Who's the Boss?

Who's the Boss?

Who's the Boss? - Season 2 Episodes

Who's the Boss? S2E1
Episode 1

It Happened One Summer (1)

The family visit Jonathan's summer camp when his counselor calls Angela to say he is homesick. While picnicking on the way, Angela and Tony realize they both attended camp in the same area many years earlier. Their individual stories of their first kiss seem to coincide, and they soon suspect they may have met each other a long time ago.

Who's the Boss? S2E2
Episode 2

It Happened One Summer (2)

After visiting the site in the woods each remembers from their past, a thunderstorm prevents Tony and Angela from returning to the campsite in time. They end up having to share a room at a cheap hotel. Meanwhile, Mona and the campers tell scary stories and play pranks on the counselor.

Who's the Boss? S2E3
Episode 3

Ad Man Micelli

Samantha has just begun junior high school, and has a little trouble becoming friends with the popular girls. Since they are all from wealthy families, Samantha is afraid they will not like her if they know of her true past, so she tells them that Tony owns Angela's house and is an advertising executive.

Who's the Boss? S2E4
Episode 4

The Heiress

The family is thrilled when a recently deceased stranger leaves Mona a sizable chunk of money in his will. Mona soon realizes who the man was, and suddenly doesn't want the money. The man turns out to be a former family friend with whom Mona had an affair many years ago.

Who's the Boss? S2E5
Episode 5

Tony the Matchmaker

Wally, a recently dumped friend of Tony's, is down on his luck, so Tony convinces Angela to go out with him. She is not interested in seeing him again, until Mona dates him. Then a mother-daughter rivalry begins for Wally's attention.

Who's the Boss? S2E6
Episode 6

Custody (1)

Michael, Angela's ex-husband, returns to announce he is going to be married again soon. He asks Jonathan to be his best man, so everyone goes to California for the wedding. Jonathan takes an instant liking to Heather, his father's new wife-to-be, and to the California lifestyle. Michael tells Angela that he thinks their son would have a better life in California, and that he wants custody of Jonathan.

Who's the Boss? S2E7
Episode 7

Custody (2)

While everyone prepares for the wedding, Angela and Michael plan for a legal battle for custody of Jonathan. Soon, Angela is ready to give up, but a messy incident at the ceremony proves to Michael and Heather that they are not ready to be parents.

Who's the Boss? S2E8
Episode 8

Hunk of the Month

After posing for a calendar, Tony becomes the object of a seductive woman's affections. Angela doesn't want him to date her, but her views change when one of the calendar's other stars takes an interest in her.

Who's the Boss? S2E9
Episode 9

Thanksgiving at Mrs. Rossini's

The family go to Mrs. Rossini's apartment for Thanksgiving. Angela is disgusted by the antiquated custom of women waiting on men, hand and foot. She also feels threatened by one of the guests, an attractive young girl who used to know Tony and is interested in him romantically. Meanwhile, Mona appears in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade as one of Santa's elves.

Who's the Boss? S2E10
Episode 10

The Prodigal Father-in-Law

Nick, Samantha's grandfather, is denied parole from prison, so he breaks out and prepares to run from the law. First, though, he must confront Samantha, who refuses to speak to him for what he is doing.

Who's the Boss? S2E11
Episode 11

The Graduate

Recent college graduate Mona is asked to secretly participate in a sting against age discrimination by applying for a job, then getting turned down. But when Angela learns that her mother has this job interview, she pulls some strings to get Mona hired.

Who's the Boss? S2E12
Episode 12

Tony the Nanny

A distant relative of Tony's comes to town to meet the man she is to marry through an arranged marriage. Upon learning that the intended groom is a male chauvinist, Tony throws him out of the house and forbids him to marry his cousin. But this infuriates her father, who flies from Italy to confront Tony.

Who's the Boss? S2E13
Episode 13

Junior Executive

When Samantha needs more money to participate in activities with her cheering squad, Angela hires her to work for her on Saturdays. But Samantha soon realizes that by working weekends, she is missing all the events she wanted money for. So she decides to do a poor job, hoping to get fired.

