‘World War Z’ Trailer Starring Brad Pitt!

Get your first look at Marc Forster's highly-anticipated adaptation of Max Brooks' zombie novel.
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‘World War Z’ Trailer Starring Brad Pitt!

Following the poster debut earlier in the week, Paramount Pictures has finally unleashed the first trailer for World War Z. Brad Pitt stars as a United Nations employee, traversing the globe to interview survivors of the worldwide zombie apocalypse. How can you go wrong with zombies and Brad Pitt? Check out the first footage from director Marc Forster's living dead thriller, also starring Matthew Fox, David Morse, and James Badge Dale.

World War Z was released June 21st, 2013.


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  • dan1 • 3 years ago

    Ugh... all my worst fears realized...


    • caifa • 3 years ago

      Resident Evil and I am Legend just had a had a baby.....


      • filmwiz • 3 years ago

        Enough already with the god damn zombie movies!!! ow and World War Z? Z like in Zombie right? your movie title is bad and u should feel bad!


        • Manuelalmanza • 3 years ago

          the wave was pretty fuzzy, over all it doesn't look bad. seems pretty cool, so i'm sure i'll be looking forward to this


          • narrator • 3 years ago

            I thought the wave was utterly ridiculous, @the-movieghost. However, it'll probably be a pretty cool albeit extremely cheesy "wow" moment within context upon watching it in theaters. We'll see how it goes, but I liked the sloppy and chaotic way that zombies seemed to be mowing down the streets. It's like the infected from 28 Days and 28 Weeks Later on steroids. :P


            • brian • 3 years ago

              @jonquest Well said.


              • escapist • 3 years ago

                Pretty cool, the zombies move like they have the rage virus from 28 days later.


                • the-movieghost • 3 years ago

                  Anything to say on the "Wave o' CG Zombies" @narrator?


                  • Ezmobot • 3 years ago

                    Well good thing movie are for people who don't give a sh*t about books!! I think it looks pretty intense, and the zombies are refreshingly super active and savage. Hope the CGI gets a touch up. But Im in all the way on this one.


                    • jonnred • 3 years ago

                      I think that's one of the coolest previews ever. I think it looks better than Lone Ranger.


                      • instead8909 • 3 years ago

                        having not read the book, I'm so looking forward to this film. It looks awesome to me.


                        • David-garcia-67788063 • 3 years ago

                          What! No battle of Yonkers, what's the meaning of this.


                          • superman81 • 3 years ago

                            If you love the book and are mad that this film isnt true, then just go see the film for what it is and like it or hate it. I think this will be a very good movie and look forward to it.


                            • jonquest • 3 years ago

                              As a fan of the book, this is disappointing. I understand things need to change to translate to a movie audience--I'm fine with that, but from this trailer it looks like they've gone out of their way to make this as different as possible. If it didn't have the name "World War Z" on it, I wouldn't even recognize it.


                              • bane5000 • 3 years ago

                                @narrator...Ur right about it not being fully faithfull to the book, here's what i found about how they came about doing and changing the screenplay from the book to just making it a zombie action flick:

                                " The screenplay was written by J. Michael Straczynski, with Marc Forster directing, and Pitt starring as the main character, United Nations employee Gerry Lane. Despite being the draft that got the film green-lit, Straczynski's script was tossed aside, so that production, which was to begin at the start of 2009, was delayed while the script was completely re-written by Matthew Michael Carnahan to set the movie in the present, leaving behind much of the premise of the book to make it more of an action film. "


                                • Bill-Louis • 3 years ago

                                  LOOKS AWESOME!!!!!!


                                  • kingbrady • 3 years ago

                                    those were zombies? damn they move f*cking fast....looks good


                                    • ollie-styrene • 3 years ago

                                      Damn,.. this looks good.. Whats not to like here??


                                      • moviegeek • 3 years ago

                                        Did not expect it to be so epic.


                                        • XxNickTheFilmCriticXx • 3 years ago

                                          Another picture I'm no longer looking forward to. Sad.


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