Universal Pictures Has Another ‘American Pie’ Cooking

This new theatrical film might feature some cast members from the original films.
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American Pie reboot is in the worksThe Los Angeles Times is reporting that Universal Pictures is planning to bring back American Pie.

Writers Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg (Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle) will script this new version of the franchise. The present title is simply American Pie 4.

American Pie came out in 1999 and made more than $200 million worldwide. Sequels American Pie 2 and American Wedding followed.

After this, a bunch of direct-to-DVD titles were released under the "American Pie Presents" banner.

Universal is presently keeping mum on American Pie 4

Although no actor's deals are in place, it is believed that some of the original cast is interested in returning.

Seann William Scott, Jason Biggs, Shannon Elizabeth and Alyson Hannigan were a few of the young comedic actors who got their break in the first film. It isn't yet known how these older characters would fit into the somewhat youthful world of the new one.

Universal is hoping that people's love for the American Pie franchise will spark a lot of interest in a new theatrical film.

American Pie was released July 9th, 1999.

American Pie 2 was released August 10th, 2001.

American Wedding was released August 1st, 2003.

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  • jameslev • 6 years ago

    just throwing this out there but i thought of a great idea for this movie not as a plot but just as a random something, i dont know about anybody else but the first time i watched american pie after harold and kumar came out i was like "ohh thats harold" and idk if they drop his name in american pie but if they were to do like american reunion or something and they put him back in it as harold and harold brought his buddy kumar to the reunion with him id be in love, harold and kumar clearly takes place after high school it would make perfect sense (except for that scene in guantanamo bay with them in high school and harold is like gothic or whatever but we can all find it in our hearts to forget about that part and say he went to high school with the stifmeister. I would love to see harold, kumar, stifler, and fitch shooting the sh*t smoking a blunt talking about their crazy lives and at some point just picture kumar saying in his ridiculous kumar voice while hitting the blunt "dude he f*cked your mom?", i think itd be a great addition


    • vanboy • 6 years ago

      The direct to DVD movies were weak, watered down, PG-13, lame attempts at best. If the original cast members come back, at least it will be better than those.

      Even American Wedding was a bit weak. Only about a third of the original cast came back, and the story relied too heavily on them. Although his character kills, Sean William Scott got a bit annoying at times, to the point that he seemed to be doing an impersonation of himself doing Stifler, instead of just playing the character. We'll see. I'm hopeful, but not optimistic.


      • narrator • 6 years ago

        Well the second was actually a nice throwback to the days of childhood for me. A simpler side of one at least. I say bring it, with all core characters back. It should be a nice wrap up.

        Con's: It could bomb and be what Illuminati down there said but worse.

        Pro's: It could be decent or better, and finally end the direct to DVD "American Pie" Presents crap, that seem to constantly swarm Universal DVD's with their commercials.


        • illuminati • 6 years ago

          the only why i would see this is if they make a MATURE comedy, rather than a stupid slapstick turdfest.

          i guarantee this will be spread so thin it'll be typical high brow comedy. I can't stand this sh*te


          • soylentgreen • 6 years ago

            I have a feeling that this is going to be titled "American Baby", or something like that.

            I like the first three Pie movies, so I hope this turns out well. Hopefully, Hurwitz and Schlossberg don't make it too jokey.


            • jason27 • 6 years ago

              Wooohoooo! YES PLEASE! :D This will be awesome! Ive enjoyed the direct to dvd releases over the past few years. But this needs to happen! With as many original cast members as possible!


              • remy72883 • 6 years ago

                see i agree with Dsb666 i like the idea of a high school reunion, plus i would love to see the origional cast back in action, but i didnt really like stifler in the 3rd one i thought his character was better in the first and second one, dont know if im the only one that noticed.


                • dsb666 • 6 years ago

                  they need to call it American reunion and have them all return for their to year high school reunion and see how far they all have come since the last time we saw them all the while getting into some funny shennanigans


                  • instead8909 • 6 years ago

                    years ago I wanted to see another one but now this is more lame than Stifler puking up nothing.


                    • stiles • 6 years ago

                      Christ help us. I'm waiting for 'American Pie - The Funeral'


                      • jfromrepublica • 6 years ago

                        It would be cool if it was called "American Anniversary", hence years after Jim and Michelle married. Perhaps it shows themes of divorce, or pregnancy. You know, something really funny, with Stifler still being who he is. The whole cast back!


                        • cerealkiller • 6 years ago

                          I would love another American Pie movie.


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