Wildfire - Season 3 Episodes

Wildfire S3E1
Episode 1

Fairy Tale Ending

In the third-season premiere, Kris learns what happened to Kerry while Raintree deals with the unexpected fallout of the Breeders' Cup win.

Wildfire S3E2
Episode 2

The Feud

Kris resorts to desperate measures to ease Raintree's financial crisis.

Wildfire S3E3
Episode 3

Moving On

Kris has a falling-out with Jean over Wildfire's readiness to race again.

Wildfire S3E4
Episode 4

Close To Home

The destruction of Kris's trailer by fire forces her to move into the Ritters' house, which brings her closer to an old flame.

Wildfire S3E5
Episode 5

Love Vs. Work

Kris is distracted by the return of her rival, Tina Sharp (Amy Jo Johnson), who is tapped to ride a Raintree boarder's horse that used to belong to the Davis ranch.

Wildfire S3E6
Episode 6

Kiss Kiss

Kris is overcome by emotion when she helps Matt and Junior try to save Flame from being sold by Junior's dad.

Wildfire S3E7
Episode 7

Push Me/Pull You

Kris worries about her status at Raintree after Gillian moves into the bunkhouse with Matt and begins offering unsolicited advice about Wildfire's training.

Wildfire S3E8
Episode 8

The Good-Bye

With Raintree in dire financial straits, Jean and Matt's willingness to consider a buyer's offer draws criticism from Pablo and Kris.

Wildfire S3E9
Episode 9


Kris increasingly becomes the object of Matt's affection; this renders his relationship with Gillian incompatible.

Wildfire S3E10
Episode 10


Kris and Matt's rekindled relationship comes as a shock to Junior, who is distracted by consoling Dani in her time of mourning.

Wildfire S3E11
Episode 11

You Can't Count On Me

Kris' endeavors to get accustomed to her new relationship with Matt and deal with Pablo's departure are interrupted by a surprise visit from her half brother (Ignacio Serricchio).

Wildfire S3E12
Episode 12

Picking Sides

Kris tries to repair the rift between Matt and Junior, but the tension is exacerbated by the approach of the important Bristol Stakes and the return of Gillian, who proceeds to resume her bonding with Junior.

Wildfire S3E13
Episode 13

So Long, Pardner

In the third-season finale, Kris and Matt weigh a generous offer from Sheik Omar that would go a long way toward easing Raintree's financial woes---but that also may be against the law.

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