Watch 4 Behind-the-Scenes ‘Iron Man’ Videos!

Get your first look from the set of the film!
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Paramount Pictures has unveiled 4 new video from behind-the-scenes of the set of Iron Man, starring Robert Downey Jr., Terrence Howard, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jeff Bridges. Take a look below!

Iron Man hits theaters this Friday, May 2nd.

Iron Man was released May 2nd, 2008.

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  • taberjohnson18 • 7 years ago

    Its not ENTIRELY rubber. Although I'm curious to see what happens with that big open spot on his chin.


    • se7kings • 7 years ago

      fully rubber...hmmmm


      • taberjohnson18 • 7 years ago

        The fourth one is really cool. I can't wait to see the design featurette on the DVD release in September/October.


        • insertusernamehere • 7 years ago

          The movie comes out this weekend...enough with the videos. Save the behind the scenes features for the dvd


          • space101 • 7 years ago

            Again with the video's Movieweb exclusive! What Ironman befor it hits the big screen! Ya that sounds right...enough with the vids!


            • marcusx • 7 years ago

              i feel like i have seen this entire movie already. movieweb covered this a lil too much i think

              thursday cant come soon enough


              • sxers2k1 • 7 years ago

                yep, why spoil my dinner.


                • 2movieguys • 7 years ago

                  I agree W./"FIXed"...I will alsowatch these scenes after seeing the movie on Thursday!


                  • gaj1992 • 7 years ago

                    Iron man rocks it simply does


                    • fixed • 7 years ago

                      Will watch these scenes after seeing the movie on Thursday :)


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