Warner Bros. New Policy May Kill Hopes for ‘Wonder Woman’?

The president of production decrees that there will be no future films with female leads.
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Warner Bros. New Policy May Kill Hopes for ‘Wonder Woman’?

Following the poor performance of the Jodie Foster-starring The Brave One and the Nicole Kidman vehicle The Invasion, Warner Bros. President of production has made the decree that "We are no longer doing movies with women in the lead," writes Nikki Finke at Deadline Hollywood.

Finke writes: 'This comes to me from three different producers, so I know it's real.'

With the policy now being that every film produced by Warner Bros. must have a male lead, the future of a Wonder Woman movie looks grim indeed. While it cannot be argued that the woman-starring Elektra and Catwoman both left much to be desired, it seems utterly foolish to think that Warner Bros. would pass on making a long in-development film about one of DC Comic's most iconic characters due to this new policy.

Wonder Woman comes to theaters June 23rd, 2017.

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  • comicbookfan • 3 years ago

    This was absurd and sexist as all hell.


    • solarxi • 7 years ago

      A lot of these production companies base their next move on the film's box office reception


      • solarxi • 7 years ago

        Yeah this is some bullsh*t. A female lead is not the problem. It's all the pressure they get competing with stars like Denzel Washington, Will Smith and many others. I must admit the films Catwoman, and Elektra were bad movies for Jennifer Garner and Halle Berry. I agree with Blade UK, Kill Bill and Resident Evil gave a new look to having a female lead. With all the success with the latest DC Comics films Batman Begins, Superman Returns, and of course The Dark Knight there is a lot of hope for Wonder Woman. It doesn't have to have a well known actor, what's important is its script, production, and direction. I think this new policy is a load...


        • elron2000 • 7 years ago

          The policy is bogus and uncalled for, and WB knows that!!! It is a sexist comment and it should be addressed. Just because a movie does not work out does not absolutely mean it is the fault of the lead, especially actresses!!!! Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Garner, Halle Berry are all main stream actresses, who in my opinion, had to act with bad scripts. That is not the fault of theirs, they did their job. Talk to the writers and the directors and find the blame there. I am a guy and disagree totally with this policy. Place the blame on where it should be placed, and deal with it!!!


          • kevdaley1 • 8 years ago

            Kill Bill,Alien trilogy,Resident Evil.......All had strong female leads & made bucket loads of cash!


            • adamentia • 8 years ago

              Both Elektra and Catwoman were stupid movies. I can understand why they'd ban woman from leading rolls.


              • err2005 • 8 years ago

                thats a pretty retarded policy, but seriously, who would go see a wonder woman movie anyway?

                how good could a movie like that possibly be, anyway?

                wonder woman aside, the female lead thing doesnt play into my reasoning for whether or not to go see a movie, so i think its a bullsh*t policy.


                • kaya • 8 years ago

                  Alien franchise?

                  Panic Room?

                  Silence Of The Lambs?

                  Charlie's Angels movies?

                  Tomb Raider?

                  okay, so maybe the last 2 are not great movies, but they made money. Point being that there is a market, so why are they denying it?


                  • dahopas • 8 years ago

                    This is the most sexist thing that i have ever heard of in my life!!!!!! and im a guy!!!


                    • mavinx • 8 years ago

                      If this policy is true, I agree with it. No sense in making films that dont sell if you're in it for to make money, lol.


                      • frenzy2001 • 8 years ago

                        Oddly, my roommate and I were discussing this a few weeks ago. We had realized that there were no movies that we could recall wanting to see based on a female lead as oppesed to us usually saying something like, "It's got Russell Crowe in it, so I'm going to see it." (A Good Year being a huge exception). It's a sad truth that women leads don't have the drawing power of a male lead, but to totally shoot down making a movie due to a women having the lead is absolutley insane (and FYI, I'm a guy). I can't imagine a production company actually having a rule saying, "No women/female leads." I look forward to hearing about the sexism lawsuit on this.


                        • snapescat • 8 years ago

                          wow. that's just ... wow. and, sadly enough, it's kinda true, isn't it? there aren't that many successful movies with women as the lead (i type as an ad for the new Elizabeth movie flashes by). so, either the script writers or the audiences need to make a change. and collectively slap WB across the face.


                          • taberjohnson18 • 8 years ago

                            What. The. F*ck?


                            • ridgl • 8 years ago

                              WOW LOL THATS NOT SEXIST!


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