Watch the Full-Length ‘District 9’ Trailer Right Now!

Get your first glimpse at Neill Blomkamp's upcoming film.
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Yahoo! Movies has just debuted the first full-length trailer for the upcoming film District 9, which will hit theaters nationwide on August 14. Click below to take a look at this new trailer for director Neill Blomkamp's new film.

District 9 stars Kenneth Nkosi, Sharlto Copley, David James and will be released on August 14.

District 9 was released August 14th, 2009.

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  • reelmein • 6 years ago

    i will be thinking about this movie


    • mr-davidlopan • 6 years ago

      i'm drooling. this looks amazing.


      • delgren • 6 years ago

        Don't mind deuschkill, I mean Newkill he's a...we'll a deusch.


        • newkill200 • 6 years ago

          hey, that picture isn't even hotty bitch. Stay off the site.


          • champ2 • 6 years ago

            looks badass. i'm all for seeing this.


            • melcapone • 6 years ago

              Interesting. Want to know more.


              • combatmadness360 • 6 years ago

                hellz to the yeah!!!!!


                • spideykea • 6 years ago

                  Looks very interesting. Can't wait for it to come out.


                  • dethklokx7 • 6 years ago

                    looks good. we should have let them alone


                    • drexll • 6 years ago

                      this looks f*ckin sh*thot,roll on august.


                      • incmob • 6 years ago

                        Who in the hell has any doubts about this film now... this gets better and better the more it chugs along, if i had a vagina, i would be moist right now, but nope instead i have a massive boner!!


                        • pourya13 • 6 years ago

                          new style like it>>>>>


                          • cmanptown02 • 6 years ago

                            hooooly crap....that was tight


                            • raoulduke33 • 6 years ago

                              Wasn't too interested by the teaser. This did it for me though. Looks pretty badass.


                              • chad-vital • 6 years ago

                                Interesting, even the doc*mentary style look.


                                • vampire2000 • 6 years ago

                                  I really like everything about the movie, the concept, and everything. EXCEPT that alien. I don't know why, but it just looks stupid to me. I'm afraid it'll make me giggle throughout the whole movie during parts that're meant to be serious. I'll give it a chance on DVD, unless something happens between now and it's release that changes my mind.


                                  • ringer66 • 6 years ago

                                    though it might be the smae concept as alien nation, it doesn't feature the buddy system. where a cop partners up with an alien to solve crimes

                                    so it is still somewhat original.

                                    better than aliens turning into forms of transportation and talking jive


                                    • narrator • 6 years ago

                                      Been following this, and thank GOD!!! Looks beyond awesome!


                                      • marcus-07 • 6 years ago

                                        I love this. I will be in line for this movie :)


                                        • rlt9009 • 6 years ago

                                          Looks good.


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