Will Vin Diesel and Paul Walker Get ‘Fast & Furious’ Again?

Screenwriter Chris Morgan says another film with the duo is a near certainty.
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It seems that the fast and furious duo of Vin Diesel and Paul Walker could return for yet another film. According to MTV Movies Blog, who spoke with Fast & Furious screenwriter Chris Morgan who indicated that another film in the franchise starring Diesel and Walker is very close to happening.

"It seems like there will definitely be another one," Morgan told MTV News in an exclusive interview. "I just got out of a lunch with Universal, just pitching the story around. We were figuring out if we do another one, and what it would be. It has to come from the characters, so where are these characters after this film - what are they doing?"

CLICK HERE to read more on Morgan's thoughts about Diesel and Walker reteaming again for the franchise.

Fast & Furious was released April 3rd, 2009.

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