Unforgettable - Season 1 Episodes

Unforgettable - Season 1

Unforgettable - Season 1

Unforgettable stars Poppy Montgomery as Carrie Wells, an enigmatic former police detective with a rare condition that makes her memory so flawless that every place, every conversation, every moment of joy and every heartbreak is forever embedded in her mind. It's not just that she doesn't forget anything - she can't; except for one thing: the details that would help solve her sister's long-ago murder. Carrie has tried to put her past behind her, but she's unexpectedly reunited with her ex-boyfriend and partner, NYPD Detective Al Burns (Dylan Walsh) when she becomes a witness in a murder.

Unforgettable S1E1
Episode 1


When a murder reunites former detective Carrie Wells with her old colleague and flame, she must utilize her rare ability to revisit her every memory to catch the killer.

Unforgettable S1E2
Episode 2


When a seven-year-old boy seems to be the only witness to the brutal murder of his family, Carrie must gently navigate the boy’s psyche to learn the truth, including which one of his parents was the intended victim.

Unforgettable S1E3
Episode 3

Check Out Time

Pharmaceutical sales rep is found bludgeoned to death in his palatial hotel suite. Investigating this murder will lead us from the media circus surrounding an attempted rape of a young hotel worker, through a tragic story of adoption gone wrong, to a fatal bungle of jealousy and greed. And lost throughout, are the interests of the young female suspect, taken advantage of by everyone, yet ultimately innocent. In order to solve the murder, Carrie must immerse herself in the highly evolved world of digital hotel security and manages to see something the system misses.

Unforgettable S1E4
Episode 4

Up In Flames

When a crime scene is destroyed by fire, all the team has to go on is Carrie’s memory. But when her discoveries point to the impossible, a killer who’s behind bars, the team becomes skeptical of the new girl and her "gift.” The murder victim is a high profile investment banker, who got tangled up with the wrong people. Carrie uses her incredible memory to solve the murder.

Unforgettable S1E5
Episode 5

With Honor

Al’s mentor, a career homicide detective, is gunned down outside an NYPD social event. Emotions run high when the murder investigation uncovers that the older cop may have been corrupt. Carrie’s memory helps break the case, but she may hesitate to tell Al everything she remembers -- when her memories seem to damn Al’s mentor. Al’s feelings for this older cop are colored by his complex relationship with his own father. So the Carrie/Al/Elaine triangle is further complicated, when Carrie, having known Al’s father, and a cop herself, becomes his more natural emotional confidante. This episode explores family themes -- especially the notion that cops are a family, albeit a dysfunctional one.

Unforgettable S1E6
Episode 6


The murder of a twenty-something Manhattan socialite drags our team of detectives into the world of trendy after-hours dance clubs and pop-up warehouse parties. A distant niece of the car magnate, Alison seems at first to be surrounded by hundreds of "friends,” though it quickly becomes clear that none of them really knew her that well. We move through the usual suspects – sleazy modeling agent, self-obsessed ex-boyfriend, low-level drug dealer - but when we learn that the socialite is in fact an imposter/con artist capitalizing on a borrowed name, we’re suddenly thrown into a new world of suspects, where it seems both the con artist and her victims have secrets to hide. Carrie will come to identify with this troubled young woman, living with her own secret, surrounded by hundreds of "friends,” but ultimately alone. In the end, she must test her memory skills by parsing clues and dissecting individual conversations from the most chaotic of environments, a jam-packed Manhattan club where she has gone undercover to follow a suspect - literally removing layers of visual and audio input to mine the information she needs.

Unforgettable S1E7
Episode 7

Road Block

When a struggling young father is murdered, Carrie and the team work quickly to locate his killer and find his 14 month old son who has been kidnapped. The team traces the missing baby back to a social worker who happend to be assigned to the murder victim's case. It turns out he was involved in a life of crime prior to his baby's birth. The birth mother is in the gang life and in jail. The father tried to leave the gang life, but they cam after him and threatened his baby, then they killed him. Carrie and her impeccable memory get to the bottom of the crime. They save the social worker, whose life is also in deanger, and the social worker takes steps to adopt the baby herself.

Unforgettable S1E8
Episode 8

Lost Things

Carrie and Al investigate the death of a public defender, only to discover that the killer has a larger plan which may lead to a second murder.

Unforgettable S1E9
Episode 9

Golden Bird

ie attempts to reconnect with her Aunt Edie, played by Marilu Henner, in hopes of narrowing her search for Rachel's murderer. Once the two connect, it becomes clear to Carrie that Edie is avoiding seeing her mom because she's terrified that she too may have dementia. Meanwhile, Carrie, Al and Nina narrow in on a suspect in the teen murder thanks to the female victim's journal and Carrie's memory recall. It was in this journal that the victim, Amy, wrote about her best friend, Katie. After an affair with a school teacher, Katie turns to Amy for money to have an abortion. The teacher kills Amy in order to silence her regarding the affair. Worried that the journal implicates him, the teacher returns to the crime scene to secure the journal, but is apprehended by Carrie on the rooftop.

Unforgettable S1E10
Episode 10


Al and Carrie seek to find the killers in a gang related shooting at a teen recreation center. As Carrie and the team work the scene, a melee breaks out. Shots are fired, leaving one more victim dead and two others wounded. Carrie uses her memory to track who was at the shooting, and what they may have had to do with the crime. In the end, Carrie finds that the man who was shot had a son who was invloved with the gang. Even though this man was taking care of getting gang kids off the streets, his own son was involved with the wrong group.

