Veritas: The Quest

Veritas: The Quest

Veritas: The Quest - Season 1 Episodes

Veritas: The Quest S1E1
Episode 1


In the premiere episode, "Reunion," When Nikko Zond, a hyper-intelligent but rebellious teenager still mourning the death of his renowned archeologist mother, is kicked out of yet another boarding school, he is delivered to his estranged archaeologist father, Solomon. But on the way home, when the two narrowly escape pursuit by armed men, Nikko realizes his father's career as a university professor is just a cover. Solomon is really head of the Veritas (Latin for "truth") Foundation, whose agenda is to seek the truth behind the mysteries of history and civilization and to protect its secrets at all costs.

Soon, and against his father's better judgment, Nikko enters the high tech, classified world of Veritas and begins a journey that will lead to the unlocking of universal mysteries and, hopefully, bring him and his emotionally estranged father back together.

Nikko and the Veritas jet to Paris, where Solomon is hot on the trail of a fabled vessel that contains a key to the puzzle of how

Veritas: The Quest S1E2
Episode 2


Danger in Antarctica awaits the team, forced to crash-land a plane during a fierce storm and brave unforgiving elements in a search for an ancient, mysterious source of energy.

Veritas: The Quest S1E3
Episode 3


Solomon teams up with Bella Nicholson, a femme fatale tomb raider/scientist, to find an ancient crystal skull once owned by Hitler that can transform molecular science.But when Solomon discovers that Bella is involved with a secret neo-Nazi group with plans to raise the Fourth Reich and is out to double cross him, the Veritas team must stay one step ahead to stop the coming of the end of days. Meanwhile, Nikko is stalked by an odd clairvoyant who claims to know the Truth.

Veritas: The Quest S1E4
Episode 4


A precarious undercover operation targets a ruthless arms dealer, in control of an artifact called the Sphere of Archimedes that's said to hold the key to an apocalyptic scenario.

Veritas: The Quest S1E5
Episode 5

Wheel of Dharma

The hunt for a sacred Buddhist relic takes the team to Tibet, where the search---and the safety of Solomon's imprisoned son---hinge on the unraveling of a cryptic message.

Veritas: The Quest S1E6
Episode 6


A quest for the Holy Grail that's linked to a kidnapping takes the team to an island off Nova Scotia, where danger lurks in an ancient subterranean maze rigged with booby traps.

Veritas: The Quest S1E7
Episode 7

Mummy Virus

A virulent virus spread by a pre-Incan mummy imperils Maggie, whose team's search for a cure in Peru is thwarted by a pharmaceutical CEO with evil designs on the disease.

Veritas: The Quest S1E8
Episode 8

Name of God

Dr. Zond and his team seek out a rabbi who is a descendant of one of Abrahams pupils in order to translate the inscriptions on the artifact found in the pillar that housed the holy grail in Nova Scotia. Dorna has already forseen this move and things time is running out for Dr. Zond.

Veritas: The Quest S1E9
Episode 9

Devil Child

A young ukranian boy is gifted with the knowledge of all written and spoken laguages. Dr. Zond rescues the boy from evildoers to have him translate inscriptions in a pyramid and in the diary of his late wife.

Veritas: The Quest S1E10
Episode 10


A 3000 year old celtic sarcophagus, found in the U.S. and containing a less than 100 year old mummy, leads Dr. Zond and Niko to investigate further. They cross paths with a celtic-druid-pagan society and their most holy day of the year is approaching.

Veritas: The Quest S1E11
Episode 11

The Lost Codex

Following a direct order from the mysterious benefactor of Veritas, the team goes to Italy in order to buy some letters written by Leonardo Da Vinci to his most trusted friend. Looking to get a seat on a secret auction, Dr. Zond bumps into Cazimo, who is one of the highest ranking members of Dorna. Dorna is also looking to lay their hands on the letters in order to find the location of Da Vincis diary, containing plans for an extremely powerful energy source.

Veritas: The Quest S1E12
Episode 12


The Team have gone to the town in Siberia were Dr. Zonds late wife Hallie grew up in order to take care of some newly discovered things belonging to Hallie. Amongst these things is a diary wich is believed to contain the location of a cave, were a fountain of youth once saved Hallie from dying as she got lost in the woods. Though Solomon and his team are not the only ones who know about the diary...

Veritas: The Quest S1E13
Episode 13

Helmholtz Resonance

Veritas benefactor presents Dr. Zond with a map containing the location of an ancient castle, well hidden since the 12th century. It is said to contain a piece of 'the ring of truth'. Though inside the castle the team find them selves seeing and hearing strange things...

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