Weeds - Season 1 Episodes

Weeds - Season 1

Weeds - Season 1

After her husband's unexpected death and subsequent financial woes, suburban mom Nancy Botwin (Parker) embraces a new profession: the neighborhood pot dealer.

Weeds S1E1
Episode 1

You Can't Miss The Bear

Weeds S1E2
Episode 2

Free Goat

Weeds S1E3
Episode 3

Good Shit Lollipop

While a mountain lion terrorizes the town of Agrestic, a medical marijuana facility does the same to Nancy. The constant fight over weight issues between Celia and Isabelle gets dirty.

Weeds S1E4
Episode 4

Fashion of the Christ

Andy, Nancy's brother in-law, causes major problems with his surprise visit. Doug gives location ideas for the faux bakery to Nancy. Celia reveals she has cancer.

Weeds S1E5
Episode 5

Lude Awakening

Weeds S1E6
Episode 6

Dead In The Nethers

Nancy, Conrad and Celia go out to a club and things heat up between Conrad and Celia. At Marijuana Anonymous, Andy meets the attractive Sharon and convinces her to be his sponsor. Meanwhile, Nancy's housekeeper, Lupita, becomes suspicious of her secret business.

Weeds S1E7
Episode 7

Higher Education

Weeds S1E8
Episode 8

The Punishment Light

Weeds S1E9
Episode 9

The Punishment Lighter

Weeds S1E10
Episode 10

The Godmother

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