31
Episode 31

Episode 631

"Double Fake" written by Russ Cochrane, directed by George Mihalka

Cody and Carter are twin brothers who live in the apartment complex. They (or Carter rather) pays for one person despite of having two people living there. A new resident supervisor named Joel just moved in. Which every supervisor they would always hit on, so that they could have their rent lowered. But this time, the supervisor is a guy... he is also gay. Cody and Carter decides to flip a coin, and Carter "wins", although loses thru his perspective. Carter (or Cody, thinking back it might of been the other twin) meets the Joel in the elevator and hits on him but Joel doesn't show an interest...yet. The Joel then calls Carter while he and his brother are having fun with these two girls. Carter joins the Joel in the complex's hot tub. The Joel shows an interested, and he moves closer to Carter. Joel then kisses Carter, where he is surprised and shocked by Joel's action. You see the kiss awoken Carter's homosexu

Undressed S6E32
Episode 32

Episode 632

"You Bet Your Boobs, Dude" written by Russ Cochrane, directed by Michel Wachnluc

Dexter from (Episode 621) returns with his own segment. We find out that all the bets he was doing (not mentioned by me in the "Miranda Rules" synopsis, because it was only a sub-plot) was a way to pay off his college tutition. He is 2 minutes away from winning the bet, which is lip stick all over his body, standing one foot on a stool while holding two balloons filled with something foul by now. His friends Larkin, and Fionna is surprised that he could pull this off. He then reveals that while doing all of these bets he is thinking about a girl named Mona, and that's how he is keeping concentration. That's when Mona, appears nearby. Dexter tries to look down her top, and falls off the stool, losing the bet. Dexter leaves to clean up, while Fionna bitches to Larkin, about liking Dexter. Fionna then talks to Mona in the coed bathroom, and thinks she can't compete with Mona for Dexter.

"Busted" writt

Undressed S6E33
Episode 33

Episode 633

"You Bet Your Boobs, Dude" written by Russ Cochrane, directed by Michel Wachnluc

Fionna helps Dexter makes his fake boobs. They model it after Fionna's boobs, and it feels real. They put all the chemicals in the closet, and Fionna gives him a tight girlie shirt to wear. They head to a party that the some one is having, and they decide to have a wet t-shirt contest (although it seemed like a "G" rating wet t-shirt contest). Fionna nominates Dexter, then Mona steps up to challenge him. Dexter wins, and Fionna and Dexter, heads back to his dorm room. Dexter wants the bra off, but Fionna can't take it off. She tells him she only can take it off when she is facing back, so she faces back and tries to take it off. They are interrupted by knocks on the door, and Fionna hides in the closet. It's Mona, she takes an interest at Dexter, and asks if she could feel his boobs. He agrees, IF she let him touch hers too. Mona agrees, and she starts to feel Dexter's boobs. When it's his turn

Undressed S6E34
Episode 34

Episode 634

"Double Fake" written by Russ Cochrane, directed by George Mihalka

Carter goes for his important meeting, and Cody gets ready to his (Carter's) date with Joel. Thinking it's Carter, Joel tells Cody about himself, but is baffled when he is retelling what he told Carter yesterday. Joel needs to use the bathroom, so he does. That's when Vanessa shows up with a pan of muffins, and tells Cody that she'll give him a second chance... along with a sex lingerie. Cody panics, but tells Vanessa to go to his room, to change and wait for him. She does, and that's when Joel comes out of the bathroom. Cody grabs Joel's shirt, and kisses him. He tells him that he wants it now, and goes into Carter's room. Carter then comes home, and helps himself to a muffin. Vanessa emerges out of Cody's room, and he is shocked. That's when Cody rushes out and explains that he can't do it. Joel then steps out, and Vanessa asks Cody if he is gay. Cody points to Carter, and Joel is shocked that Carter has a

