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Without a Trace - Season 6 Episodes

Without a Trace - Season 6

Without a Trace - Season 6

The sixth season of Without a Trace began airing in United States on September 27, 2007. Twelve episodes had been completed before the WGA Strike. A further six episodes were produced after the end of the strike, making this the shortest season of Without a Trace at 18 episodes.

This season included a cross-over with CSI: Crime Scene Investigation involving Jack and Gil Grissom tracking a serial killer from Las Vegas to New York. This established Without a Trace as part of the same fictional universe as the trilogy of CSI shows and Cold Case.

The sixth season of Without a Trace has not been released on DVD in region 1 but was released in region 2 in Germany on November 20, 2009 on and in the UK on July 5, 2010.

Without a Trace S6E1
Episode 1

Lost Boy

When Elijah, a 2-year-old boy who was adopted from Sudan disappears from his home, Malone's team questions whether the abduction is connected to the parents' celebrity or the boy's native country.

Without a Trace S6E2
Episode 2

Clean Up

When crime scene cleanup expert Leo Cutler and his unhappy 18-year-old daughter, Hannah, disappear from their home, the agents wonder whether any of Leo's clients are involved.

Without a Trace S6E3
Episode 3

Res Ipsa

Respected investigative television reporter Christine Woods disappears after visiting a hospital to research a fraud exposé.

Without a Trace S6E4
Episode 4


When Rhonda Brewer vanishes after her boyfriend is killed in a police shooting outside a nightclub, the team wonders whether the woman's brother, Wallace, leader of a violent gang, could be connected to her disappearance.

Without a Trace S6E5
Episode 5


It's an ordinary morning at Rushlight Distribution's cubicle-filled corporate office, until a man walks in with a pistol and a shotgun, randomly shooting terrified office workers before turning the gun on himself.

Without a Trace S6E6
Episode 6

Where & Why (2)

Picking up where CSI left off in the episode entitled "Who and What," ruthless serial killer Terry Lee Wicker is fleeing across Arizona with his abducted son, Kobe.

Without a Trace S6E7
Episode 7


While debating with an African American student in the middle of a college seminar, sophomore Tom Sweeney lets loose with a racist comment that turns the seminar into a full-out brawl.

Without a Trace S6E8
Episode 8


Ultimate fighter Brett Hendricks battles against a ferocious opponent in front of a rabid crowd.

Without a Trace S6E9
Episode 9

One Wrong Move

A woman, Lindsay Bynum, is escorted out of her maximum security prison cell, and promptly vanishes once she is departs out the main gate.

Without a Trace S6E10
Episode 10

Claus and Effect

In a shopping mall at the peak of the holiday season, a cheerful elf takes a picture of Glen Beckett, a good looking mall Santa posing with a kid sitting on his lap.

Without a Trace S6E11
Episode 11


On a poorly lit block off the Westside Highway, hookers strut while johns cruise past.

Without a Trace S6E12
Episode 12

Article 32

Laura Richards is a young sculptor who creates prosthetics for war veterans and others in need of limbs. After perfecting a new arm, she brings it to the main recovery floor of a New York Veteran's Hospital.

Without a Trace S6E13
Episode 13

Hard Reset

Vivian has enlisted the help of the team in finding Franklin Romar, the head of the human trafficking ring that slipped out of her hands (in "One Wrong Move").

Without a Trace S6E14
Episode 14

A Bend in the Road

Diana Raitt is not your average high school student.

Without a Trace S6E15
Episode 15

Deja Vu

After three years in a non-responsive coma, Jay McCann defies all odds and wakes up.

Without a Trace S6E16
Episode 16

A Dollar and a Dream

acey Moran, a lotto winner, leaves a camping trip with her best friends, Trish, Jeff, and Eliot, to have a meeting with the Co-op board at her new apartment she purchased with her fresh lottery winnings.

Without a Trace S6E17
Episode 17


Connor Bane became a hero when he rescued a 4 year-old boy from being hit by a truck.

Without a Trace S6E18
Episode 18


It's business as usual for barista Millie as she makes her daily morning coffees. A few customers sit and enjoy their morning cup of joe and then, one by one, they all vanish.

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