‘Walking with Dinosaurs’ Picked Up by 20th Century Fox

This new live-action 3D adventure is based off the 1999 BBC mini-series.
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‘Walking with Dinosaurs’ Picked Up by 20th Century Fox

20th Century Fox turning Walking With Dinosaurs mini-series into a 3D movie Twentieth Century Fox has acquired distribution rights for the U.S. and for most major international territories to Walking with Dinosaurs, the CGI and live-action 3D feature film being produced by Reliance Big Pictures, Evergreen Films and BBC Earth. The deal, negotiated between Fox and sales and financing company IM Global, was announced today by Emma Watts, president of production for Twentieth Centuy Fox. BBC Worldwide Managing Director Marcus Arthur and IM Global CEO Stuart Ford.

Walking with Dinosaurs will use live-action footage of scenery and CGI creatures to create an intimate and engaging 3D adventure for the entire family, transporting audiences to a breathtaking prehistoric world when dinosaurs ruled the Earth.

The big budget production is co-directed by Neil Nightingale and Pierre de Lespinois, and written by John Collee (Happy Feet).

In addition to U.S. distribution rights, Fox picked up rights in a number of key international markets, including the U.K., France, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Italy, Latin America and others. Reliance subsidiary IM Global has, since the film's launch at AFM last week, now sold out worldwide rights with other key territory buyers including Constantin (Germany), Alliance (Canada), Aurum (Spain) and Dutch Filmworks (Benelux).

The popular six-part television series, on which the film is based, debuted on the BBC in 1999 and has reached an audience of more than 700 million people. A subsequent live arena show began touring globally in 2007 and has played to more than 6.5 million fans.

Said Emma Watts: "Walking with Dinosaurs has been a huge success in the live tour and on TV and the franchise is perfect for a big screen event, 3D adaptation. We love it!"

Said Marcus Arthur: "I am thrilled that Twentieth Century Fox will be bringing Walking with Dinosaurs 3D to audiences the world over. Film is the next big step for this global franchise and we're creating an incredible cinema experience by combining the BBC's expertise in Natural History with Evergreen Films unique 3D technology. I can't wait to astound everyone with Walking with Dinosaurs 3D on the big screen."

The deal was negotiated by IM Global Founder and CEO Ford with several Fox executives over the weekend, as several other studios competed for the film.

Sources: 20th Century Fox

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  • instead8909 • 5 years ago

    I actually worked on one of the dino's from JP, we had to be very careful not to break the bones.

    Four of the dino's were built in my home town.

    This sounds cool though.


    • cripple • 5 years ago

      Awesome series, I remember watching them. Pumped for this.


      • bawnian-dexeus • 5 years ago

        And I have the Whole Walking With Dino's Series, and I still watch it


        • bawnian-dexeus • 5 years ago

          To this day, Jurassic Park has better CGI than Transformers, just saying


          • mattbierwagen • 5 years ago

            This was an amazing series,I was obsessed with it. @sylar ya im in 100 percent until they start talking. @skywise r u kidding. i still think half the stuff in Jurassic park looks real.


            • sylar • 5 years ago

              no talking dinosaurs PLEASE!!!


              • skywise • 5 years ago

                I love dino movies and these are movies that definatly benefeit from the technology. As much as i love Jurassic Park to this day, the effects are looking a bit dated. What makes that movie so great is the ammount of heart that was put into it....even tho it was nothing like the book. I love good special effects and for dinos you better have the best but you also have to have an awesome story with characters you care about or else its just another (insert huge special effects movie here with no heart and soul)


                • cyn-de-harven • 5 years ago

                  I was the Personal Assistant for the man who created this stage show for several months while he was based in LA working on his next venture. Alas, he died New Years Eve...


                  • brian • 5 years ago

                    Niiiiiice! I loved this series. One of the best things I've ever seen. Period.


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