Undressed S6E35
Episode 35

Episode 635

"Double Fake" written by Russ Cochrane, directed by George Mihalka

Cody knows that Joel is perfect for Carter, but Carter doesn't want to apologize. While washing clothes, Cody plays Carter, and tells Joel that he wants him to come over for dinner, so he could apologize. Cody and Carter does their martini dance for Vanessa because they need each other to pull off the perfect date, and Joel comes over. He finds out that Cody was playing Carter, and that Carter doesn't want to apologize. Cody then tells him to aleast have a drink, and he agrees... out on the balcony. Cody, being the older brother by two minutes, tells Carter that Joel is perfect for him, and forces him to say sorry, even though Carter didn't want to. Carter slowly goes to Joel, playing Cody, and tells Joel that Carter (or himself) that he was just scared, and he knows he is ready. Carter then tells Joel that its him actually, and they share a kiss. Carter and Cody then start to work their martini dance for Vaness

Undressed S6E36
Episode 36

Episode 636

"Bumping Uglies" written by Sean Carley, directed by Jimmy Kaufman

Lisa returns from her trip, and is surprised when her friend, Grace, has a gorgeous boyfriend named Bud. Lisa is convinced that they only date Grace, inorder to get her, Lisa. Grace, doesn't think so, and challenges Lisa to get a guy without her looks. Lisa agrees to the challenge, and tells her if she wins, she gets all of the closet space. Grace agrees, but she has to dress Lisa up, as ugly she can be.

"Virgin Baggage" written by Lara McKinnon, directed by Jean-Claude Lord

It's Christine birthday, and is still mad at Owen. Owen gives Luke a present for Christine. Luke gives Christine a dolphin necklace, and is surprised that he knows her favorite animal. Luke and Christine are about to have sex, and she tells him thank you about the necklace. He then calls it a shark necklace, which shocks her, because it could only mean one thing... Owen. She decides not to have sex with Luke, and decides to go for the guy t

Undressed S6E37
Episode 37

Episode 637

"Bumping Uglies" written by Sean Carley, directed by Jimmy Kaufman

Grace dresses up Lisa, as an nerd. As part of their agreement, they attend Grace's book club, where Lisa tries to hit on guy named Dan. She asks for his phone number, and Lisa gets a taste of rejection, when findng out that it's actually a pizza delivery phone number.

"Switcheroo" written by Swith Bell, directed by Jean-Claude Lord

Jake and Dustin are best friends, and are working on this project. There's a twist to this story, Jake and Dustin have been fooling around. At one point durning the project, Jake is bored, and decides he wants sex. So he proceed to jerk Dustin, and Dustin do the same to Jake. Jake wants more, and Dustin asks, "what do you mean more?" Jake tells him, "I'll show you more", and starts to suck on Dustin's member. Now flaccid and sweaty, Dustin decides it's late, and wants to go home. Before he leaves, Jake comes out to Dustin. Jake thinks that Dustin is gay, but he isn't. Dustin still w

Undressed S6E38
Episode 38

Episode 638

"Bumping Uglies" written by Sean Carley, directed by Jimmy Kaufman

Grace goes back to the book club, despite being turned down. She convinces everyone that she is smart, and Dan notices it. Lisa knows that Grace wins will the bet, and decides to give her the half of the closet to her because she wants to see her happy. Dan comes over for his date with Grace, and he starts to hit on her. He tries everything to remove her clothes, but she is still in costume. She stops this, and he notices the picture. It's actually her, but he doesn't know that. She tells him that it's her sister, and he starts to put down the ditsy air head type girls, which offends her. She decides it's time to stop, and he leaves.

"Switcheroo" written by Swith Bell, directed by Jean-Claude Lord

Jake and Dustin still have to project, and Jake is still being clingy to Dustin. Jake kisses, him and Dustin freaks, because they never actually kissed before. Jake just wants to tell his sister, but Dustin quickly di

Undressed S6E39
Episode 39

Episode 639

"Reluctant Pornographer" written by Swith Bell, directed by George Mihalka

Ella tells Pierre and Suzette about making the porn, under one condition, they know it's fake. Ella tells him it's fake, but he doesn't listen to her. He shoots the porn, while Pierre and Suzette jokes about sex, Ella then joins them. He is really turned on, and goes to them, which they ultimately stop. They tell him it was fake, and he decides to leave out of shame. Ella goes to him where she calls him a perverted person, and starts to film him. It starts to turn him on, and tells Ella he wants sex. She tells him now, and they break up.

[This segment ends.]

