What About Brian - Season 1 Episodes

What About Brian - Season 1

What About Brian - Season 1

What About Brian follows a close-knit group of friends in Los Angeles who are in various stages of relationships. All of the friends have paired off, except for Brian. Brian is living the single life but the only problem is that he is secretly harboring a crush on his best friend's girlfriend.

What About Brian S1E1
Episode 1


Brian and Adam make a pact to end their dead-end relationships.

What About Brian S1E2
Episode 2

Two in Twenty-Four

Adam and Dave urge Brian to live out the ultimate single guy's fantasy.

What About Brian S1E3
Episode 3

Moving Day

Adam and Marjorie move in together, though Adam is not able to help.

What About Brian S1E4
Episode 4

The Importance of Being Brian

Brian spends the day with his new girlfriend, Lisa B.

What About Brian S1E5
Episode 5

Sex, Lies and Videotape

Marjorie unwittingly sabotages Brian's new relationship.

What About Brian S1E6
Episode 6

What Happens in Vegas...

What About Brian S1E7
Episode 7

Stranger in the Bedroom