With just over two months left until Wonder Woman hits theaters, many are wondering whether it will be able to give the DCEU the jolt it needs, after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad were trashed by critics and fans alike. Gal Gadot's performance in Batman v Superman was one of the few high points for most critics, and there have been reports that Warner Bros. is much more confident in their DCEU lineup after watching early screenings of the Wonder Woman standalone movie. How the audience itself responds is certainly another question altogether, but Gal Galdot revealed during an on-set interview that she believes both boys and girls can relate to Wonder Woman.

Fans have certainly been responding to the footage released thus far, with the studio debuting the final Wonder Woman trailer earlier this month. While we'll have to wait until early June to see how fans truly react to this superhero adventure, Gal Gadot spoke with