'X-Men' News

Gavin Hood Is Directing Wolverine

Hugh Jackman will reprise his role as the mutant hero!

B. Alan Orange

Avi Arad Talks Magneto!

The X-Men spin-off now in development.

David Goyer to Direct Magneto

The X-Men spinoff in development from 20th Century Fox and Marvel Studios.

Fox Announces It's Blu-ray Disc Line-Up for 2007

Titles include Alien vs. Predator, The Sentinel and the 1986 version of The Fly!

Evan Jacobs

DVDs Are Up In 2006

Strong 4th Quarter puts the discs up 3% over last year.

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Fox to Release X-Men: The Last Stand On Blu-ray Disc November 17

Disc to be Fox's first title to contain 100% high definition content.

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X-Men 3 Sells 2.6 Million Units it's First Day in Stores

The Little Mermaid Special Edition sells 1.6 million units.

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CONTEST: Own X-Men - The Last Stand On DVD!

Take home the final chapter of this epic saga.

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X-Men 4 in the Works

New cast members are signed; Older cast members require contract renegotiations.

EXCLUSIVE: James Marsden Talks Cyclops and X-Men Spinoffs

Returning to the franchise for a possible fourth film.

COMIC-CON 2006: X-Men: The Last Stand DVD Details!

Fox reveals some details about the upcoming disc at this year's comic-con.

Brian B.

Insight on the X-Men Feature Film Spin-offs

Possible upcoming movies about Wolverine, Emma Frost and Magneto.

X-Men: The Official Video Game

Play as your favorite mutants in your living room!

X-Men: The Last Stand Takes in $107 Million Its First 3 Days

The second best Friday-Sunday box office draw of all time.

Patrick Stewart Rolls Through the Process of Bringing X-Men: The Last Stand to Life

Popular actor discusses Brett Ratner, making the third X-Men movie and working with the young actors in the cast.

Evan Jacobs

Director Brett Ratner Breaks Down X-Men: The Last Stand

The director discusses making the third film in the trilogy, Prison Break, other possible X-Men movies and Rush Hour 3.

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Kelsey Grammer Gets Beastly About X-Men: The Last Stand

Beloved actor discusses his new role, why people liked Frasier and what he thinks the new X-Men film is about.

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The Phoenix Rises as Famke Janssen and James Marsden Talk X-Men: The Last Stand

The actors discuss the differences between working with Brett Ratner and Bryan Singer, their character motivations and their excitement about Superman Returns.

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Talking X-Men: The Last Stand with Anna Paquin, Shawn Ashmore and Ben Foster

Actors discuss working with Brett Ratner, having special powers and their future projects.

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Hugh Jackman Cuts It Up In X-Men: The Last Stand

Actor talks about the new film, working with Brett Ratner, Bryan Singer and Darren Aronofsky.

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