Wire in the Blood

Wire in the Blood

Wire in the Blood - Season 3 Episodes

Wire in the Blood - Season 3

Wire in the Blood - Season 3

Brilliant, passionate and eccentric, clinical psychologist Dr. Tony Hill (Robson Green) has an extraordinary understanding of the criminal mind. It enables him to empathize with both victim and murderer-and even to visualize the crimes.

Wire in the Blood S3E1
Episode 1


Tony suspects a serial killer is luring dejected children to their deaths when the bodies of three young boys are found in different places in Bradfield.

Wire in the Blood S3E2
Episode 2

Bad Seed

Tony becomes convinced that a series of vicious murders are the work of killer William 'Mack the Knife' MacAdam, who has enrolled as a PhD student in Tony's university class following his release from prison.

Wire in the Blood S3E3
Episode 3

Nothing But The Night

Carol recalls Tony from a publicity tour for his latest book to help with an investigation into the murder of a woman beaten to death with a steam iron. A series of bizarre murders follow, but Tony is distracted by the unwelcome attentions of a stalker.

Wire in the Blood S3E4
Episode 4


Tony is admitted to the hospital for tests after being hit on the head by a suspect, where it's discovered he has a brain tumor.

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