Viva la Bam

Viva la Bam

Viva la Bam - Season 1 Episodes

Viva la Bam S1E1
Episode 1

Phil's Hell Day (a.k.a. Bam's Skate Park)

Bam wants to get Phil angry. So in the middle of the night, Bam decides to install a fireman's pole in his room. Bam begins by creating a hole in floor with a chainsaw. The sound of the construction wakes April and Phil. Phil comes to Bam's room to see what's going on. Phil sees a big hole in the floor but he doesn't get angry.

Next, Bam takes a bunch of Phil's clothes and irons on a graphic of hamburgers on them. As Phil is getting dressed he notices all the hamburgers on his clothes. Phil wonders where the hamburgers came from, but doesn't get angry.

Next, in the middle of the night, Bam replaces Phil's toothpaste with ground meat. The next morning, Phil gets up and brushes his teeth. After a few brushes, Phil spits out the meat. Bam shows Phil the meat as he squeezes the toothpaste tube but, Phil doesn't get angry.

Next, Bam steals Phil's van and takes it to a junkyard. The van is crushed and demolished. The destroyed van is brought back to the house and placed in the driveway. Phil

Viva la Bam S1E2
Episode 2

Bam Hosts A Concert (a.k.a. Don't Feed Phil)

Can Phil go without food for an entire day? That's what Bam wants to find out. Like it or not, Phil's going on a starvation diet. For 24 hours, Bam has instilled his family, friends, and heck, the whole town with one simple message: Don't Feed Phil.

It's a tough day, but Phil comes through in the end, logging 24 food free hours. And to celebrate his father's fast, Bam hosts a rock concert in his living room.

Viva la Bam S1E3
Episode 3

The Family Reunion

Bam wants to do something special for the family reunion. So he decides to build a drawbridge and a moat to replace the front door. But where will the big family dinner take place? Bam and his crew erect a walled area in the form of a castle in the front yard. The guests arrive but there is no food. Finally the food arrives, with Bam's crew dressed in medieval armor. To top it all, Compton Ass Terry makes his entrance riding a top an elephant. Soon after, Bam's Grandmother leaves the party claiming "this whole family is crazy!"

Viva la Bam S1E4
Episode 4

We're Going to Vegas!

It's two days before Phil and April's wedding anniversary. Bam wants to do something special for them, so he decides to take them to Las Vegas. But Bam wants to make the trip really special. So Bam goes on a website and orders a bride from Russia for Raab. Raab agrees to marry the mail-order bride from Russia, during their stay in Las Vegas.

Upon arrival, Bam helps Raab pick out a tuxedo for the wedding. Raab picks up a very pimped out white tuxedo with a black fedora hat. Later, Bam and his crew do everything they can to soil the new tux, including dragging Raab through the dirt and through an oil-slicked parking lot. The day of the wedding arrives and it's time for Phil and Don Vito to get a make over. Phil gets made up like his idol, Elvis Presley. Meanwhile, Don Vito unknowingly gets his hair dyed the color blue.

On the day of the wedding, Phil makes a grand entrance dressed as Elvis. Raab shows up with his extremely dirty tuxedo. The ceremony begins but, soon after Don Vito tries

Viva la Bam S1E5
Episode 5

Three-Day Weekend

April and Phil go on a three-day-weekend leaving Bam at home. While they're away, Bam and his crew paint the kitchen blue along with everything in it. Then they build a secret underground tunnel into Don Vito's house, and convert April's car into a suped-up hot-rod.

Viva la Bam S1E6
Episode 6

The Christmas Episode (a.k.a A Very Merry Margera Christmas)

With twenty bucks and some duct tape, Bam brings the Christmas spirit to West Chester, Pennsylvania. Bam adorns the Margera house with ultra-bright festive lights, man-made snow, giant-sized Christmas ornaments, and an indoor ice-skating rink.

Viva la Bam S1E7
Episode 7

April Gets Revenge

Bam plans to take April, Phil, Don Vito and his raucous crew of friends out for a boating trip on the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania. But what Bam really wants to do, is take April, Phil and Don Vito to an island 100 yards away from Three Mile Island, the notorious nuclear power plant and leave them there for 24 hours. When they arrive on the island, April becomes suspicious of Bam's intentions. April, Phil and Don Vito decide to take the boat back to shore without Bam. Bam and his crew end up being the ones staying on the island for 24 hours.

Bam and company try to make most of their time on the island by building a makeshift skate ramp and a wooden shack for shelter. 24 hours later, Bam and his crew make it back to shore. To get revenge on April, Bam has a local news reporter show up at April's job. The reporter shows April a video clip of the Margera house exploding. April freaks and hurries home, only to find the house still intact with Bam sitting in the driveway laughing.

Viva la Bam S1E8
Episode 8

The Scavenger Hunt

In this season finale, Bam, the crew and the band known as the Blood Hound Gang embark on an outrageous scavenger hunt. The hunt begins with Bam purchasing three banged-up used cars. Next, he splits everyone up into three teams. The teams jump into their cars and race around town collecting bizarre items, as well as performing grotesque tasks needed to win the scavenger hunt. Check out the list of scavenger hunt items below...

Scavenger Hunt items: 1. Get service without shoes or shirt - 15 pts. 2. Trade pants with a stranger - 20 pts. 3. French Kiss a girl - 10 pts. 4. Get a bum to sign a pizza box - 20 pts. 5. Get help from someone - 10 pts. 6. Mystery Item ??? 7. Catch the "Franklin Vibe" - dress up like Ben Franklin and fly a kite - 25 pts. 8. Mud from a sick lake - 10 pts. 9. Hot Chick in lingerie - 25 pts. 10. Get a bee sting - 30 pts. 11. Autograph a cow - 20 pts. 12. Get clothes-lined - 30 pts. 13. Do a "Shopping Cart" - 20 pts. 14. Get a girl's b

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