Who's the Boss?

Who's the Boss?

Who's the Boss? - Season 4 Episodes

Who's the Boss? S4E1
Episode 1

Frankie and Tony Are Lovers

While attending a street fair in Brooklyn, Tony runs into an old flame, whose interest in him is rekindled. Angela fears losing him. She seeks advice from a therapist and is forced to face her feelings for Tony.

Who's the Boss? S4E2
Episode 2

Big Girl on Campus

Sam makes a date with a 15-year-old college student, without telling Tony. Tony bleeds Sam's friend Julia for what she knows about Sam’s plans. He interrupts her study-date at the college library, and makes a big scene, humiliating Sam.

Who's the Boss? S4E3
Episode 3

There Goes the Bride

Angela and Tony play matchmaker with two shy friends of theirs, who hit it off and agree to get married. The wedding is set to take place at Angela’s house, but guests are distracted by a hockey game on TV, causing the wedding plans to be altered.

Who's the Boss? S4E4
Episode 4

A Trip to the Principal

Jonathan's academic performance accelerates him ahead a grade, and to a new school. He has trouble adjusting at first, but soon makes a friend. The friend is a mumbling troublemaker and Jonathan soon finds himself in trouble too.

Who's the Boss? S4E5
Episode 5

New Kid in Town

Samantha needs a date for her school dance. Tony meets Jesse, an environmentally conscious young man at the market, and brings him home to meet Samantha. But she has found a date, one who decides not to go to the dance after Jesse explains why he is boycotting the event. Despite a rocky start, Samantha and Jesse soon become an item.

Who's the Boss? S4E6
Episode 6

Two on a Billboard

In a publicity stunt to encourage children to read, Tony lives on a billboard for 48 hours. The ensuing media attention lands him a very attractive job offer.

Who's the Boss? S4E7
Episode 7

A Farewell to Nick

Following Nick's death, Tony is concerned when Samantha seems unaffected by the loss of her grandfather.

Who's the Boss? S4E8
Episode 8

Hell on Wheels

Tony is confined to a wheelchair after injuries to both legs on separate occasions, both involving Angela. Tony’s impatience with Angela’s help prompts her to hire a nurse, who ends up causing more harm than good.

Who's the Boss? S4E9
Episode 9

A Fishy Tale

Mrs. Rossini is devastated after her husband has left her. Tony pitches in to help her run their fish market, but the work, coupled with the search for a capable new employee, soon becomes too much for Tony.

Who's the Boss? S4E10
Episode 10

Car and Driver

Jesse and Samantha get into a vehicle accident, and they are skeptical to come forward with the truth: that Samantha, who has not yet received her driver's license, was behind the wheel.

Who's the Boss? S4E11
Episode 11

Just Mona and Me

One of Angela’s clients is more interested in Mona than in Angela’s presentation. Their romance appears to be going well, but just before they are to take a cruise together, he calls and cancels the trip and the relationship with no explanation. Tony and Angela decide to investigate and are surprised at what they learn.

Who's the Boss? S4E12
Episode 12

Yellow Submarine

Tony and Samantha are hired to work at a local fast-food restaurant, a popular hangout for the local teens. When Tony kicks out two of the popular boys, all the other kids follow, leaving the place virtually empty. The disappointed manager instructs Sam to fire Tony, or else Sam will lose her job.

Who's the Boss? S4E13
Episode 13

Another Single Parent

Tony and Angela make friends with a new neighbor, a single mom with a young girl. The closer Tony gets to her, the more suspicious Angela becomes about the woman's secret past.

Who's the Boss? S4E14
Episode 14

All in the Famiglia

Some of Tony's relatives visit from Italy. One of his young single cousins develops feelings for Angela, which forces Tony to tell the cousin he and Angela have an undefined relationship and he wants to keep it that way.

Who's the Boss? S4E15
Episode 15

Steady as She Goes

Samantha accepts when Jesse asks her to go steady. She soon feels that her dedication to him is taking away from spending time with the other guy in her life: Tony.

Who's the Boss? S4E16
Episode 16

Tony and the Dreamtones

The other four members of Tony's high school a-cappella group visit and hope to perform at the school once more before it is destroyed. Angela has a dream to sing with them, but Tony has to change the rules for that to happen.

Who's the Boss? S4E17
Episode 17

The Matriculator

In an attempt to spark Samantha's interest in pursuing higher education, Tony gets bitten by the academic bug himself, and decides to become a college student. But he begins to have doubts as to whether he is up to the challenge.

Who's the Boss? S4E18
Episode 18

Three Teens and a Tony

While Jesse is away, Sam's friend, Mason, is staying at the Bowers' house. After spending an evening with him, Sam kisses him, and then worries about confessing to Jesse when he returns.

Who's the Boss? S4E19
Episode 19

Housekeepers Unite

Upon learning Tony's salary, the neighborhood housekeepers feel underpaid and stage a walkout. At first, Tony doesn't want to join them, but Angela's words change his mind.

Who's the Boss? S4E20
Episode 20

Model Daughter

Sam poses in a photo shoot for one of Angela's campaigns. She considers a career in professional modeling, much to Tony's chagrin.

Who's the Boss? S4E21
Episode 21

Marry Me, Mona

Max proposes marriage to Mona, but she turns him down, claiming she likes things the way they are. But Max doesn't give up -- he makes a number of attempts to change Mona's mind. She finally does say yes, but only after Max's ex-wife surprises him with a visit. Angela worries that Mona's change of decision is for the wrong reason.

Who's the Boss? S4E22
Episode 22

Prom Night II

Sam and Jesse's preparations for the upcoming prom are overshadowed by Angela's quest to have everything perfect. She becomes so overbearing that Sam decides she doesn't want to go at all.

Who's the Boss? S4E23
Episode 23

Sleep Talk, Sweet Talk

Angela is unknowingly waking everyone up at night, sleep-talking about Tony. She overhears a discussion about this the morning after she is heard saying "Tony, I love you". Her embarrassment leads her to not come home, and miss her birthday party.

Who's the Boss? S4E24
Episode 24

The Two Tonys

Tony and Angela run into a girl he knew from the old neighborhood. She is now married to an arrogant, extremely competitive man, who challenges Tony to a serious game of pool.

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