Up All Night - Season 1 Episodes

Up All Night - Season 1

"Up All Night," created by Emily Spivey (NBC's "Parks and Recreation" and "Saturday Night Live") and executive produced by Lorne Michaels (NBC's "Saturday Night Live" and "30 Rock"), is an irreverent look at modern parenthood. Christina Applegate ("Samantha Who?") stars as Reagan Brinkley: loving wife, successful career woman, life of the party and, most recently, mom.

Up All Night S1E1
Episode 1


Reagan and Chris Brinkley have an unexpected baby and try to figure out how to be good parents.

Up All Night S1E2
Episode 2

“Cool Neighbors”

Reagan and Chris obsess over their hip neighbors while Ava wonders why baby Amy doesn't like her.

Up All Night S1E3
Episode 3

“Working Late and Working It”

Chris and Reagan try to spice up their relationship while Ava learns some troubling news about an ex.

Up All Night S1E4
Episode 4

“New Car”

Reagan is forced to give up her convertible and embark on a search for a sensible, practical car.

Up All Night S1E5
Episode 5

“Mr. Bob's Toddler Kaleidoscope”

Reagan worries about her parenting skills while Chris becomes the star of Amy's playgroup.

Up All Night S1E6
Episode 6


See how it all began by watching Chris and Reagan prepare for the birth of their little bundle of joy, Amy!

Up All Night S1E7
Episode 7


Reagan's parents pay a visit while Ava pretends to mourn a deceased colleague.

Up All Night S1E8
Episode 8

“First Night Away”

While Reagan and Chris try to have a romantic night away from Amy, Ava meets a single dad named Kevin.

Up All Night S1E9
Episode 9

“Hiring And Firing”

Reagan tries to fire an inept Ava Show employee while Chris searches for the perfect babysitter.

Up All Night S1E10
Episode 10

“Week Off”

When The Ava Show goes dark, Reagan brings her Type-A sensibility into her home life.

Up All Night S1E11
Episode 11

“First Christmas”

Reagan goes to great lengths to give Amy a perfect Christmas while Ava's relationship with Kevin hits an obstacle.

Up All Night S1E12
Episode 12

“New Year's Eve”

Reagan's ultra-competitive streak emerges on game night; Kevin (Jason Lee) worries that Ava is ashamed of him.

Up All Night S1E13
Episode 13


A rival talk show host steals Ava's show ideas; Reagan is jealous of Chris' new female friend. Guest staring Megan Mullally!

Up All Night S1E14
Episode 14

“Preschool Auction”

Reagan (Christina Applegate) becomes determined to secure a coveted spot for Amy at a prestigious preschool. In an effort to win favor with the admissions office, Reagan volunteers to spearhead the school's annual fundraiser and enlists Ava (Maya Rudolph) to help her run a charity auction. Meanwhile, when Chris's (Will Arnett) older brother (guest star Dean Winters, "30 Rock") comes to visit, the two Brinkley boys revert to their old competitive childhood ways. Jennifer Hall also stars.

Up All Night S1E15
Episode 15

“Day After Valentine's Day”

When Ava (Maya Rudolph) and Kevin (guest star Jason Lee) have an epic blow-out, Reagan (Christina Applegate) and Chris (Will Arnett) find themselves wistful for relationship drama and unintentionally end up creating some of their own. Jennifer Hall also stars.

Up All Night S1E16
Episode 16

“Travel Day”

It's Reagan and Chris vs. the airport when they travel with Amy for the first time; Ava agrees to be a minister for a friend's wedding. Guest starring Alanis Morissette and Jason Lee!

Up All Night S1E17
Episode 17

“First Birthday”

Chris and the neighbors put on a party for baby Amy and Ava has her own idea for the party.

Up All Night S1E18
Episode 18

“New Boss”

Reagan and Ava get a new boss for their talk show while Reed and Chris work on a motorcycle.

Up All Night S1E19
Episode 19

“Couple Friends”

Reagan (Christina Applegate) and Chris (Will Arnett) try a little too hard to befriend a fun couple, Justin (guest star Ben Falcone, "Bridesmaids") and Lawrence (guest star Nat Faxon, "Bad Teacher"), who have a young child. Meanwhile, Ava's (Maya Rudolph) feud with Luke (guest star Steven Pasquale, "Rescue Me") over her show's business dealings gets uncomfortably personal. Jennifer Hall also stars.

Up All Night S1E20
Episode 20

“Baby Fever”

Chris wants another baby and goes to extremes to get Reagan on board with the idea. Elsewhere, Ava joins a mentorship program, which doesn't go as she planned; and Missy feels guilty about helping Luke.

Up All Night S1E21
Episode 21

“Daddy Daughter Time”

When Chris (Will Arnett) gets a segment on the Ava show, Reagan (Christina Applegate) starts to realize how much she needs her own space at work. Meanwhile, Ava's (Maya Rudolph) dad (guest star Henry Winkler) visits with his family, who are more interested in meeting celebrities like Sharon Osbourne (as herself), Ava's rival, than spending time with Ava. Jennifer Hall also stars.

Up All Night S1E22
Episode 22

“Letting Go”

Reagan and Chris have trouble adapting to the next phases of their lives as Amy learns to walk; Ava becomes overprotective of her pet puppy. Guest starring Stevie Nicks!

Up All Night S1E23
Episode 23

“Hey Jealousy”

With Reagan (Christina Applegate) working more closely with Luke (guest star Steven Pasquale), Chris (Will Arnett) starts to show signs of jealousy, but it takes his buddy Reed's (guest star Will Forte) bad advice to send him into a full-blown panic. Meanwhile, Ava (Maya Rudolph) is surprised to learn that her rival, Shayna (guest star Megan Mullally), will be competing against her in a 10K run for charity and enlists the help of celebrity trainer Gideon Kirk (guest star Fred Armisen).

Up All Night S1E24
Episode 24

“The Proposals”

When Reagan loses her wedding ring, Chris uses the opportunity to redo his original proposal. Kevin returns to woo Ava back. Guest starring Jason Lee and Marion Ross!