Who Will Direct ‘Masters of the Universe’: Rian Johnson or Joe Cornish?

Jon M. Chu dropped out of the project back in October. Other contenders include Andres Muschietti and duo Phil Lord and Chris Miller.
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Who Will Direct ‘Masters of the Universe’: Rian Johnson or Joe Cornish?

Back in October, Universal Pictures' Masters of the Universe adaptation lost some steam when director Jon M. Chu backed out of the project, most likely due to signing on for G.I. Joe 3. We haven't heard anything about this project since then, but now we have word that the studio has compiled a short list of potential directors, including Rian Johnson (Looper), Joe Cornish (Attack the Block), Andres Muschietti (Mama), Phil Lord and Chris Miller (21 Jump Street) and Kirk De Micco and Chris Sanders (The Croods).

There is no word on which of these filmmakers may be the front runner at this time, but our report from October also noted that Terry Rossio (The Lone Ranger) had come aboard to rewrite the script. It isn't clear if the writer is starting from scratch, or if he is incorporating elements from previous drafts by Richard Wenk (The Expendables 2) and the writing team of Alex Litvak and Michael Finch (Predators).

The project is based on the 1980s animated TV series He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, which followed the mighty He-Man as he fights the evil Skeletor. Like the TV series, this live-action adaptation will be set on He-Man's home planet of Eternia. The 1987 live-action Masters of the Universe, which starred Dolph Lundgren as He-Man and Frank Langella as Skeletor, was set on Earth.

Masters of the Universe is in development .

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  • undeadslayer4 • 2 years ago

    @instead8909 agreed or maybe jackson or Vaughn


    • instead8909 • 2 years ago

      This could be better if Del Toro directed this film.

      It's up his alley since it has monsters of all types, it's really Conan in space when you think about it.


      • Fry-3000 • 2 years ago

        I really hope they do justice with this film. Big fan as a kid (still have the toys :) ).


        • dfella • 2 years ago

          this is not gonna get made..bs ive been waiting for fukn ever


          • gumperman • 2 years ago

            Doesn't sound like they have much faith in this project, with B type directors and writers. The only people they menitoned that might make this project fun without being cheesy are Terry Rossio, since pretty much everything he writes is fun & Rian Johnson, since Looper was pretty good. Joe Cornish probably too, though I haven't seen Attack the Block, just heard good word of mouth. Am not sure if horror directors, comedy directors or second hand CGI animated film directors are the right fit for a sci-fi action adventure. We'll see. I want to be excited for this project, I was a huge Masters of the Universe fan when I was a kid, but so far it's not really souding like it will be worth the time.


            • thedude-abides • 2 years ago

              Not in Rian Johnson's wheelhouse. I'd be very surprised if he agreed to do this.


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