United States of Tara

United States of Tara

United States of Tara - Season 2 Episodes

United States of Tara - Season 2

United States of Tara - Season 2

She's got a husband, two kids and multiple personalities. Toni Collette returns in the new season of United States of Tara, the Showtime Original Comedy Series executive produced by Steven Spielberg. As Tara starts to untangle the mysteries of her past, there's no telling what, or who, will happen next.

United States of Tara S2E1
Episode 1


Season two opens with a bang as the Gregsons' neighbor commits suicide and the family unexpectedly is given responsibility of the house. Now well and dissociation-free for several months, Tara sets out to make new friends with Max's help. Marshall struggles to fit in at school while Kate lands a new job. Nick pops the question to Charmaine.

United States of Tara S2E2
Episode 2

Trouble Junction

Tara keeps her family in the dark about her condition and Charmaine wants to move in.

United States of Tara S2E3
Episode 3

The Truth Hurts

Tara's family learns that the alters have returned. While Neil discovers that Charmaine is engaged, Kate and Lynda's relationship develops and Marshall and Courtney try something new.

United States of Tara S2E4
Episode 4

You Becoming You

Tara starts looking for a new therapist and finds one in a borrowed book, while everyone works through last week's revelation at the ice-rink.

United States of Tara S2E5
Episode 5

Doin' Time

Just when Max has decided to take Tara back to the hospital because of her new alter Shoshana, his previous erratic behavior puts him in jail. Meanwhile, Tara's new alter turns out to be the best therapist Tara ever met.

United States of Tara S2E6
Episode 6


When a tornado blows through Overland Park, it forces the Gregson family to take refuge in the basement. Shoshana arrives and holds a group therapy session where dark family secrets are exposed.

United States of Tara S2E7
Episode 7

Dept. of Fucked Up Family Services

An upcoming visit from a social worker has its effect on Max. Disapproving Kate's friendship with Lynda, Tara interferes while Neil learns that Charmaine is pregnant.

United States of Tara S2E8
Episode 8

Explosive Diorama

Tara and Lynda make preparations for their art show. Kate sets up a new business, while Lionel and Marshall's friendship deepens. In the meantime, Charmaine struggles trying to balance Neil and Nick.

United States of Tara S2E9
Episode 9

The Family Portrait

Tara starts working on a family portrait in order to re-connect with her family while Max tries to get away from Pammy.

United States of Tara S2E10
Episode 10

Open House

Tara and Charmaine discuss Tara's childhood memories with their mother and Max holds an open house after re-modeling their neighbor's house.

United States of Tara S2E11
Episode 11

To Have and To Hold

Tara and Charmaine pay a woman who appeared in Tara's memories a visit, while Kate tries to change herself for her new and much older boyfriend.

United States of Tara S2E12
Episode 12

From This Day Forward

On the day of Charmaine and Nick's wedding, long-held secrets come to light, while Kate and Marshall accidentally make a discovery of consequence.

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