"Switcheroo" written by Swith Bell, directed by Jean-Claude Lord

Dustin is forced to choose between Julie and Jake when they confront him about it. What Julie and Jake didn't know about each other that he was fooling around with both of them, which pisses them off. Dustin goes to Jake and tells him he is sorry, and wants to give it a chance. He kis

Undressed S6E40
Episode 40

Episode 640

"Stuck On U" written by Lee Vaillancourt, directed by Michel Beriault

Adam has this conquest for his fraternity, which includes having sex with girls from A to Z. Right now, he is on Y, and Yolanda friends, Ursula and Zoe, convinces to have sex with him. The only thing is that he is stuck on Ursula. He decides he wants to take it steady, and tells Ursula about it. She is willing to have a secret relationship, as long as he finishes the whole alphabet.

"Switcheroo" written by Swith Bell, directed by Jean-Claude Lord

Jake and Julie decides it cannot work between them. When they talk to Dustin about it, Julie changes her mind, saying they want to try it out. Julie and Jake fight over Dustin, and they create these time out card (yes the ones from Dismissed!), where the other person leaves for ten minutes. Julie uses her time out card, and she tries to hurry things with Dustin, while making out. When they are about to do it, time runs out, and Jake tells her. Jake brings the half n

Undressed S6E41
Episode 41

Episode 641

"Stuck On U" written by Lee Vaillancourt, directed by Michel Beriault

The three girls, Ursula, Yolanda, and Zoe talk about Adam's conquest. That's when Adam shows up to take a shower, and Ursula presuades Yolanda to go in the shower with him. She does, and Adam reveals that he doesn't want to have sex. Yolanda says the same, and they decide to fake their whole sexual experience for Ursula and Zoe. Zoe gets upset, leaves, and Ursula follows her. Zoe reveals that she is in love with Adam ever since freshmen year. She looks at the bright side, since he already did letter y, he will now have to move on to z. Yolanda and Adam decides to end their performance, and Adam blurts out, "Oh... Ursula!" Yolanda finds out that he and Ursula have been secretly been seeing each other. She peeks her head outside if anyone heard him, but their is no one in site.

"Temptation High" written by Lara McKinnon, directed by Jean-Claude Lord

Isobel, Jake's (from the last episode) friend, is on a three m

Undressed S6E42
Episode 42

Episode 642

"Fag Stag" written by Russ Cochrane, directed by George Mihalka

It is revealed that Joel has to stay over night in the office, due to some paper work. Linda reveals she has a date, so Cody goes out and tries to pick up a women. While doing some laundry, Carter he meets a guy, named Ethan. Who he invites, after Joel and Cody leave. They proceed to have sex, and after he leaves, Cody comes back, and reveals he didn't score with anyone. Cody notices how happy Carter is and Carter tells him that he met a guy. Carter explains how can he lust over someone but love someone else at the same time, Since he cannot sleep with him again. Cody has an idea for Carter. He decides to throw a bachelor party for Carter, so that he and Ethan could have sex again, under one condition, Carter has to lie to Linda that he slept with so many hot girls.

"Temptation High" written by Lara McKinnon, directed by Jean-Claude Lord

Isobel helps Dominick put away some of his balls in the equipment room. One b

Undressed S6E43
Episode 43

Episode 643

"Fag Stag" written by Russ Cochrane, directed by George Mihalka

For Carter's bachelor party, Cody invites Ethan, and female stripper. Carter and Ethan are disappointed, while Cody tries to have an open relationship with the stripper, named Brenda. Off to the side, Ethan tells Carter that he wants him, but Carter backs away, saying it would break the rules. Ethan gives Carter one last chance, but Carter turns Ethan down, and Ethan leaves. A while later, Cody and Carter discuss their night, and Cody tells Carter that he cannot participate in this open relationship, and nudges Carter, saying if Linda asks, he did sleep with other women. Carter tells Cody that he cannot marry Joel, because what he is feeling with Ethan, might be love.

