Where the Heart Is

Where the Heart Is

Where the Heart Is - Season 1 Episodes

Where the Heart Is S1E1
Episode 1


Peggy Snow attempts to do the right thing but it backfires leaving her facing allegations.

Where the Heart Is S1E2
Episode 2

Things Fall Apart

A suprising answer lies behind a boys behavioural problems. Peggy delivers Wendy Atkins lost underwear and an ultimatum.

Where the Heart Is S1E3
Episode 3

Summoned by Bells

Ruth's baby is abducted by a resident of the local nursing home and Stephan has to come to terms with Wendy Atkins leaving.

Where the Heart Is S1E4
Episode 4

A Place in the World

The Skelthwaite Scorpians have a new recruit and he makes an impact. Ruth goes to Scarborough for a conference and bumps into an old flame and Stephan goes to London in search of Wendy.

Where the Heart Is S1E5
Episode 5

King Walter

Walters flat catches fire. Simon and Ruth quarrel over Ruths Job and Stephan's agreement with Peggy is long overdue.

Where the Heart Is S1E6
Episode 6


The Skelthwaite Scorpians prepare for a match against formidable opponents. A pig farmers wife reveals a secret to Ruth and Peggy and Stephan waits for a letter that could mean he leaves Skelthwaite.

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