Wilfred - Season 1 Episodes

Wilfred - Season 1

Wilfred - Season 1

Wilfred is a live-action comedy about Ryan, a young man struggling unsuccessfully to make his way in the world until he forms a unique friendship with Wilfred, his neighbor's canine pet. Everyone else sees Wilfred as just a dog, but Ryan sees a crude and somewhat surly, yet irrepressibly brave and honest Australian bloke in a cheap dog suit.

Wilfred S1E1
Episode 1


After a failed suicide attempt, Ryan forms a unique connection with his neighbor's dog, Wilfred.

Wilfred S1E2
Episode 2


Ryan betrays Wilfred’s trust to gain favor with Jenna, but his deception yields an unexpected secret about her.

Wilfred S1E3
Episode 3


Ryan finally learns why Wilfred planted his wallet at the scene of the crime when Spencer comes around seeking vengeance.

Wilfred S1E4
Episode 4


Ryan's efforts to reconcile with his sister cause Wilfred to have a shocking experience at doggy day care.

Wilfred S1E5
Episode 5


Ryan and Wilfred volunteer at a hospice and discover Wilfred may have a remarkable secret talent.

Wilfred S1E6
Episode 6


Wilfred persuades Ryan to help him get rid of Jenna’s boyfriend.

Wilfred S1E7
Episode 7


Wilfred's pursuit of a new love interest forces Ryan to swallow his pride - among other things.

Wilfred S1E8
Episode 8


When Wilfred learns that Ryan feels responsible for the death of his beloved childhood dog, he goes to otherworldly lengths to help Ryan learn the truth.

Wilfred S1E9
Episode 9


Ryan's resentment of his eccentric mother is exacerbated when Wilfred starts treating her like the mum he never had.

Wilfred S1E10
Episode 10


Wilfred uses Ryan's unhealthy habit of isolating as a means to rid himself of a neighborhood pest.

Wilfred S1E11
Episode 11


Ryan begins to suspect that his friendship with Wilfred may be self-destructive.

Wilfred S1E12
Episode 12


Wilfred urges Ryan to sacrifice his newfound happiness for a greater good

Wilfred S1E13
Episode 13


Ryan ignores Wilfred's advice, creating an existential crisis for both of them.

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