Two New The Croods Posters

Nicolas Cage, Ryan Reynolds, and Emma Stone voice this DreamWorks Animation comedy about a family of cavemen searching for a new home.
BYBrian Gallagher | February 7th, 2013
Two New The Croods Posters

DreamWorks Animation has unveiled two new posters for The Croods, the studio's upcoming comedy that takes us back to a much simpler, prehistoric time. Nicolas Cage lends his voice to Grug, the patriarch of the title family, who all go on a quest to find a new home after their cave is destroyed. During their journey, they meet the free-thinking Guy (Ryan Reynolds), who dazzles them with his intellect and cool new 'creations' such as fire. These one-sheets bring the whole family together, including Grug, Guy, Eep (Emma Stone), Ugga (Catherine Keener), Thunk (Clark Duke), and Gran (Cloris Leachman). Check out the entire family posing for a photo, centuries before the camera was invented.

The Croods Poster 1

The Croods Poster 2

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