What About Brian

What About Brian

What About Brian - Season 2 Episodes

What About Brian S2E1
Episode 1

What About Second Chances...

Brian returns home six months after leaving town.

What About Brian S2E2
Episode 2

What About the Wedding...

Adam and Brian's first meetings with Marjorie are shown in flashback.

What About Brian S2E3
Episode 3

What About Denial...

Adam and Brian come to blows when their friends bring them together.

What About Brian S2E4
Episode 4

What About the Fish...

Brian and Adam bet to see who can get a girl first.

What About Brian S2E5
Episode 5

What About Angelo's Ashes…

Friends give tributes and recall fond memories of Angelo at his funeral.

What About Brian S2E6
Episode 6

What About What Was Supposed to Be...

Needing money, Brian takes a job at his father's real estate firm.

What About Brian S2E7
Episode 7

What About First Steps...

Dave suggests that Brian get Bridget to participate in a speed-dating event

What About Brian S2E8
Episode 8

What About Secrets...

Brian and his dad connect until a secret about Bridget drives them apart.

What About Brian S2E9
Episode 9

What About True Confessions...

Brian tries to avoid Bridget, who once had an affair with his father.

What About Brian S2E10
Episode 10

What About the Tangled Web...

Adam and Dave visit the strip club where Heather works.

What About Brian S2E11
Episode 11

What About the Exes...

Nicole sets up a photo-shoot to promote Deena's cupcake business.

What About Brian S2E12
Episode 12

What About Marjorie...

Deena introduces Nicole to a capable and handsome nanny (Tom Parker).

What About Brian S2E13
Episode 13

What About the Lake House...

Brian invites the gang to his father's lake house for a weekend getaway.

What About Brian S2E14
Episode 14

What About Finding Your Place...

Bridget moves into Brian's apartment, where he is now the building manager.

What About Brian S2E15
Episode 15

What About Temptations...

Brian's neighbors convince him to let them use his apartment for a party.

What About Brian S2E16
Episode 16

What About Strange Bedfellows...

Brian wonders if his relationship with Bridget is the right thing.

What About Brian S2E17
Episode 17

What About All That Glitters...

Deena's mother visits, unaware that she and Dave are back together.

What About Brian S2E18
Episode 18

What About Secret Lovers…

Nicole helps Deena attract customers to her new store.

What About Brian S2E19
Episode 19

What About Calling All Friends…

Dave and Deena's plans for a secret wedding turns chaotic.

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