Watch the First ‘Michael Jackson: This Is It’ Clip

Take a look at this upcoming Michael Jackson concert film before it hits theaters.
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Watch the First ‘Michael Jackson: This Is It’ Clip

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  • donnie • 6 years ago

    I plan on seeing it ,I wonder how long it will take to come out on dvd..


    • 2movieguys • 6 years ago

      Saw MJ in the "Bad Tour" can't wait to see this!


      • mickeymiami • 6 years ago

        It looks like he really had a great show planned for his return. It is so very sad that we will never get to see his vision completed.


        • vanboy • 6 years ago

          He looked cool! I still can't believe he's gone. I don't think it will ever sink in. I heard some DJs talking on my local radio station, saying that they wouldn't pay to see this. Are they out of their minds?! This is Michael's last and final performance. I will gladly pay to see this! And I will buy the Bluray when it comes out. This is going to be awesome, but alas..... bittersweet.

          I think the world will be in eterenal mourning.

          Gone to soon....


          • kenzel • 6 years ago

            I'm going to see this and buy the DVD when it come out.


            • vampire2000 • 6 years ago

              Awesome! I'm definitely not going to miss this movie!


              • iatehisliver • 6 years ago

                i care about this so im gonna see it


                • luca-frontino • 6 years ago

                  What a waste! Why didn't they worked on a fantasy movie dealing with Jackson's afterlife?

                  A sort of Moonwalker in a dimension populated by ghosts.


                  • brian • 6 years ago

                    I do. This rules.


                    • cerealkiller • 6 years ago

                      Not Me!


                      • ridgl • 6 years ago

                        Who cares?


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