Who's the Boss? S2E14
Episode 14

Educating Tony

Angela is teaching a class on advertising, and Tony is one of her students. For the students' first assignment, they are to make a commercial for a laundry detergent. Tony is overbearingly proud of his ad, but Angela despises it and gives him an F.

Who's the Boss? S2E15
Episode 15

Gotta Dance

Tony signs Samantha up for ballet lessons. He is pleased when her instructor tells him she has great potential, but the compliment may not have been sincere.

Who's the Boss? S2E16
Episode 16

The Babysitter

A sitter's last-minute cancellation leaves Samantha to watch Jonathan while Angela and Tony go to a parents' meeting at school. Samantha panics when Jonathan inadvertently tosses a piece of jewelry down the sink drain. Although Tony had told her not to have any guests, the house is soon full of her friends: Chad, a boy who thinks he can retrieve the missing jewelry, and four of Samantha's friends who come to admire Chad. Tony and Angela return home just as the kids are sneaking out.

Who's the Boss? S2E17
Episode 17

Jonathan Plays Cupid

Jonathan's friend gets him worrying that, one day, Tony may no longer be part of his life. Hoping to ensure against Tony leaving, Jonathan arranges for him and Angela to meet on Valentine's Day at a restaurant for a romantic dinner for two. But they think that the "Mr. Bower" behind this evening is really Michael, Angela's ex-husband.

Who's the Boss? S2E18
Episode 18

When Worlds Collide

Tony's poker game has run late, and Angela hurries him to clean up the house in time for her friend who will soon be arriving. Just as his last guest (a raucous Brooklynite) is ready to leave, Angela's friend (a quiet, straight-laced woman) arrives, and the two end up as an item.

Who's the Boss? S2E19
Episode 19

Losers and Other Strangers

Tony is excited about his bowling trophy. But his victory is overshadowed when Angela, who was quite certain she would win an advertising award for which she'd been nominated, comes home empty-handed. Tony suggests that Angela might feel better about her loss if she congratulated the winner.

Who's the Boss? S2E20
Episode 20

Tony for President

Tony's campaign for PTA president is clouded by his opponent's mudslinging. He attempts to justify her accusations by explaining some past misunderstandings.

Who's the Boss? S2E21
Episode 21

Not with My Client, You Don't

A wealthy international client of Angela's sends his daughter to handle his affairs. She takes a liking to Tony, who agrees to be her escort. But Angela soon feels that she forced the woman on Tony, and goes to break them up.

Who's the Boss? S2E22
Episode 22

Angela's New Best Friend

Arrogant, obnoxious neighbor Diane is devastated by her husband's recent decision to leave her for their maid. She temporarily moves in with the Bowers and Micellis, and nobody in the family enjoys her company.

Who's the Boss? S2E23
Episode 23

There's No Business Like Shoe Business

After hearing a colleague from the shoe factory describe his boredom with his life, Mona encourages him to be spontaneous and pursue a new life. He takes her advice a little too far when he leaves his wife and infant in search of Hollywood stardom.

Who's the Boss? S2E24
Episode 24

The Unnatural

One of Tony's old baseball friends visits and the two end up in a competition to organize a team of players, then play each other. Tony wants to have Angela play for his team, but when he turns out to be a demanding coach, she decides to play for the other team.

Who's the Boss? S2E25
Episode 25

The Anniversary Show

Angela had planned a special dinner for five, in honor of Tony and Samantha's two-year anniversary in Connecticut, but Tony is the only one who doesn't have other plans. During the meal, Tony falls ill and is rushed to the hospital in need of surgery. After he has been given sedatives, but just before he falls asleep, he says "I love you" to Angela.

Who's the Boss? S2E26
Episode 26

Charmed Lives

Angela has found a model to play the part of a princess in a series of pasta commercials. But the client instead chooses a shy photographer, who didn't even want the job.

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