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Without a Trace - Season 7 Episodes

Without a Trace - Season 7

Without a Trace - Season 7

The seventh and final season of Without a Trace began airing on September 23, 2008 and ended on May 19, 2009. There are 24 episodes in this season. It was announced on the morning of the season finale, May 19, 2009, that CBS declined to renew the show for an eighth season.

For the U.S. 2008–09 television season the seventh season of Without a Trace ranked 18th with an average of 12.97 million viewers.

Without a Trace S7E1
Episode 1


Ryan (35) follows an anxious, wiry man (20s) down a dark city street. As the man turns and sees him, Ryan angrily demands answers.

Without a Trace S7E2
Episode 2


At a glam roof top party in lower Manhattan, we find Sarah Kent (late 20s), a junior executive at a high-end apparel company. The company is about to be bought out and the vibe is festive.

Without a Trace S7E3
Episode 3

Last Call

Alan Reynolds is a white collar criminal doing time for hedge fund fraud. He's set to testify at the trial of his former partner, the mastermind behind the plan, when he is abducted by masked men.

Without a Trace S7E4
Episode 4

True / False

Sean (17) lives in Park Slope, where he attends an exclusive prep school. Although he is an "A" student, the constant pressure to succeed, especially from his strict, by-the-book father, has coaxed this otherwise good kid into becoming a rebellious teen.

Without a Trace S7E5
Episode 5

Rise and Fall

Ariana (27) talks with a traumatized Fran in a small bedroom.

Without a Trace S7E6
Episode 6

Live to Regret

Newlyweds ERIN and LEON are anxious to start a family. They seem to have their lives before them - she was recently promoted at the bank where she works and he is a pharmaceutical sales rep.

Without a Trace S7E7
Episode 7


CHRIS HOWE (26) rides his bike on a winding back road enjoying the perfect summer night.

Without a Trace S7E8
Episode 8

Better Angels

Rob Simms (31) puts on a dark suit and tie, preparing for a funeral his fiancee doesn't want him to attend.

Without a Trace S7E9
Episode 9

Push Comes to Shove

Third year resident, Erica Loza, is busy getting a patient air-vaced to another hospital to have surgery on a brain mass.

Without a Trace S7E10
Episode 10

Cloudy with a Change of Gettysburg

It's another day of weather reporting for up and coming star, StormStomper Ben Coleman.

Without a Trace S7E11
Episode 11


Divorced mom SHERI STEVENS unexpectedly shows up at Webster Junior High to pick up her daughter DAPHNE (13). When Sheri suggests an impromptu shopping trip, Daphne is puzzled - it’s not her mother’s visitation day.

Without a Trace S7E12
Episode 12

Believe Me

It’s 9:30 AM on a Saturday morning and hundreds of people are waiting in line to get into Ike’s bar. EDDIE (34) can’t believe his luck. A week before, hardly anyone wanted to darken his door.

Without a Trace S7E13
Episode 13

Once Lost

In the lounge of an upscale hotel, Bianca (32), a street savvy undercover cop, works a sting with Homeland Security Agent Paul to catch cyber-thieves selling stolen identities.

Without a Trace S7E14
Episode 14

Friends and Neighbors

A clear, winter morning on a pleasant suburban street. Cate and Julie (both blonde and in their 30s) are best friends and neighbors who share a cup of coffee as Julie readies her 9 year-old son, Gavin, for pee-wee hockey practice.

Without a Trace S7E15
Episode 15


Jay Lester(21) is a college student who has it all: looks, brains and charm in spades. Not only that, he’s popular and generous with all his friends. The future indeed looks bright.

Without a Trace S7E16
Episode 16


Kara Westfield (25) and husband Jonah (late 20's) show off their newborn son, Hayden at the self-defense studio where Kara works.

Without a Trace S7E17
Episode 17

Voir Dire

Protesters gather outside the courthouse where a trial – a civil suit against a chemical company accused of contaminating ground water with toxins – is underway.

Without a Trace S7E18
Episode 18


Our agents are called to Justin’s office, which was found in disarray by his suitemate DON, a fellow psychologist.

Without a Trace S7E19
Episode 19


LANA PETERS (27) is not shy around men. When she spots an eligible bachelor in a bar, grocery store or even an airport, she pounces.

