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Workaholics follows Mail Order Comedy's Blake (Blake Anderson), Adam (Adam Devine) and Ders (Anders Holm), three friends who work together as telemarketers from 9 to 5, live together from 5 to 9 and party together 24/7. Whether they're at their house in Rancho Cucamonga or getting ready to rage at a Renaissance Faire, the guys find trouble wherever they go.

When crushing it on the phones at TelAmeriCorp, the guys give guidance to their friend Jillian (Jillian Bell) and take earfuls from their competitive co-worker Montez (Erik Griffin), all while avoiding the watchful eye of their boss Alice (Maribeth Monroe).

When the clock strikes five -- and often before that -- the guys can be found at their favorite bar, children’s park or enjoying the product of their friend/drug dealer Karl "the human genius" (MOC’s Kyle Newacheck) and drinking beers on their roof.

Workaholics is directed by Kyle Newacheck, executive produced by Kevin Etten ("Scrubs") and airs Tuesdays at 10:30/9:30c.

Workaholics News
Sexcastle Action-Comedy Teams Workaholics Duo & the Russo Bros.Sexcastle Action-Comedy Teams Workaholics Duo & the Russo Bros.
Workaholics creator and star Blake Anderson will headline an adaptation of the graphic novel Sexcastle, with the Russo Bros. producing.
GIVEAWAY: Win Workaholics Season 5 on Blu-rayGIVEAWAY: Win Workaholics Season 5 on Blu-ray
Relive all 13 new episodes of Comedy Central's hit Workaholics by entering our contest to win the Season 5 Blu-ray.
GIVEAWAY: Win Workaholics Season 4 on Blu-rayGIVEAWAY: Win Workaholics Season 4 on Blu-ray
Join in the fun with Adam, Blake and Ders as they head back to work with 13 new episodes and uncensored Workaholics footage you can't see on TV.
Workaholics Season 4 Arrives on Blu-ray June 3rd with Uncencored FootageWorkaholics Season 4 Arrives on Blu-ray June 3rd with Uncencored Footage
Celebrate Half-Christmas with 13 new Workaholics episodes, uncensored content that's too hot for TV, outtakes, deleted scenes and alternate takes.
Neighbors: Seth Rogen and Zac Efron Meet the WorkaholicsNeighbors: Seth Rogen and Zac Efron Meet the Workaholics
Adam, Blake and Ders are in search of a new cubicle mate, but they're unique interview methods may be too much for Seth and Zack to handle.
Workaholics Team with Producer Scott Rudin for New Comedy Movie
Series co-creator Kyle Newacheck will direct the comedy feature. Blake Anderson, Adam DeVine and Anders Holm are writing and starring.
GIVEAWAY: Win Workaholics: Season Three on Blu-ray
Adam DeVine, Blake Anderson and Anders Holm return as TelAmeriCorp's model employees on this two-disc Blu-ray set, debuting June 18th.
Workaholics: Season Three Blu-ray and DVD Arrive June 18th
Adam DeVine, Blake Anderson, and Anders Holm star in this Comedy Central series about three hard-partying telemarketers.
The Workaholics Are Planning a Big Screen Action Comedy
It won't be a Workaholics movie, but it will be in the same tone as the popular sitcom.
EXCLUSIVE: Blake Anderson Talks Ninja Turtles and Workaholics Season 3
TeleAmeriCorp's least likely Employee of the Month is back this Tuesday with all-new episodes of the hit Comedy Central series.
Workaholics First Date Video
In anticipation of Season 3, MTV picks up with the guys for a round of mini-golf.
Workaholics Season 2 Finale Clip
Blake doesn't have a passport with only 6 Hours Till Hedonism II, Tuesday, November 22nd, only on Comedy Central.
Workaholics Episode 2.09 Clip
The guys hope to reclaim their machismo as they Man Up for an all-new episode, November 15th on Comedy Central.
Workaholics Episode 2.08 Clip
Kyle Newacheck returns for Karl's Wedding in this all-new episode of the Comedy Central hit series, airing November 8th.
EXCLUSIVE: Blake Anderson and Anders Holm Talk Workaholics
Two-thirds of the hilarious trio behind Comedy Central's breakout hit offer insight into the end of Season 2, and what to expect in Season 3.
Workaholics Gets Season 3 on Comedy Central
Adam, Blake, and Ders will return to TeleAmeriCorp in 2012 for another run of all-new episodes.
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