"Stuck On U" written by Lee Vaillancourt, directed by Michel Beriault

Eric, Ursula, and Yolanda plots against Zoe, and Adam so they could be together. Zoe decides to go on a road trip, and packs all of these clothes but Ursula "accidentally" spilled gra

Undressed S6E44
Episode 44

Episode 644

"Fag Stag" written by Russ Cochrane, directed by George Mihalka

Joel, and Carter are ready for their wedding. In the elevator, Joel and Carter try not to look at each other. Before the doors closes, Ethan walks in. Carter sees him, and leaves due to the awkwardness. Ethan and Joel exchanges each other's greetings. Carter is having second thoughts, and decides to go to Joel, who is in the complex's hot tub. What Carter doesn't know is that Ethan was their also, giving him a under water treatment (Looks familiar? Remeber the premiere episode of Season 3? The lesbian couple also did that). Carter opens his eyes, and sees Ethan. Of course, the wedding is off, and Carter returns to his apartment, where Linda and Cody are talking. He reveals that he isn't going to get married, and Linda jokes about getting married (really great scene with Christopher! Great job!). Linda and Cody enjoys the wedding cake, and they both reveal that they don't want an open relationship. They were both

Undressed S6E45
Episode 45

Episode 645

"Girls Interrupted" written by Lee Vaillancourt, directed by Jack Hackel

Tammy finally tells Bridget about her status, and Bridget freaks. Tammy calms her down, explaining how safe it could be. So on their second date... or an excuse to have sex, Bridget decides she is ready to kiss, and they do. Tammy wants to go further, but Bridget can't. She freaks out, and starts to get dressed and leaves.

"Bitter Sweet 18" written by Sean Carley, directed by Jean-Claude Lord

Julie (Dane's fling, Jake's sister) has a new guy she's been sleeping around with. Julie's parents are not home, so they both decide to have sex. Diego's 18 birthday is also happens to be today. He reminds Julie that she is sleeping with a real man. She then jokes about how if they do have sex, it's against the law, and that he could go to jail being 18 and all. He starts to freak out, and that's when Julie's parents come home. He starts to leave, and Julie goes under the covers, pretending to read a book, as he mot

Undressed S6E46
Episode 46

Episode 646

"Fantasy" written by Edmund O'Brien, directed by George Mihalka

Between Billy and Maureen, their is some attraction between them, but he can't take it any further, because she was his old high school teacher. While training her, she breaks some dishes in the back, and he goes to her. They kiss in a moment of weakness, but he decides to leave it at there.

"Bitter Sweet 18" written by Sean Carley, directed by Jean-Claude Lord

Julie and Diego can't escape sex life, and so she decides to dress up as a cop. It is revealed that Julie's father is a cop. Julie and Diego are interrupted by a fire alarm that went off. Julie forces Diego to go out through her home, while her family waited for her outside the lawn. But did anyone see Diego?

"Girls Interrupted" written by Lee Vaillancourt, directed by Jack Hackel

Tammy catchs Bridget with another girl, and Tammy starts to puts herself down, as well putting words in Bridget's mouth saying that Bridget didn't really want her. Tammy decides to

Undressed S6E47
Episode 47

Episode 647

"Bitter Sweet 18" written by Sean Carley, directed by Jean-Claude Lord

Sexual tension is still between Diego and Julie. Diego doesn't want to have sex because it's against the law, and they might put him away for that. So Julie shows him a box of idea that they could do that "isn't" sexual. Things include, Honey, taking pictures of each other, and having police scanner sex. All of these ideas doesn't go to well, and they just decide to have sex. Touching all over his body, Julie notices it "died." Diego says, he is just stress, cannot have sex, and leaves.

"Fantasy" written by Edmund O'Brien, directed by George Mihalka

It turns out that Alicia knows Maureen because Maureen is a T.A. where Alicia teaches. Billy is acting kind of harsh towards Maureen when she doesn't arrive early, and sends her in the back. Billy assists Maureen in the back, where she reveals she has a crush on him. They proceed to have sex, and Maureen tells Billy he has one more assigment to do for her... bre

Undressed S6E48
Episode 48

Episode 648

"Chance Encounters" written by Swith Bell, directed by Jack Hackel

Marisa wants to help Cleo with her dating life. Marisa is starting "Chance Encounters" a small dating newspaper service type, and as a part of Marisa's help, she takes a bag from one of the popular, hunky guys on campus, David Pitt. A knock interrupts them, thinking it's David, Marisa tells Cleo to answer the door in her underwear to make a first and lasting impression. She opens the door, only to find, it's not David. It's a guy named Greg, The stage manager (David must be is majoring in theater). He explains David is super busy, and he came to exchanges bags. Cleo is embarrassed, and she starts to close the door. He reminds about the bag, and she puts on robe, and she grabs David's bag. They exchange bags, and he starts to unbuckle his jeans. He explains he is evening it out, and he buckles back his pants. Cleo and Greg start to talk, and Marisa interrupts them. She closes the door on Greg, and she explains