Without a Trace S7E20
Episode 20

Hard Landing

Keith Baldwin (31) is dropped off by wife Natalie at a small airfield. He’s flying his Cessna up to meet a client. Keith assures her that after this trip, things will be easier and they’ll spend more time together. She reminds him he’s said that before. This time it’s true, he promises, and he wants to start a family. She’s overjoyed, tells him to hurry back, and as he heads for his plane… he vanishes. Our agents are called to a forested area where Keith’s plane has crashed. The cause of the crash has not yet been determined and there’s no sign of Keith. Our agents wonder why they’ve been called in. Isn’t this more search-and-rescue than FBI? Not when the pilot’s dad has Bureau connections. Turns out Keith Baldwin is the son of Ross Baldwin, a Warren Buffet like fund manager worth 50 billion dollars.

Meanwhile Martin discovers that Kim Marcus is not who she claims to be.

Without a Trace S7E21
Episode 21


Attractive and charismatic, Molly Simmons (30) draws stares as she walks into a dive bar. The Bartender tells Molly that this is no place for her. But Molly is undeterred, orders herself a drink, and moments later is joined by a Skeevy Guy who’s been waiting for her to show. In a cryptic exchange, she asks if he has what she needs; he says that he does. She pulls cash from her purse to pay him, but he’s nervous, says they need to go someplace more private. Molly nods for him to follow her outside and as they exit into the night…she vanishes.

Our agents learn that Molly graduated from covering celebrity gossip to writing hard-hitting exposés for an on-line magazine. Did the subject of her latest piece, an Eliot Spitzer-like Politician, come after her for tying him to a drugs and prostitution scandal? That theory is complicated when Molly’s editor reveals that she fabricated a source for the story. With her entire body of work now under suspicion, could new victims of her deception have emerged? The case takes a turn when we discover that upon leaving the bar Molly checked herself into a mental institution… under an assumed name. We arrive only to find that she is not at the facility and unaccounted for. Was this another exposé? Did staff at the institution discover her true aim and silence her? Or was Molly hiding from those on the outside who would do her harm? Needing answers, our agents must delve into a murky world where reality and perception do not always agree. As Molly’s hidden motives are revealed, it becomes clear that she is squarely in harm’s way, completely unaware that collateral damage she caused is circling back at her.

Without a Trace S7E22
Episode 22


It’s family movie night and dad brings home a special treat. While passing a street vendor he buys a pirated copy of Shrek 6. The family gathers around, popcorn in hand, ready to watch. But when dad hits play what appears on the screen is Blair Witch-style video of a terrified ASIAN GIRL (17) tied to a chair in a dank basement being psychologically tormented by an unseen captor. Is this a prank or a snuff film? As our Agents analyze the footage it becomes clear that this is real. This girl is in trouble, but who is she? As the captor tells her she’s going to die soon, the girl VANISHES. With little to go on, our Agents have to move fast to ID this girl. The video reveals a tattoo on the girl that leads them to a tattoo shop in Chinatown. Our missing girl has a name, STACEY WU, (17), a talented artist and straight-A student, whose boyfriend, FRANKIE, (23) recently overdosed on prescription drugs. Stacey was devastated and his loss sent her down a troubling path. But Frankie led a troubled life of his own. Did Stacey’s heartbreak lead her into the arms of a dangerous new man, or have Frankie’s troubles finally come back to haunt her?

The investigation takes a startling turn when our Agents discover the danger to Stacey was much closer to home. Was she the victim of her Stepfather when she discovered his lucrative trade in harvesting human organs for sale on the black-market? Or was it an act of retribution by Frankie’s mother, a woman obsessed with Chinese tradition who blames Stacey for her son’s death. As our Agents race to unravel a knot of Old World Chinese traditions and New World secrets they discover the answer may lie in Stacey’s eternal love for Frankie. A love that may ultimately kill her.

Without a Trace S7E23
Episode 23


After Hannah's boyfriend disappears on stay in New York, Jack hesitates to assign the team on his case.

Without a Trace S7E24
Episode 24


Derek Wilson (27) meets girlfriend Robin (29) and her son Travis (8, not Derek’s) at a park. It’s a happy family moment as they share donuts and hot chocolate. Derek gets a phone call and tells Maria he’s got to go to work.

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