Unforgettable S1E11
Episode 11

Spirited Away

The body of a renowned ghost hunter is found abandoned in a sanitarium. During the investigation, Carrie and the team find his death is linked to a chilling discovery he made before his murder at another location. A fun ghost story, complete with scary basement scenes and an old run down insane asylum. From the murdered ghost hunter, the gang tracks a couple that hired the ghost hunter because of voices that the lady was hearing in the basement. As is turns out, the couple had taken in a teenaged runaway some years earlier, and the wife, enraged with jealousy, convinced that her husband was cheating with the girl, killed the girl, and had her husband bury the body in the basement.

Unforgettable S1E12
Episode 12

Butterfly Effect

A young ironworker is found murdered at his construction site. The victim was a stellar student from a blue-collar background and had put off attending college to help his family through rough times. But the investigation will put the victim's reputation to the test as the team probes the underbelly of the construction business, examining his possible involvement in a robbery ring and links to the mob. It’s only through Carrie’s persistence and memory that they uncover his knowledge of a major structural flaw in the building that explains the murder.

Unforgettable S1E13
Episode 13


A college coed is found dead in a fraternity house. The case is linked back to a drug running business connected to the frat house and some of it's members. Carrie uses her memory to find that the boy who was murdered was an unwilling member of this drug ring. He was a loner and a good student, but needed the money. Carrie infiltrates the world of hazing and fraternity parties to get to the bottom of this case. This is the one episode where Carrie loses her memory because she is drugged at a party - and has to put the pieces of the puzzle back together in her own mind.

Unforgettable S1E14
Episode 14

Carrie's Caller

Carrie meets the new Medical Examiner played by Jane Curtain. There are a series of sniper attacks, and Carrie and the team find the common link to be a man that was once tormented as a boy at a juvenile corrections camp. In the end our team figures out there is more than one perp. There is actually a man orchestrating the sniper attacks. Carrie and the team catch the shooter, but not the man behind the scenes. Carrie and the team track three grown men who were once campers at a sort of Juvenile camp for boys who were in trouble. We come to find out that these boys taunted another boy there terribly. Years later he is determined to exact his revenge. He starts killing them with a high power rifle one by one out in public. Carrie and the team know that his next victim is going to be on a ferry boat, and they show up in the nick of time. They take him down -- but come to find out that he is not the vice of the mysterious caller! There is a puppeteer that has been directing the sniper. And he is still on the loose.

Unforgettable S1E15
Episode 15

The Following Sea

Al has a hunch on a 2 year old murder case that went unsolved on the remote community of City Island. Carrie goes undercover to prove Al’s theory right and locate the missing witness. In 2009 a woman was murdered on the small and insular City island. Al has been tracking the case ever since, and he is obsessed with nailing the man he feels is responsible for the killing. However, the man he believes is the killer, is also the de facto Mayor of the community. He runs the island in terms of commerce. Everyone knows and respects this man. Al knows that he was the last one seen with the young woman that was murdered. She was an experienced swimmer form a long line of Fisherman -- and yet she drowned and the drowning was unexplained. When Al and Carrie are informed that the murder victim's best friend will be testifying on the Island the very next day, Al wants to go see the testimony. However, the witness mysteriously does not show up when she is supposed to. Al suspects foul play. Carrie goes undercover on the island as an experienced sailor taking a boat up the coast. She makes friends with a man that owns a fishing shop, and is under the thumb of our murder suspect. She quickly learns that he is in love with our missing witness, and when Katy, the missing witness, turns up dead, he is now a prime suspect. In the end we find that Al was right all along, and that the town's people were so intimidated and scared of this man, they refused to come forward to implicate him.

Unforgettable S1E16
Episode 16


Carrie, Al and the team investigate the murder of a man who was dropped out of a plane into the outfield of a baseball stadium. The evidence trail helps them determine that the man is Jason Kubiak, a bank manager, and that he was coerced into being an accomplice in a bank robbery before he was murdered. Carrie and Al go to talk to his girlfriend, Sarah Green, but she proves to be unhelpful. DNA under Jason's fingernails lead them to Mark Payne, who comes out shooting when Carrie and Al drop by his home. Carrie shoots and kills him, but she also notices specific tea bags in Mark's home that were also in Sarah's apartment. They soon learn that Sarah was the one who masterminded the bank robbery in an attempt to get revenge on a former lover, but Mark was the one who actually killed Jason. Meanwhile, Scott gets cold feet and breaks up with Carrie, only to get back together with her later when he realizes how much he misses her.

Unforgettable S1E17
Episode 17

Blind Alleys

Roe comes under fire when he kills a murder suspect in public and can't recover the gun he claims the suspect drew on him. Convinced his son was wrongfully killed, the dead suspect's father takes Nina and three others hostage inside the precinct house and demands justice for his son's death. While Al and Mike work with the hostage negotiator, Carrie is tasked with recovering the murder weapon and proving that Roe did not shoot an unarmed suspect.

Unforgettable S1E18
Episode 18

The Comeback

Carrie's latest case is stalled the influence of a powerful family's, she then receives assistance from a lawyer who maybe behind a serious of sniper attacks.

Unforgettable S1E19
Episode 19


Carrie learns that her boyfriend, the son of a mob boss, may have ties to suspects in a murder investigation.

Unforgettable S1E20
Episode 20

You Are Here

Carrie and Al must get inside the mind of a deranged conspiracy theorist before he sets off a series of bombs.

Unforgettable S1E21
Episode 21


When Walter Morgan turns up dead, Carrie must locate his killer while deflecting attention from the prime suspect - her.

Unforgettable S1E22
Episode 22

The Man in the Woods

When a murder occurs in Syracuse which mirrors the death of her sister, Carrie and Al travel upstate to confront the suspect.

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