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Warehouse 13

Warehouse 13 - Season 3 Episodes

Warehouse 13 - Season 3

Warehouse 13 - Season 3

There are big changes in an all-new season of Warehouse 13 as our favorite best-kept secret agents uncover even bigger mysteries of the world's supernatural storehouse.

Warehouse 13 S3E0
Episode 0

The Greatest Gift

In Warehouse 13's "The Greatest Gift," Pete Lattimer (Eddie McClintock) is hit in the head by an artifact and wakes up to a life where he was never born. Pete must hunt down and persuade the Warehouse team (none of whom recognize him) to go on this life or death mission with him to vanquish a long dead nemesis from the past to get everyone's lives back. This episode takes a page from It's a Wonderful Life and The Greatest Gift, which is the short story on which the iconic movie was based. As he did last year, showrunner Jack Kenny directed the holiday episode.

Warehouse 13 S3E1
Episode 1

The New Guy

New agent Steve Jinks gets initiated on his first assignment and almost dies on the job; luckily former Warehouse agent Myka steps in to save his life. The agents discover the mysterious deaths connected to a secret meeting of bankers are based on a cursed collection of Shakespearian works, but don't know that the FBI agent on the case is in fact behind the murders-for-hire.

Warehouse 13 S3E2
Episode 2


Witnesses to a murder trial are suddenly losing their memory, and fast. Pete and reinstated agent Myka must race against time to solve the case; but the stakes get even higher when Pete becomes the next victim. Claudia gets her first assignment to chase down a thief who has stolen an artifact; but if the relic is intended to do good rather than harm, can she forgive?

Warehouse 13 S3E3
Episode 3

Love Sick

Dr. Vanessa Calder arrives in Salt Lake City to investigate a rash of deaths - young women are turning to clay, and Vanessa's unique alignment with both the CDC and Warehouse 13 make her the go-to person to solve the crime.

Warehouse 13 S3E4
Episode 4

Queen For a Day

Some days, the people of Warehouse 13 are more mysterious than the artifacts, and when Pete's ex-wife shows up, you know that this is one of those days.

Warehouse 13 S3E5
Episode 5


Pete's helping out a diner in Pittsburgh, PA by eating as much of their pie as he can before the power outage causes it to spoil, but Myka's more concerned with finding out why so much of the city can't keep their fridges on.

Warehouse 13 S3E6
Episode 6

Don't Hate the Player

It seems the geniuses in Eureka can handle any challenge, so Claudia is stumped when a panicked computer programmer named Gibson calls to tell her that Fargo, a Eureka resident and sometime-love interest of Claudia, is in serious trouble that only she can help him out of.

Warehouse 13 S3E7
Episode 7

Past Imperfect

Jinks and Claudia figure they have a simple bag and tag on their hands, but as they walk toward the car with a destructive doorknob in tow.

Warehouse 13 S3E8
Episode 8

The 40th Floor

When Warehouse Regents start disappearing, the agents know they have to track down Sally Stukowski, the sometime FBI agent who's been pilfering Artifacts.

Warehouse 13 S3E9
Episode 9


The secret is out: Jane is a Regent. Unsure of how to handle this, Pete travels with Jane into her memory. While Jane's reasons are business -- the connection between A-to-Z Technologies and the recent Regent murders -- Pete's reasons are personal. Myka and Claudia are called to duty when a local t-shirt shop owner, Jason Kinser, vanishes.

Warehouse 13 S3E10
Episode 10


After an attack in the woods outside Ithaca, NY, Pete and Myka travel to the scene to find a man in his 30s shivering, with cold breath and gnawing on a deer. As the teeth marks in the victim resembled that of humans, Pete's mind wanders to zombies. Myka, unconvinced, treats Pete to a burrito at Manny's Taco Truck.

Warehouse 13 S3E11
Episode 11

Emily Lake / Stand

Pete and Myka race to stop Sykes from using his own cahe of artifacts to destroy them and the Warehouse in the Season Finale! Part 1 of 2.

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