Wonder Woman Video Has Diana Prince Battling the Goon Squad!

Adrianne Palicki stars as the Amazonian warrior princess in this abandoned NBC pilot based on the popular DC Comics character.
BYB. Alan Orange | June 23rd, 2011

Even though NBC dumped David E. Kelley's Wonder Woman TV series after a failed test screening, interest in this DC Comics adaptation has only continued to rise as the pilot itself becomes a sought after artifact of what could have been. Bootleg copies of the Wonder Woman pilot will surely be for sale at this year's Comic-Con through one or two shifty vendors. But you might want to check out the first actual clip to hit from the failed series before spending any money on a bootleg. This video offers a good taster spoon of why this version of Wonder Woman may have wound up in the garbage. Wonder Woman looks about as appealing as all those early-80s attempts to bring popular superhero characters to life. To finally see Adrianne Palicki in an extended bit of action, facing off against a goon squad, check out the clip below.

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