Undressed S6E49
Episode 49

Episode 649

"Chance Encounters" written by Swith Bell, directed by Jack Hackel

Marissa is still trying the best for Cleo and David, and decide they could "run" into each other in the pharmacy. Cleo runs as fast as she could, but accidentally hits Greg how is pushing a whole tray of sodas to the vending machines. She finds out that Greg has many jobs, and that he is saving to go to Argentina. Marissa catches Cleo talking to Greg, and hulls her into their dorm room (Great scene, Karen Cliche is a wonderful actress!). They then comes up with the idea, to have the bathroom at David's dorm to be "out of hot water" forcing him to use the bathroom at theirs. Cleo sets up a trap for David, and he returns into her naked. She slaps him, and calls him a pervert. He explains about the "no hot water" situation, and tells her sorry about this whole mix up. She asks for her towels, and he gives it to her. He uses the shower she is using, and Cleo runs into Greg. She loudly asks him on a date, so that D

Undressed S6E50
Episode 50

Episode 650

"Chance Encounters" written by Swith Bell, directed by Jack Hackel

Cleo is picking out her clothes for her date with Greg, and asks Marissa for her advice. Marissa asks Cleo once more if this is for David, and Cleo says yes. Greg arrives, and Marissa leaves. Greg decides to teach Cleo how to dance the Tango, and while dipping her, he kisses her. She starts to panic, and yells at him, saying why did you kiss me?, do I have some kind of sign saying you can open kiss me? stuff like that. They are both interrupted by David, and he reveals a friend of Cleo, named Marissa told him that they have a dart game challenge. Cleo then tells Greg she has to defend her title, and he leaves. She changes into another skimpy clothes, and head down to the dart board. She plays hard to get with David, and she tells him, I'm not available. She then returns to her room, where Marissa is happy for her. Marissa gives her a box, that Greg left, and Cleo opens it. It's a bracelet, and tells Marissa t

Undressed S6E51
Episode 51

Episode 651

"Chance Encounters" written by Swith Bell, directed by Jack Hackel

Cleo runs into Greg, where he starts to babble about faith, and love. They return to her room, where they proceed to have sex. Right after, they are interrupted by Marrisa, and Cleo tells Greg to hide in the closet. He does, and she lets Marissa in. Marissa start to babble about how a loser and how she played Greg. He comes out of the closet, and decides she is a lying bitch, and leaves. Cleo cries, while Marissa tries to comfort her. Marissa tells her the plus side, that she can finally go after David. Marissa makes an appointment for David for tutoring on his Latin, and guess who is the tutor? Cleo is waiting for him, and he shows up, he starts to say the exact same words what Greg told her earlier, about faith and stuff.

"Gay Budz" written by Sean Carley, directed by Jean-Claude Lord

Henry and Nate decide to clear the air between them, and they start to hug right after. Sean catches them hugging, and retrea

Undressed S6E52
Episode 52

Episode 652

"Chance Encounters" written by Swith Bell, directed by Jack Hackel

While making out with David, he accidentally falls and sees a box with his name on it. Cleo tells him to forget about it, but he finds all of the stuff Cleo was doing. She wants to have sex, but he calls her weird, and leaves. Marissa goes to her, and Cleo tells her that she really likes Greg. Marissa wants to help, and they try to buy all the sodas on campus so that Greg could refill the machines, but they stop. Cleo doesn't want Marissa's advice, and decides to do things on her own. They are walking, and Greg notices their voices. Greg who was gluing flyers on the wall, tries to hide, but accidetally steps into the bucket of glue. He tries to kick it off, he falls, and the glue hands on him. He tries to wipe the stuff off of him, but while doing so, his pants fall to the floor. Cleo sees this and decides to Undress. She doesn't want him to look like a fool alone so she decides to join him. They take things

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