‘World War Z’ Prepares for Production Start at Elstree Studios

Cinematographer Robert Richardson is currently working on the Max Brooks adaptation, which may start shooting very soon.
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World War Z preparing to start production at Elstree Studios in London Paramount Pictures' World War Z keeps inching towards production with news that director of photography Robert Richardson is currently prepping the movie at Elstree Studios in London.

http://movieweb.com/world-war-z-seeking-financial-partner-to-survive/A few weeks ago, we reported that Paramount was seeking another financial backer to share the $125 million production cost. A week after that news hit, we reported that David Ellison and his Skydance Productions company were in talks to co-finance World War Z. It isn't known if a deal was actually made between Skydance and Paramount, but with the director of photography already starting his prep work, it seems certain World War Z is moving in the right direction. That report indicated a June production start is being targeted by the filmmakers.

Brad Pitt is attached to star in World War Z, with Marc Forster directing from a screenplay by Matthew Michael Carnahan. Max Brooks wrote the original novel, which follows a group of survivors trying to remain human in the face of a zombie outbreak.

World War Z was released June 21st, 2013.

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  • emmytt • 4 years ago

    good to hear


    • bud2fresh • 4 years ago

      I remember a few years back when Brad's company bought the rights to this and the lost city of Z, i was hype!!!He will be coming out with that at a later date but still to see World War Z on the big screen will be nuts!!! Great Books!!!!


      • themime • 4 years ago

        hope this one doesn't come out as a copycat....


        • dan1 • 4 years ago

          F*CK YEAH.


          • skywise • 4 years ago

            Now that is some news i can get excited about. I never thought they were going to get this thing up and running...it has taken FOREVER! Cant wait for this.


            • jayaottley • 4 years ago



              • cripple • 4 years ago

                Very nice to see Richardson is on this.


                • corey • 4 years ago

                  Can't wait!!


                  • k-man • 4 years ago

                    This is the first zombie movie I have ever been excited for. Great director, great cast (thus far), great dp and, from what I've heard, great script.

                    Looking forward to this!


                    • m2 • 4 years ago

                      I have not read the books but I will definitely watch this.


                      • jptheredskull • 4 years ago

                        @bawnian-dexeus LOL. Me too. I've been planning to read it before the film but haven't had the time lately.


                        • bawnian-dexeus • 4 years ago

                          Gotta get this book.


                          • timmy • 4 years ago

                            Very true @diaigma and completely agree @dr-carter. This flick sounds really hard to make but i have the faith.


                            • dr-carter • 4 years ago

                              I absolutley love the book. The best story is a tie between the blind man and the little girl in the church who could make the zombie noise. That sh*t was scary!


                              • diaigma • 4 years ago

                                Yes! This has the making of the most epic zombie production of all time! :D


                                • nitti21 • 4 years ago

                                  Please, please be true.


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